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Unlimited Facebook Ads Loophole…

Ever heard of Mo Mulla?

He's been a big player for over 10 years now. And the guy just has a crazy knack for finding flat-out weird ideas to make a lot of cash…

His latest venture involves "gaming" Facebook and hijacking their traffic…

…It's perfectly legal and Facebook actually encourages it. But I've never seen anyone scoring traffic quiet like this….

It's crazy.

I'm surprised no one has thought of this yet, but as soon as I'm done with this email I'm going to go put it to use myself.

Check out this video (no opt in required) to see exactly what he's up to.

Pretty freakin' eye opening.

Does 2012 Mean The End Of The Internet?

So I heard a crazy theory.

This guy thinks 2012 will bring the end of online marketing as we know it.

And he makes a pretty good case.

So what do you think?

Are launches and sales videos really dead?

I hope he's wrong about that.

But I know he's right about what he's doing on Facebook right now.

It's something no one else is doing, this is the only place I've seen this software.

The Impending Online Bloodbath…

Well, it's 2012 and we're still alive!

BUT the same can't be said for the internet marketing world, at least not as we know it…

Even the top gurus are struggling.

And it's looking like the "little guys" may have zero chance of success from here on out, things are changing in a BIG way…

This video explains why this could actually be a GOOD thing though.

No more competing with scammers, liars and crooks? Maybe this really will level the playing field.

At the very least, the "Armageddon Payday" software is definitely worth taking a look at - this is the future of our industry…

Anyway, enough "gloom and doom", the game may be changing, but those who can adapt and play by the "new rules" stand to do very well for themselves.

To Your Successs!

Robert Rich John

P.S. What's funny, so many people are going to be wiped out by these changes, but when you think about it, it makes business MUCH easier than it used to be.

Full scoop here…

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