Accelerated Awakening Coaching Academy

Accelerated Awakening Coaching Academy is OPEN

Christian Pankhurst just opened enrollment to his Accelerated
Awakening Academy Coach Training Program!

You have to see this - the lifetime value of this training will blow
your mind:

This is the most comprehensive training you could ever find
on how to coach and facilitate others from the heart.

YOU can take your coaching to a world class level and achieve
mastery in facilitating others in Heart Intelligence (while making a
career from one of the most joyful vocations imaginable).
Christian shows you how with this deep dive training.

Over 10,000 people registered for the complimentary live
trainings Christian sent out last week and now, nearly
all the places on his 2012 Academy Program are gone.

Check it out while it's still open:

But they have no IDEA how much more there is to discover
beneath the surface to support you in mastering the skills,
practices and techniques to take your coaching and facilitation
skills to a whole new and exciting level.

In fact, I've never seen someone include so much value
in a program of this kind. The mixture of online training,
live events and personal access to Christian (for an
entire YEAR) is just amazing. And because the program doesn't
start until January, he's giving you a chance to register for half
price until Monday AND you can reserve your seat without
paying a penny!

Check it out while it's still open:

Christian used his methodology to win the Britain's Next Top
Coach competition (by getting over 52% of the public vote!) so it's
obvious his unique approach has broad appeal to your future

In fact, over the past 24 months, he went from debt to a
7-figure coaching practice based on the models and skills
he'll be teaching you.

The world of coaching is changing and a new wave of heart-centered,
heart directed leaders are emerging to have a monumental
impact on the times that lay ahead. Isn't it time you stepped
away from self-doubt and stepped into your full greatness?

Why not master Heart Intelligence, and not only turn your
own life around, but lead others to do the same?

Why not TRUST in your heart to guide you and to show you
the way to experiencing profound joy, connection and juice?

YOU can do this.

I know Christian's program can help you do it. That's why
his retreats have sold out all over the world and why nearly
everyone comes back to continue their journey. There are
people who book out their entire year's schedule in advance
to not miss a single training - his guidance is THAT good.

Make the choice today to get started. Don't wait another
year to get all of who you are out and make a difference.

I've heard that Christian's program will be open for only
3 days, because he only takes enrollment for his coach training
course ONCE per year.

So go enroll now:

Here's to your new life,

Robert John Rich

PS. Remember, Christian is only offering his program for HALF price
until Monday.

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