Glad to have you here with us for these exciting times!
If you’re not already aware:
Facebook has 600 million users, and it’s growing at an
incredible rate day by day. It’s not reached its maximum
potential yet, my friend!
What does this mean? It means there’s still many, many
great opportunities to be had if you get in early! So once
again, I would like to congratulate you on your wise
decision and foresight to seize the day as it is, and
maximise your gains on Facebook while it’s still hot, hot,
hot (and trust me, it’s not even at the hotter stage yet!)
It’s the proverbial calm before the storm! And you are
going to usher in a new age for IM! Facebook is going to
redefine the entire landscape of marketing as we know
it! In fact, we have given a name for these brave souls:
News Feed Optimizers. NFOs.
If you’re not onto Facebook yet, there has never been a
greater time than now to grab this opportunity!
Consider that Facebook

  • is in use by 600 million people, all of whom are spending
    vast amounts of their time on it!
  • can be accessed by mobile devices, which are
    outnumbering personal computers now 4 to 1!
  • allows you to drive targeted traffic in ways that were
    almost impossible just a few years ago!
  • has become so popular that a new term for its consumers,
    “fansumers”, has made its way into our everyday vocabulary!
  • has created a new breed of marketers, NFOs
    (coined by Phil Benham and Daniel Tan)
Social media is morphing and transforming the way we
do business both offline and online, and Facebook is the
kingpin of social media! Do you want to leave your own
footprint here and be part of something great? Maybe
even be a change agent along the way that shifts the entire
game plan? Be a NFO now!
Over the next few days I am going to give you a  glimpse
into a genuine, full on News Feed Optimizer’s insights and
secrets so that you can leverage the awesome power of
Facebook to boost your own marketing! Doesn’t matter if
you’re SEO, traditional marketing, IM, or whatever, all will
benefit from leveraging the incredible marketing power
and potential that Facebook presents!


To Your Success!

Robert Rich John

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