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Why I hate webinars OR What they don’t tell you about webinars 

Seems like everybody and their brother’s talking about webinars…

“do webinars”… “webinars crush it”… “I made a gagillion bazillion smackers with webinars”

You know what they leave out?

Watch this video now:

Here’s what I learned from that video…

HAVING a webinar that converts is awesome… no doubt.

But MAKING webinars is a pain.

If you’ve ever tried to put one together and you didn’t quite hit that “gagillion bazillion” homerun you were expecting then join the club.

- you have to be talking about a product people want (webinars don’t change that)

- you have to know how to sell (aka copywriting… the skill that pays but is SOOO hard to master)

- you have to know how to “close” (asking for the mooolah is where most webinars go off the tracks)

Miss any one of those by just a little bit and you get a webinar that’s more “meh” than “Mama Mia!”

I’ll skip to the punch line…

If you want to SELL with webinars without CREATING webinars…

Watch the video:

Why to AVOID Doing Webinars OR Why You Should NEVER Do a Webinar

I’ll be blunt.

I LOVE webinars. Nothing converts better. In fact, nothing comes close.

BUT, and this is a big but.. they are a pain to create.

You have to come up with a product to promote, create the presentation (usually in powerpoint), setup the audio, record the webinar, upload it, host it on a platform like Amazon, setup your links, create the web page, write the copy, create the graphics and the list goes on and on..

That’s why I’m so excited I just saw this video:

You are going to see a way to take ALL of the headaches out of creating conversion-busting webinars.. and here’s the kicker – you don’t have to do a thing.

Seriously – it’s really slick.

Just wait until you see how this works.

The words “game changer” gets thrown around a lot – but this truly is something that changes the game.

Check out the video RIGHT NOW before it’s taken down:

Robert Rich Jjohn

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