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Million Dollar Pips

$250 to over $1 million in almost a year

There has been many robots launched and there are sure to be more.
Many that claim success, and some that claim millions.

I'm delighted to share with you.. the first real million dollar forex robot.


Look at the account:  $1000 to now over $1800 within a few weeks.
A whopping 80% gain.

Tests go as high as $50,000,000 in PROFIT from a small account size in
a matter of years!


The best part... Stop loss is rarely greater than 2 - 7 pips!

This is a real system.  And you MUST try it.


 First Forex Robot That Makes Millions With $250

Please take a moment to read this quick e-mail as it will change
I'm excited to share with you a million dollar robot that actually
performs incredibly well using a normal and realistic strategy.
It trades using some simple indicators with advanced money management
and is able to keep an extremely low stop loss of no more than 2 - 7 pips
on average.
Not only does it trade with a low risk, but it wins big.. and by big ..
you need to see the tests.. some tests go from $250 to over $1 million.
Nothing crazy is used just GREAT money management and a solid trading
Please do yourself a favor and check it out now!
Good Luck As Always
Robert Rich John


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Trusted Authority Formula

3 questions that will transform your business ..

Here's a powerful thought for you: the quality of your business (and life) is determined by the questions you ask yourself.

Think about. If you ask lousy questions like "why can't I attract more clients?" or "why can't I make money doing this?" .. you're always going to come up short.

But if you ask powerful questions, everything changes in a moment.

My friend Greg Habstritt just released a powerful video that helps you ask the 3 most important questions for YOU. Right now.

It takes less than 10 minutes, and yet you end up with amazing clarity - knowing exactly what you need to right now to move forward.

If you don't know how to identify the RIGHT questions to be asking yourself, this will give you the key:

Improve the quality of your questions, and you'll explode the results in your business. Try it now, you'll thank me later.

Abdan Shamady

P.S. Go here and you'll not only get the PDF exercise to do this, you can watch Greg's newest video that walks you through it. Nothing to buy, just tell him what email to send your PDF and video access to.

The first step in boosting your revenue

You know the statistic that over 80% of businesses fail in the first 5 years. But why is that?

Here's a powerful answer (and how you can avoid that same fate):

Most entrepreneurs never learn how to differentiate themselves and communicate their unique value.

They look like everyone else, and become a commodity. No different than a bag of rice that you buy based on price.

On the other hand, there are a few strategic thinkers - the entrepreneurs who understand how to create a unique position, and distinct advantage.

A good example of this is the iPhone. On one level, it's just another phone.

But for many, it's the ONLY phone in the world they would buy. Apple doesn't compete on price, because they don't have to.

They've purposely crafted an exceptional position that demands attention, and allows them to command a higher price.

So, how does your market think of you?

Are you an iPhone, or a bag of rice?

If you're struggling to figure out how to dominate a market, and become the Trusted Authority, here's your solution.

It's a great video that not only shows you how to finally get paid what you're worth, but to become the leader in your market.

If you want to see the new face of marketing, and learn some powerful business-building ideas, this is your chance.


Robert Rich John

P.S. Stop competing on price. It's unnecessary, and it will kill your business. This is how you stop it forever:

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Pain Relief World Summit

 Pain Relief World Summit

It's interesting how when some people
are in pain they can quit and just
give up,

and others can stand up with courage
and say that there must be a better

If you have physical pain in your body
that limits your life, how do you deal
with it?

Do you look for solutions and believe
there is a better way?

If you want to find solutions, be
inspired and actually get results with
pain relief I suggest you watch the
video below:

This video has just been released on
the tale end of a remarkable event
know as the Pain Relief World Summit.

An event attended by over 60,000 people
over the last week.

If you want to get unlimited access to
this event and learn how YOU can use
EFT Tapping to eliminate pain from your
life right now go to the page below.

The great thing is too, that when you
do you'll not only be helping yourself
but also an amazing center and a group
of courageous women (you'll see what I
mean in the video).

I'll be honest, this is a tear jerker video.

It's one of those videos that opens you
up and makes you realize that there is
hope in your life and that a better way
is possible, if you have the courage to
take action. 

Enjoy the video and take advantage of
the opportunity shown on the page.

Help yourself and help others.  It's
the best way to live.  :)

Release Your Physical Pain and Help Others

Pain Relief World Summit

All of last week there were over 60,000
people attending a life changing online
event that had one simple goal…

to help people eliminate physical pain
from their body and from their life with
a powerful technique.

And the results have been exactly as
expected as person after person have
reported that they have improved or
eliminated their issues with physical

Now if you're dealing with any physical
pain in your body like back pain, knee
pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia or any
other pain,

and you missed the huge event that took
place called the Pain Relief World Summit,

there is still a way for you to get full
and unlimited access to this information
before it's gone.

And the best part is that when you do…

you'll be helping a very special, inspiring
group of women that are dealing with pain
and illness with a level of bravery and
courage that we can all hope to aspire to
if we are ever faced with similar situations.

Visit the page below and watch the video
featured on the page to see what I'm
talking about.

These women have dealt with their pain in
a beautiful way.  How are you dealing
with your physical pain?

I'll be honest, this is a tear jerker video.

On the page you'll have an opportunity to
get full and unlimited access to the Pain
Relief World Summit

while at the same time helping this
remarkable "You Can Thrive" group.

You get release your physical pain and
you get to help someone else do the same!

To Your Success

Robert Rich john

P.S. - If you choose to get unlimited
access to the Pain Relief World Summit
program 100% of your proceeds will go to
support the "You Can Thrive" group until
they reach their goal of raising $18,000
for the project outlined in the video.

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Robo Commissions

Why I hate webinars OR What they don’t tell you about webinars 

Seems like everybody and their brother’s talking about webinars…

“do webinars”… “webinars crush it”… “I made a gagillion bazillion smackers with webinars”

You know what they leave out?

Watch this video now:

Here’s what I learned from that video…

HAVING a webinar that converts is awesome… no doubt.

But MAKING webinars is a pain.

If you’ve ever tried to put one together and you didn’t quite hit that “gagillion bazillion” homerun you were expecting then join the club.

- you have to be talking about a product people want (webinars don’t change that)

- you have to know how to sell (aka copywriting… the skill that pays but is SOOO hard to master)

- you have to know how to “close” (asking for the mooolah is where most webinars go off the tracks)

Miss any one of those by just a little bit and you get a webinar that’s more “meh” than “Mama Mia!”

I’ll skip to the punch line…

If you want to SELL with webinars without CREATING webinars…

Watch the video:

Why to AVOID Doing Webinars OR Why You Should NEVER Do a Webinar

I’ll be blunt.

I LOVE webinars. Nothing converts better. In fact, nothing comes close.

BUT, and this is a big but.. they are a pain to create.

You have to come up with a product to promote, create the presentation (usually in powerpoint), setup the audio, record the webinar, upload it, host it on a platform like Amazon, setup your links, create the web page, write the copy, create the graphics and the list goes on and on..

That’s why I’m so excited I just saw this video:

You are going to see a way to take ALL of the headaches out of creating conversion-busting webinars.. and here’s the kicker – you don’t have to do a thing.

Seriously – it’s really slick.

Just wait until you see how this works.

The words “game changer” gets thrown around a lot – but this truly is something that changes the game.

Check out the video RIGHT NOW before it’s taken down:

Robert Rich Jjohn

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