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3 questions that will transform your business ..

Here's a powerful thought for you: the quality of your business (and life) is determined by the questions you ask yourself.

Think about. If you ask lousy questions like "why can't I attract more clients?" or "why can't I make money doing this?" .. you're always going to come up short.

But if you ask powerful questions, everything changes in a moment.

My friend Greg Habstritt just released a powerful video that helps you ask the 3 most important questions for YOU. Right now.

It takes less than 10 minutes, and yet you end up with amazing clarity - knowing exactly what you need to right now to move forward.

If you don't know how to identify the RIGHT questions to be asking yourself, this will give you the key:

Improve the quality of your questions, and you'll explode the results in your business. Try it now, you'll thank me later.

Abdan Shamady

P.S. Go here and you'll not only get the PDF exercise to do this, you can watch Greg's newest video that walks you through it. Nothing to buy, just tell him what email to send your PDF and video access to.

The first step in boosting your revenue

You know the statistic that over 80% of businesses fail in the first 5 years. But why is that?

Here's a powerful answer (and how you can avoid that same fate):

Most entrepreneurs never learn how to differentiate themselves and communicate their unique value.

They look like everyone else, and become a commodity. No different than a bag of rice that you buy based on price.

On the other hand, there are a few strategic thinkers - the entrepreneurs who understand how to create a unique position, and distinct advantage.

A good example of this is the iPhone. On one level, it's just another phone.

But for many, it's the ONLY phone in the world they would buy. Apple doesn't compete on price, because they don't have to.

They've purposely crafted an exceptional position that demands attention, and allows them to command a higher price.

So, how does your market think of you?

Are you an iPhone, or a bag of rice?

If you're struggling to figure out how to dominate a market, and become the Trusted Authority, here's your solution.

It's a great video that not only shows you how to finally get paid what you're worth, but to become the leader in your market.

If you want to see the new face of marketing, and learn some powerful business-building ideas, this is your chance.


Robert Rich John

P.S. Stop competing on price. It's unnecessary, and it will kill your business. This is how you stop it forever:

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