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Mobile Cash Empire

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To Your Success

Robert Rich John

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Secret Traffic Machine

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Non-Stop Traffic Formula

Lifetime membership upgrades just added to NSTF
Jeff Johnson is getting ready to close the doors to his brand-new
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Robert Rich John


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4. He's been running online training programs, very successful ones,
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Don't forget...

Jeff just announced he's getting ready to close the doors to his brand-new
"Non-Stop Traffic Formula" Private Membership Site and Training Program.

So he's decided to pull out all the stops and give away something
that may come back to haunt him for years to come.

He's giving away Lifetime Membership Upgrades at no additional cost
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With the arrival of iFrames and the HTML5 framework, the door to new opportunities and possibilities of creating a Facebook Page for the express purpose of Internet Marketing is blown wide open. It is now possible to create an entire website on a Facebook Page. Complete web sites with multiple pages, videos, photo galleries, opt-ins, sales pages, landing pages and links. If an Internet Marketer wishes to run an affiliate marketing campaign, viral marketing campaign, or any other kind of campaign, he or she can now harness the potential of 750 million users on Facebook!

It’s no surprise, then, that there are many apps now out on the market that are geared towards helping Internet Marketers gain a foothold on Facebook and to leapfrog over their competitors. While the question of which app provider is the best is certainly up for debate, few would leave the X-Tab team out of the discussion. And now, they have launched their latest addition to the X-Tab family, ElementsPlus.

Phil Benhan and Daniel Tan had the courtesy to take me through a short walkthrough of their latest app. I was quite impressed by how quickly a Facebook Page with a corporate profile theme was set up. With the use of custom templates and a point-and-click interface, this was all accomplished under two minutes. Of course the text, videos and images are all prepared beforehand, but it goes to show just how easy it is to set up a Page with the right materials. I later learned that one of the challenges facing Internet Marketers on Facebook is the ability to set up Pages quickly and efficiently to meet different demands and needs, and ElementsPlus accomplishes this role quite well.

The X-Tab has been promoting ElementsPlus with the tagline of “Build Pages Like a Fortune 500 Company”. Well, ElementsPlus certainly has the cred to back it up. The ability to customize a Page anyway I want is absolutely huge. Custom HTML, custom CSS and even custom Javascript are all direct features of this app. Users can also insert videos and images anywhere on the Page. The videos can be embedded from popular video sharing sites like YouTube and DailyMotion, or directly coded. What’s more, the all-important Like-gating feature is incorporated as well.

However, what really impresses me most with ElementsPlus is its ability to instantly implement and customize the staple Facebook functions such as Like, Share, Comments and Invite, in any way I wanted. I could essentially modify and customize them however I like.

I tinkered around with the app to create a Page with Like-gating that was aimed at encouraging viral marketing. By using the custom templates, and with some guidance from Phil and Daniel, the Page was set up from scratch in a few short minutes. It was quite bare, but it had the infrastructure in place and is ready for launch. All I needed to do was to include my own videos and images later to make it complete. Phil also shared a nugget of wisdom with me, “When generating traffic to your Page, your absolute goal is to get as many Likes as possible”. Safe to say, with the in-built Like-gating feature and high customization afforded to me by ElementsPlus, such as modifying the Like and Share buttons to my heart’s content, I was able to create a highly compelling Facebook Page.

All in all, I highly recommend X-Tab’s ElementsPlus to any serious Internet Marketer who wants to get a leg up on the competition in their Facebook Marketing niche. You can go here :   and check out more details about the awesome app.

To your Facebook Marketing success!

Robert Rich John

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Glad to have you here with us for these exciting times!
If you’re not already aware:
Facebook has 600 million users, and it’s growing at an
incredible rate day by day. It’s not reached its maximum
potential yet, my friend!
What does this mean? It means there’s still many, many
great opportunities to be had if you get in early! So once
again, I would like to congratulate you on your wise
decision and foresight to seize the day as it is, and
maximise your gains on Facebook while it’s still hot, hot,
hot (and trust me, it’s not even at the hotter stage yet!)
It’s the proverbial calm before the storm! And you are
going to usher in a new age for IM! Facebook is going to
redefine the entire landscape of marketing as we know
it! In fact, we have given a name for these brave souls:
News Feed Optimizers. NFOs.
If you’re not onto Facebook yet, there has never been a
greater time than now to grab this opportunity!
Consider that Facebook

  • is in use by 600 million people, all of whom are spending
    vast amounts of their time on it!
  • can be accessed by mobile devices, which are
    outnumbering personal computers now 4 to 1!
  • allows you to drive targeted traffic in ways that were
    almost impossible just a few years ago!
  • has become so popular that a new term for its consumers,
    “fansumers”, has made its way into our everyday vocabulary!
  • has created a new breed of marketers, NFOs
    (coined by Phil Benham and Daniel Tan)
Social media is morphing and transforming the way we
do business both offline and online, and Facebook is the
kingpin of social media! Do you want to leave your own
footprint here and be part of something great? Maybe
even be a change agent along the way that shifts the entire
game plan? Be a NFO now!
Over the next few days I am going to give you a  glimpse
into a genuine, full on News Feed Optimizer’s insights and
secrets so that you can leverage the awesome power of
Facebook to boost your own marketing! Doesn’t matter if
you’re SEO, traditional marketing, IM, or whatever, all will
benefit from leveraging the incredible marketing power
and potential that Facebook presents!

To Your Success!

Robert Rich John

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