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Passive Income

Time to “man up”!

Yes, you read that right - just $97 per month, and there’s even a
way to get it at NO COST. It’s critical that you hit the information
page to get ALL of the details before they withdraw this superb offer.

This software will put money in your pocket, without doing any
work and without actively trading, but Dustin and his team are
closing the doors TONIGHT on this passive income solution.

Profit Agent is a best-seller for a good reason - it actually
works to make money and grow your trading account, so get informed
before you get barred from using it, which happens in just a matter
of hours. Don’t let someone else get your copy.

Let me ask you, at this point, given the effort and time you’ve put
into figuring out the business of making money in the FOREX markets,
are you happy with your results? Are you making money consistently,
and in the amount you want?

For 99% of trades, the answer to all of these questions is NO,
and the solution is clearly Profit Agent.

Simply put: if you want to change your financial destiny and stop
struggling as a trader, then you need to make a change, and Profit
Agent is the perfect change to make because it will make you money,
simplify your trading, remove a huge load of stress, and allow you
more free time.

What could be better than that?

It’s time to “man up” and get informed at this link:

>>> <<<

They have their support team standing by to answer your questions
via a “live chat” feature, so if you hit the page today, and if
you have questions, just click the live chat link and you can chat
with their team and get the answers you need.

Also, today is the last day to get access to their training webinars
(being held at 5 AM, 1PM, and 8PM Eastern). So if you want to get
up to speed quickly, that is an excellent way to do it.

The training webinars will show you why Profit Agent is the solution
that you’ve been waiting for, and there is no cost to attend, so you
have nothing to lose by registering, and EVERYTHING to gain.

Here’s the link to get registered for a training webinar:

I can’t wait to hear how your account starts growing with Profit Agent

P.S: Yes, the software still comes with a 60 day iron-clad refund
policy so you can try it out without worry, and YES, all three easy
payments options are still on the table, so get registered NOW before
you get blocked from using Profit Agent.

>>> <<<

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Passionate Life Summit

Special surprise for you

I want to blow your mind and open your heart. I want you to gain the tools that will make the stress in your life evaporate, the problems dissipate and the light in you shine in all its brilliance.

 I want these things so much that I have a really special surprise for you. Just click on this link and you'll discover my special surprise near the bottom of the page.

 Click Here to Discover Your Surprise!

 But be sure to go now because the surprise goes away after midnight tonight.

 With all my love, Janet

 P.S. Last night I interviewed my "Dream Team" of healers. Each of them shared a gem you can use right away. We weren't going to make the recording available, but the call was too good and so many people begged to listen that I've put it up on the page.

 Go Here to Listen Now & Discover Your Surprise!

 P.P.S. My special surprise for you goes away at midnight tonight, so please go check it out now. I can't wait to be with you!!

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Blue Print PRO

Product : Blue Print PRO

Apple is doing this. Shouldn't you be too? (details)

Over the past few months, there has been a
HUGE shift in the way that websites and
businesses are able to generate income

What used to work, does not any more, and
if you want to make money on the internet
from this point forward, you need to sit
up and take VERY good note of the following.

Essentially, this is a WARNING.

A warning that if IGNORED, could mean that
not so far into the distant future, your
website(s) or online businesses could be
obliterated - overnight.

We already KNOW this can happen. (Just look
at the recent 'penguin' update.)

...and there is a big risk it could happen

Another shift *may* be on the horizon.

...and all it will take to secure
bullet-proof protection for yourself and
your business, is to make ONE fundemental


An implementation of a 'method'.

...a 'method' that 90% of ALL successful
businesses use in some format.

I mean BIG business:

Walmart, Apple, Sony, Zynga... name but a few.

However, (suprisingly) most people, when they
start to try and make money online, no matter
what type of business model they are following,
TOTALLY 'drop the ball' on this one thing.

So what IS this method?

Well, I strongly suggest that you check out
the following video:


This video will reveal:

- What this method is and why it works.

- How it made the guy in the video over $5 million.

- What steps you should take next.

This is about combining 'old school' methods
(that have always, and will always work)
with NEW technology.

This is unmissable - and essential.

Go there now:



Robert Rich John

P.S. You'll also get the chance to win $2000
in cash just by checking this out.

Here's the link again:


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Passionate Life Summit Teleseminar

Passionate Life Summit Teleseminar:

Don't you feel so inspired when you meet someone who is really living what they're teaching?

If you're like me, that's the way you want to live your life.

And yet, we all have stuff that comes up. Things we're not proud of, and wish we could do over.

Or it may just be our bodies are not working the way we need them to in order to really give our gifts to the world.

That's why practical, useful tools for getting to that place of wholeness, where we are living our truth, is so important.

And that's why I'm thrilled to invite you to the teleseminar my friend, Janet Bray Attwood (co-author of the NY Times bestseller, The Passion Test), will be hosting on Thursday, August 30.

You don't want to miss this. Janet will have her Dream Team of healers (including me!) each sharing one "game changing" gem that can help you be the person you truly want to be, to give your gifts and make a difference in the lives of the people you touch.

Meet the Healer Dream Team

Do you deserve to give yourself a gift?

Do you ever feel like those you love are not getting the best of you?

Does it break your heart sometimes when all the stress and pressure explodes on those you care about most?

Then I hope you will give yourself this on Thursday evening--a series of gems to awaken the healer within you, to melt away the stress and to bring that beautiful heart of yours to the fore.

Thursday is the day my friend, Janet Bray Attwood (creator of The Passion Test) will bring together her "Dream Team" of remarkable healers to help you be the example of the loving, caring person you really are with those you care most deeply about.

Don't you love it when you meet a teacher who is really living their teaching?

Teachers like that inspire me because I want to walk the talk, and I'm sure you do to.

So, let's meet up on tomorrow with Janet and pick out some gems to help us do that.

With appreciation,

Robert Rich John

P.S. The call is tomorrow night. Be sure to register because I hear that Janet has some goodies just for people who are on this call.

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Auto Forex Income

When some random newbie Forex traders are making $24,122.06....
$53,668.64.... $112,132.02 beta testing software then…

You know you've been working too hard and its time for a change.

And the good news is… you can get in on the act right now.

All you need to do is watch this short informative video which
has 47.509 likes and counting already...

If you're making MORE than $330 a day IGNORE THIS…

If you are not already making $330.12 a day from
Forex, then you should probably stop what you’re
doing and watch this new video…

Seriously, if these types of people can bank that
kind of money starting from nothing (and not even
having an interest in making money from Forex…)

…Then isn’t it time you had a little rethink about
your own game plan?

I’m not sure about you, but this changes everything
for me, and I’m on it, even if you’re not.

Watch the video now...

Talk Soon

Robert Rich John

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Perfect Publishing Systems on Kindle

Thank YOU and really good news <–Webinar Replay

First the good news. If you missed the Kindle
Publishing Training webinar yesterday, here is the
replay link for you…

Watch the replay now at…

We don’t promise replays because technology can be
tricky and then people get disappointed if we
can’t provide it. So I’m glad we can provide this
extra convenience if you missed it yesterday.

Now, if you watched the presentation live, THANK
YOU so much for taking the time to do so!

Based on the avalanche of raving emails already
flooding our inbox, the simple marketing tips I
shared with you must have really hit home!

Here’s what people who were on live are saying:

“Jonny this has been the BEST presentation I have
ever seen on Kindle… Incredible information, I
love your enthusiasm and energy.” Karen Campbell

“Thanks for a brilliant webinar” – Joan Salanitri

Thank YOU for all the kind comments!

And keep them coming!

And so many people are already taking advantage of
my offer to get access to my powerful System at
over 50% off discount!

If you are one of those fast action takers -
congrats! You are already on your way to
transforming your business into a competition
killing machine!

If you haven’t made the decision yet, or missed
the webinar all together, don’t worry – you have
seven days to decide before the savings disappear.

But don’t wait too long; the seven days will be
over before you know it. Plus, don’t you want to
start getting more new clients sooner rather than

Perfect publishing formula for the new

Today I will give you a complete five step formula
that every successful company, coach, consultant,
or guru follows when publishing – use it and you
too can have the success you want.

But first…

Let’s explore how publishing and getting paid has
changed in this new economy…

=> If published a book in the early 1990’s you had
to wait as long as THREE YEARS before it might see
the light of day…

=> In 1994 almost nobody knew what self publishing
was! Today we can’t seem to go for 30 minutes
without seeing a new top independent author
hitting the bestsellers list!

=> Back in 2000 major publishers controlled all
the distribution and an author HAD to sign away
their lives to be seen…

=> Facebook didn’t exist until 2004. And most
people using it today probably didn’t get on it
until 2007 or event later – yet today, people just
like us are using it to launch MASSIVE publishing
careers any time they like…

Today, many major publishing companies are laying
people off as fast as Facebook gains new

The entire industry has become almost a single

And as more and more individuals and companies are
feeling the economic pinch they are turning to
“new” methods of getting exposure in hopes of
attracting paying customers and exposure…

But do these “new” ways of marketing produce any
better results than before?

The reality is your customers are increasingly
more difficult to convince to part with their
money and buy from you.

Plus, each and every day the competition in your
industry is getting tougher and smarter. And the
longer you do nothing or too little, the more they
(your competitors) are grabbing your customers!

But despite all these changes, most professionals
and entrepreneurs are still trying to attract
clients and grow their businesses using antiquated
marketing strategies and outdated mindsets.

Slaving over designing business cards, fancy
logos, pricey full color brochures and letterheads
- are all things you can do without today, yet
most people get stuck working on these often
useless tools…

On the flip side, an army of profiteers are quick
to sell you all the latest gizmos and tricks that
are “guaranteed” to turn you into an overnight

And the centuries old appeal to our greed -
getting something for nothing – works so well,
these get-rich- quick program peddlers are getting
richer while others are scratching their heads
trying to figure out where they have gone wrong!

But you know what didn’t change?


People still buy things to solve their problems or
to gain more pleasure. If you find a market,
discover their need…

If you then become THE authority while offering
effective solutions at a reasonable prices -
chances are you’ll build a profitable publishing

The delivery methods might have changed as this
new media became available – but we still respond
to the same triggers of greed and fear – and that
won’t change any time soon.

Here is the simplest formula for success in any
business and in any economy…

And I know it works because my clients and
students have been growing their businesses in
this “toughest economy” ever in the last four
years – going from zero to thousands of book sales
just weeks!

OK, here is the formula:

1) Find a market that has a specific problem you
can solve…

2) Develop or acquire a “unique” solution to
that problem…

3) Have a book created that generates leads and
converts them into first time BUYERS…

4) Convert book buyers into life-time clients…

5) Maximize profitability by developing new
books, products or services to further help your

In its simplest form this is the same formula I’ve
been using myself and teaching and implementing
for my students. And everyone who follows it can
reap big rewards.

You know what’s interesting about this? While your
business is unique it’s NOT different – and this
same formula can work for you.

Just look at any successful published author – now
that you are aware of it, you’ll immediately
notice they use this formula too.

So now you have a choice. You can invest in the
latest cool trick that will just keep you busy for
the next few weeks and then become obsolete. Or…

You can build a more successful business by
becoming a student and implementer of proven,
principle- based direct response marketing
strategies that will work equally well today and
many years from now.

At first, the choice doesn’t look easy because the
promise of overnight riches sounds so good -
dressed up to look “oh, so sexy” and simple.

But to the smart business owner the choice is

Follow in the footsteps of so many of today’s
online and off-line successes who got their start
and their big breakthrough by studying my Perfect
Publishing System.

And right now, you can have what they paid
thousands of dollars (in some cases tens of
thousands) for 50% of what I normally sell this
course for. But this special pricing I’m offering
you won’t last forever.

So go ahead, get the details and get started now

Of course – WORK will be required. Yes – I just
said the “forbidden word” – work! But you’ll learn
how to leverage what you do – so that you work
once and get paid over and over again…

If you haven’t looked at details yet, now would be
a good time to do so.

So go ahead, get the details and get started now

I hope you will make the right choice and
thousands of smart professionals and entrepreneurs
who call themselves my clients and students!

Here is to your success…

Robert Rich John

Jonny Andrews
#1 Best selling Author And Founder
Of The Perfect Publishing System

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Affiliate Traffic Player

Everyone has been asking me to do this
as a WSO - special offer, and so here it is.

This Thursday…and I have put a ton of work
into this over the last 2 months.

The core base is my very own Traffic Player, and I
have beefed it up and I am calling it the
Affiliate Traffic Player.

This Thursday I am launching the best video player
scripts on the market - hands down.

I have seen some highly impracticable, and
borderline laughable, with some of the video
players recently. Certainly a shiny object, but
good for nothing when it comes to marketing

Not so here.

Video One DEMO Below...

I have done a demo video on just a TINY part
of what this video player will do for you, called,
a LightBox Redirect Effect.

Check out instructional here:

Check out Live Demo here:

Highly Effective!

Wait till you see ALL THAT IT DOES. To be revealed
this Thursday. Register now!

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Range Bandit / High-Probability Scalping with the Range Bandit Indicator

New 'Range Bandit' system for part time traders

If you're looking for a simple no brainer way
to trade part time in just a few minutes a day,
then this could be perfect for you.

You're going to love this...

My friend Jason Fielder at FX Impact has a new
pattern his 'Range Bandit' trades...

It is simple, predictable, and happens at the same
time over and over again.

That means you can swoop in like a bandit
and pick up pips and be done for the day in
just minutes.

On Thursday this week at 1pm and 9pm eastern
he will show you how in a private webinar.

NO ONE ELSE has ever seen 'Range Bandit'.

So register your spot here...

The system is based on a super-simple indicator

* Identifies high-probability directionality in
the "2nd hour" and "3rd hour" of the U.S. and
Asian trading sessions

* Tells you what pairs to trade, HOW MUCH to trade
and where to place your stops, and...

* Analyzes market movement with lightning speed so
you know when to get in and (more importantly)
when to get out...

This is the perfect trading tool for part-time
traders who want to scalp some quick pips out of
the market in just a few minutes a day...

If that sounds perfect for you, then quickly register
for Jason's upcoming LIVE webinar to see 'Range Bandit'
in action for yourself...

Join him this Thursday at 1pm or 9pm eastern.

Register now through this private invitation for
my readers only:

Stop chasing trades... let winning trades come to you instead

Too many traders stare at their screen watching
bar after bar, day after day, with bleary eyes
hoping for a signal to take...

Not a good plan.

That's called 'chasing trades'.

Too often, chasing trades leads to jumping in
on any old signal out of desperation and getting
whacked for a stinging loss.

Instead, you want to let the profitable trade
set ups come to YOU.

It's easier than you think!

Jason Fielder will show you how on Thursday at
1pm and 9pm on his private webinar training.

You'll be the first to see his brand new Range
Bandit system that pin points where AND when
the profitable trades will be.

Range Bandit let's you pocket pips like
clockwork when the market repeats a pattern
that happens over and over again.

It takes just minutes a day - and you know when
to be ready and when to take off and go do
whatever you want.

No more staring at the screen for hours on end!

There are limited spots open for this private
training and after my email yesterday they're
going quickly.

Grab your spot now while you still can...

Reservation for private training today

Real quick heads up...

I don't know if you registered yet for
Jason's all new private training today.

I reserved a spot for you but you still
need to register right away to attend.

In case you didn't see my message about
this before, let me recap...

This brand new 'Range Bandit' training
will show you how to stop chasing trades
and let winning trades come to you instead.

Make sure you register now to secure your
spot here:

You'll learn the sneaky way to pinpoint WHERE
and WHEN the profitable trades are like clockwork.

Here's a hint... there's a pattern that happens
over and over again and Jason will show you
how to swoop in and pocket pips in just minutes
and then be done for the day.

It's simple, easy to follow, and he will show you
how to do it today.

The first private training is starting at 1pm
eastern today (or you can join the 9pm if the
first session is full).

Register now because I know you don't want to
miss being the first to see this brand new
Range Bandit training:

See you there!

Robert Rich John

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Marketing with Anik 2.0

Marketing with Anik 2.0 is Live

I'm tired of your excuses.

The reason why you haven't succeeded
online may be because you've never had
an opportunity like this:

Watch this video and discover EXACTLY
how you can get a guy who's profited over
$41Million Dollars online…

To hold your hand and walk you STEP BY
STEP through the process of profiting online

And if that's not enough, he's also going to
throw in $5000dollars worth of his BEST

So there are NO MORE EXCUSES - and this
new year- it's time to TAKE ACTION.

Super affiliate wants to coach you

I have an exciting video that you should
watch right away:

You see, my friend who's been profiting
online for the last 9 YEARS has discovered
the #1 reason why YOU are failing to profit

He even has a solution on how HE will
PERSONALLY help you by personally
taking you as one of his students.

But don't worry, it won't cost you an arm
and leg.

It's literally PENNIES …

The best offer of 2012

I just HAD to share this with you.

My friend just RE-OPENED doors
to one of the most anticipated offers
of the year.

And it won't be available forever.

THIS is what you're missing out on:

-> 15 Weeks of LIVE Personal Coaching
-> 15 PREVIOUS weeks of recordings!
-> $5000 of Actual Training Courses
-> Full Live Support
-> Special Guest appearances from Experts
-> And Much Much More!

It's not often I'll sit here and say:


This is the BEST bang for the buck I've
seen in 2012.

Think about it. 30 sessions.

That's BARELY $1 per coaching session.

Usually these things are $1000+ or more!

Make 2012 yours,

Robert Rich John

P.S. Stop reading this and CLICK HERE:

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Marketers Solution

Who wants a real turn-key business?

I've seen and written many coaching courses in my day, but what
I just discovered will blow your socks right off your toes...

My friend Dan Lew has just peeled back the curtain on his
mastery formula for building a mountain of revenue from
online and offline marketing;

You're getting the exact receipt for a six-figure digital business
from two very accomplished professional marketers that's
guaranteed to give your more clients than you can handle.

They normally charge $5k per coaching session but you get it
all their training combined for a fraction of the cost.

Click the buy button below to get the full Monty;

You might join me in saying this is the most complete blueprint
I have ever seen. You're getting a four-figure value that gives you
the golden keys to a six-figure business model.

OMG! Dan Lew and Kenster just teamed up...

Dan Lew just earned $591,714 in 7 months on product launches and Affiliate Marketing, this is not including the SEO, Mobile Development
and Interent Marketing services he offers to local businesses making him an easy 7 figures a year and this doesn't
include the $5k per coaching student he charges for his masterminds.

Kenster who is an expert in CPA and 6 figure masterminds also has similar results and so they both teamed up to create something amazing to share with you

What does this mean for you? This means you can now get all the secret tools and training from both Dan and Kenster for a very fraction of the price they normally charge.

Both Dan and Ken are literally going to take you by the hand and make you succeed using the strategies that has made between them a $1.5 million/yr business model.

Online > Offline > Product Creation

We got you covered in all areas of marketing?

How? Well both Dan Lew and Kenster just opened the doors to a NEVER seen before community that has everything you could possibly imagine to help you succeed as a marketer.

Just to give you some idea Dan made $571k in ther past 7 months alone, and Kenster did $250k on his last product launch, this is not including the 5k coaching students
they have and offline businesses they run. these guys know how to walk the talk and
are giving you the exact training you need to completely dominate any market and scale your online or offline business.

Here is a breakdown of what you get:
1. Online Marketer (112 Videos)
2. Product Creator (132 videos)
3. Offline Business,
4. 12 pieces of software
5. Webinars, private forum

What does this mean for you? This means you can now get all the secret tools and training from both Dan and Kenster for a very fraction of the price they normally charge.

Both Dan and Ken are literally going to take you by the hand and make you succeed using the strategies that has made between them a $1.5 million/yr business model

This is not be missed folks,

Robert Rich John

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Forex Profit Model

Gratis Forex Cash Builder will rocket you to profitability

  "Forex Cash Builder is a simple powerful Forex
  system that you can use today to make some extra
  cash from the Forex market - totally gratis."

  $500 per hour professional trader and one of Forex's
  foremost experts, Josh Schultz, has a gift for you.

  This won't cost you a penny:

  Forex Cash Builder On The House (Value $150)

  This has to be one of the simplest, fastest ways to
  make a quick little side income within hours:


  - Wait for FCB Indicator to turn the candles blue,
  check rules - take profit

  - Wait for FCB Indicator to turn the candles red,
  check rules - take profit

  This is yours right now, totally gratis, but only
  for the next few days:

  Only Josh Schulz could give away a system that
  others would charge for. You see, Josh has spent
  years examining over 3000 Forex systems and has been
  involved with some of the top traders in the
  industry. Not only that:

  - He is moderator of two of the most respected
  trading forums in Forex

  - Is in-house trader for "Tradeology", the most read
  Forex newsletter in the business

  - Coached and worked with some of the top traders in
  the business. They affectionately call him the "PIP

  - He is one of the few people in the world to have
  access to one of the largest trading competitions in
  the world... and see every system that is presented

  - His system "Forex Profit Model" is regarded as the
  fastest way to build income in Forex

  Josh is impressive, but the thing I like about him
  is that he is so laid-back and down to earth. You'll
  know what I mean when you go here:

  Anyway, back to the system he wants you to have.
  Here's the thing - the system is only part of the
  story. Try it and leave a comment letting Josh know
  what you think and you could get a copy of the
  seriously deadly accurate "Forex Profit Model".

  All the best

  Robert Rich John

  P.S. I'll bet the complimentary Forex Cash Builder
  is probably better than the system you are using
  right now. This is what I want you to do, go here
  and download it:

  Information, charts or examples contained in this
  email is for illustration and educational purposes
  only. It should not be considered as advice or an
  endorsement to purchase or sell any security or
  financial instrument. We do not and cannot give any
  kind of financial advice. On certain occasions, we
  have a material link to the product or service
  mentioned in the email. This may be in the form of
  compensation or remuneration.

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Google Sniper 2.0

 Is this dude REALLY a millionaire?

The response to this is CRAZY...

The last 48 hours, since that video was
released, have just been a blur...

The emails haven't stopped flooding in...

It's set whole IM community on FIRE. 

From guru's to newbies, everyone's getting 
in on this while they can.

And I recommend you do too.

YES - I did get access. And YES, it's pretty
incredible. No traffic generation required,

I mean, $530k profit in 2010? You can't argue.

My verdict: This will go on to change lives.

(Just like the first version did I guess)

And you'll see some of those *very* stories here:

Check it out. But be quick. Copies are going fast.

See you inside (if you can still get in)
Your  name

P.S. Yeah, the video...

Hard to believe the guys a millionaire...

Why aren't you making any money?

I'm want to get serious for a moment.

(forgive me if I'm blunt here) BUT...

Why aren't you making any money right now?

Because if it's not getting enough traffic...

Finally, there IS an unquestionable solution:


This is a little bit... *Different*...

1). You can forget traffic. You don't need
to do ANY of that stuff with this one.

2). It's not so-called "push button" software either.

3). It works. It made over $530,354 profit last
year and there's dozens of other stories to PROVE IT.

... In fact, based on the feedback I've seen, this 
is now the ONLY way I'd ever recommend making money
with Clickbank. It's a gamechanger.

But beware, there's not many copies left.

You might already be too late...

I've got some bad news

... I'll make this quick.

I've just heard a rumour and it's now
your LAST CHANCE to download this.

There's no more time left. 

It's sink or swim. And let me ask you this:

Are you sick of struggling to get traffic?

Are you tired of crappy 'push button systems'
that have never made anyone a penny?

Are you ready for a REAL system that WORKS?

... One that does NOT need traffic, any 
investment or ANY experience...

That made over $1,000 a day for the last
739 days in a ROW?

It's real and there's countless success
stories on that page too to prove it.

Go here right now and get in on this, 
before it's closed forever.

This gets my HIGHEST recommendation,

Robert Rich John

P.S. There is NOT another system like this.

And if you don't go to the website right
now and get it...

You WILL miss out on what's one of the
easiest ways to make money I've ever seen.


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Get Cash For Surveys

Product : Get Cash For Surveys
From : Gary Mitchell

When you join GetCashForSurveys today, you will receive $50 free when you take your first paid survey!

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It may sound hard to believe, but it's true.  There are thousands of companies out there who are willing to pay for your opinions regarding their products.  This is an
important part of product research, and they rely on people just like you for
your honest opinion!

One man has single-handedly put together the largest database of companies that hire people just like you, to give their opinions on products.

Imagine getting paid for doing things like:

- Trying out new menu items from popular restaurants
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Recently, our website was featured in some major news networks.  After helping
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finally caught on.

Big companies are willing to pay people just like you for your opinion
on their products and services.  Usually, this is just in the form of a survey
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Did you know that companies spend more than 1 BILLION dollars on market research every year?

Companies are constantly developing and improving products, and they NEED something to make sure that it works.

Do you know what they need?  They need YOUR opinion.  That's right... and they are willing to pay money for it.

By offering your opinion on new products like cars, candy, electronics, it helps companies develop products that people are happy with!

Many times, they will simply ask you to fill out a survey about their new product, and pay you for it.

You could make $20 in as little as 8 minutes!  Imagine taking 5 or 6 of these surveys a day.  Easy work and easy pay that could really help with the bills.


Robert Rich John

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The Great Kindle Challenge

The Great Kindle Challenge?

I can’t believe he’s doing this…
Ryan Deiss is inviting YOU to see him fail, or succeed… LIVE!
Ryan’s launching a new book on Amazon Kindle and he’s going
to do it live and let you see how he promotes it, gives it away
and eventually sells it!
His goal is 10,000 downloads and 500 real sales within the first
We (you better believe I’ll be watching) get to see the whole thing in real time…
Click here to see if he can pull it off or not:
Ryan’s calling it: “The Great Kindle Challenge”
IF (and I do mean IF) he succeeds, he will have discovered how to
build micro $1000 a month info businesses out of thin air…
BUT, if he’s wrong, he’ll be eating crow in front of everyone!
Either way you’ll see it all live.
Go sign up for the updates to follow along… This should be fun!
Talk Soon,
Robert Rich John
P.S. Ryan’s already done this 2 other times but this time he “thinks”
he has all the kinks worked out.
Click here to see it unfold and see if Ryan success or FAILS:

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Chronic Profits

Name Product : Chronic Profits (Chronic Comission Elite )
From: Caleb, Corey & Winte
(second notice) Urgent Alert body: Original release date: 8/16/2012 Product Value: $495.00
 Discount Applied: 90%
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(you have not been charged anything yet)
 Download link: 

This Product will show you how to start making an income from home in no time.
I've managed to secure discounted access for you but only for today. go get your copy now:

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3x Social

QUIT doing social media until you see this...

I just learned something that blew me away. It turns out that almost everyone who's using social media for business is doing it wrong. (If you're not making much money from it, this means YOU.)

My friend, Don Crowther, just put together a video all about this that you just HAVE to see:

<<Put in a personal story to demonstrate. EXAMPLE...I was one of those people who thought that quantity equals quality. After previewing Don's video, I looked at my numbers and realized I have lots of social media followers...but little flow through to my bottom-line. I'm going to implement what Don teaches in this video...and I urge you to join me.>>

In the video, Don shows WHY only a few "regular" people are actually making money on social media, and what you MUST change about your strategy if you want to be one of them.

You'll be amazed how simple -yet powerful - this shift could be for you. And the great thing is, anyone can do it...once you know the steps.

PLEASE don't wait on this, because the longer you are NOT following this strategy, the more money you are leaving on the table.

Plus...Don's GIVING away a very cool piece of software that makes it easy to build your audience and bottom line!

In case you were wondering, Don's not one of those "gurus" who's all talk and social media theory - he's actually one of the few business people who is making a LOT of money on social media. You'd be crazy not to listen to what he has to say.

P.S. Near the end of the video, Don gives away an awesome software tool to help you implement one of the steps right away. Go here NOW to grab the video and your free software:

Wanna get viral traffic to your blog starting TODAY?

Don Crowther pretty much shocked the folks who saw his video yesterday. Not just once but twice.

First, he gave viewers a download of an amazing software tool that gets other people to publicly ask for your content and get their friends to do it too. (I seriously cannot believe he is GIVING this thing away. Hurry up and grab the video AND the software before he wakes up.)

And second, because he told them flat out that they were doing social media wrong, and that's why they aren't making any money with it.  (Some people - including me - were downright ticked off when they heard this. But what can I say -- Don is a straight shooter and he tells it like it is.)

Maybe you can relate to this: I've written some amazing content on my blog, but I use to feel sometimes it was like a tree falling in the forest and no one was there to hear it. With this software, the people who want to get their hands on your best content have to "like" it to Facebook first, so all their friends can see what they're doing. Now all of a sudden, I've got some real traffic and a conversation going where before there were just crickets.

Don't miss out - grab the video and software NOW:

I can't wait to see what it does for me. Hope you'll take advantage, too!

Matthew Farrell

P.S. If you realize after watching Don's video that YOU'VE been doing social media all wrong, don't get mad...get smart and do what he says, and start using the software on your blog immediately.  You're just minutes away from becoming among the few who make money with social media. Go here NOW:

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Foreclosure Search

 A Secret I have kept until now...

Have you ever wondered why some investors make over +$100,000 in a
single deal and get real estate deals coming to THEM instead of
having to chase after them?

Many people believe that you have to work hard in order to be

But I will tell you that that is only half right... 

To be honest, I don't work very hard (only part-time and only when
I feel like it)

but yet I am able to get a lot of profitable real estate deals and
make in the top 1% of Canadian household incomes!

Years ago, I discovered how to do it from other highly successful
real estate investors..

By working smart, and not just work hard.

And I have kept this a secret until now... So how exactly do I do it?

I am about to reveal to you an industry secret that can easily be
your shortcut to your success!

Click here to learn more>>

Canada Foreclosure CRISIS?

This is bad news...

Foreclosures in Canada are hitting record highs...

And what's worse?

While home prices are plummetting...

and now with the national credit-crunch,
it is next to impossible to get financing for anything.

So what do you do when you want to buy a foreclosure property
for 50% OFF when no banks will lend you money to buy it?

Buy the house with cash?

Sure, if you have a few hundred thousand dollars sitting in the bank!

But could there be another way?

Here's a secret...

Did you know that a small group of Canadian insiders are making a
killing with foreclosures?

And somehow they have devised a clever scheme to make
fast profits by:

*Not having to qualify for a mortgage.

*Not having to use any money.

*Securing properties for as much as 50% below market value!

Could this be legal?

Robert Rich John

P.S. Find homes up to 50% below market now at this site:

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Lotto Black Book Scamer ?

Actual Lottery Patterns That Work

            Can you image winning the lottery?  What about being able to say that you won the lottery three times?  Well, that is what happened for an Oklahoma mathematics professor. He spent approximately eight years figuring out a lottery code that he proved to be successful.  In fact, it was so successful that he hit the lottery three times.  Of course, this did not happen without creating a stir among others that heard about his success.

            This professor was taken by two masked males as he was leaving the mall.  These two men grabbed him and put a gun to his head as they loaded him into their vehicle.  You see, they wanted to know his lottery strategy. They wanted him to share the secret to his success with the lottery.  By the time that the entire experience was over he had been shot in the left foot by one of the men.  So, are you wondering what this professor may have known that would cause such dramatic action.

            The answer to that is simple.  He has the lottery tips, the lottery pattern that these men needed in order to strike it rich like he did.  You would probably like to have it also and I can not blame you.  It would be great to hit the lottery for millions. It would be even better if you were able to do this more than one time in your life.  Well, you can and this man from Oklahoma wants to tell you how.

            The fact of the matter is that the lottery tips that Larry wants to share with you are not difficult tips.  In fact they work for anyone that wants to be successful at winning the lottery.  You simply need to be willing to follow the lottery plan that has been shared with you.  If you are able to do that then you are sure to be successful, just like he was.  That is what makes this lottery pattern so magnificent.  It works for everyone!

            Just a final though for all of you, you need to remember to be patient with the lottery strategy that you will be employing.  Just because you have a lottery plan that is guaranteed to work, you may not be success the very first time (but then again you might be).  There is no way to really tell exactly when it will happen. You need to keep trying and continue with the lottery pattern that you are given.  You will hit big at some point and the more that you play using the lottery pattern the more you will win.  Finally, you will want to enjoy your winnings but you will also want to think about others that need your help.  The lottery code will make you rich so you may want to consider sharing your wealth and helping others that may not know the lottery strategy.

This is the amazing story of a "poor" math professor 
who got shot in the leg after winning the big jack pot
three times in a row (Probably the first time in lotto history):

He is a math genius. He spends more than 10 hours a day 
playing around with  his formulas. Since no system is perfect, 
it seems that he found a weak link in lottery game. 

He also pretends that $5 and a few weeks to test is enough 
for any person to hit the big jackpot.

Obviously, the multi-billion dollars lotteries are not too 
happy with his discovery. He received many threatening letters...

He even has a book exposing all his secrets: 

Have a look. It might be the next big thing in your life. 


Robert John Rich

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Lotto Black Book

I having this is better than being the president of US 

I'm not kidding at all...

How would you feel to win the lot*tery 3 times 
in a row? 

What would you do with all that money?'s a guy who almost got killed 
for protecting the lot*to secret that made
him shake the game three (3) times in a row.

Tell me that it is not better than being the 
president of US. 

Mr Obama has a lot of things to take care of 
and rarely gets a day off. 

Discover these secrets and you'll have ONLY 
days off:

Is this outstanding or what? 

I don't know if you're a lottery player or not
but I've discovered something that needs a 
special attention:

I'm talking about a guy who pretends that 
he cracked the lottery code. 

More than that, he got shot in the foot 
for protecting his pattern. 

You can read the entire story here:

As far as I can see, he will reveal his secret
to only 300 people. The big question is if 
you qualify for this. 

Go on the page I give you and see all the 

What if it is true? 

Did you heard the news? It seems that for the 
first time ever someone finally managed to crack
the pattern behind the lottery. 

It's all here: 
 Of course, it's very hard to believe this...but 
what if it is true? What if you can be one of 
the few guys who can get the pattern? 

If I were you, I would give it a lot of thought:

If you are a lotto player (or intend to play the game
in the near future) I'll ask you to pay a close attentin
to this email.

I cannot tell you too much about the guy who discover it. 
All I can tell you is that he almost got killed for 
protecting it. 

His method made him slaughter the lottery 3 times in 
a row. Is that hot or not?

Math professor gets shot after finding the lotto pattern... 

This is the amazing story of a "poor" math professor 
who got shot in the leg after winning the big jack pot
three times in a row (Probably the first time in lotto history):

He is a math genius. He spends more than 10 hours a day 
playing around with  his formulas. Since no system is perfect, 
it seems that he found a weak link in lottery game. 

He also pretends that $5 and a few weeks to test is enough 
for any person to hit the big jackpot.

Obviously, the multi-billion dollars lotteries are not too 
happy with his discovery. He received many threatening letters...

He even has a book exposing all his secrets: 

Have a look. It might be the next big thing in your life. 


Robert Rich John 

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Elite Commissions

Elite Commissions, just went live!

Wow, this is going to be something amazing.
Michael Somerville just posted his lastest
release called Elite Commissions.

A few months ago this was released and sold
thousands of copies instantly. Since then,
Michael has reviewed and revamped the content.

Seriously, if you can learn anything about
Affiliate Marketing ... Michael will teach you.

Don't hesitate on this one!

Michael made $14,530.23 last month with this...
Can you really made money like mike ?

Okay, so you know from time to time we
send you an email about ... the next best thing!

BUT ...

For once, this is something that will WORK without
fail. Seriously, I've dropped my jaw here.

Seriously, if you can learn anything about
Affiliate Marketing ... Michael will teach you.

Don't hesitate on this one!

Still feeling stuck?

How long has it been since you first heard that
people just like you were making money online?

Unless you’ve already made more than $12,845.62
in the last three days…

I guarantee this sweet information will finally
get you “unstuck”:

Click here to learn more:


Robert Rich John

P.S. He's included some awesome google tools
for this release.

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Social Commissions

 Stop insulting my intelligence
I thought this was a joke?
Somebody just bust my jaw…

A few years ago, if you had told me it’s possible to
create $150.49, $176.22, $311.51 or even $318.91…
… in just 3hrs…
… with no website…
… I would have laughed in your face.
Heck, I would have told you to stop insulting my intelligence.
But today, I’m not laughing anymore.
Because if total beginners pulled off the street
can do this, then it’s time to sit up and pay attention.
Watch this video, and prepare for an actual jaw
dropping moment:

Jaw breaker: $898 in one day, from nothing

No more websites, hosting, software, content writing,
and all that other stuff you never really wanted to get
involved with in the first place…
In fact, one guy did this exact same thing, and in 8 months,
made $78,000 as a result.
But unless you watch this video, you’ll never know how:

You can’t fake this:

P.S. Listen, if total random people off the street can do it, then
there’s a good chance you’ll do a LOT better than they did.

he worst thing you can do (to make money online)
Ever heard of this guy before?
The most important guy you’ve never met…

If you ever needed undeniable proof that you DON’T
need a website, a blog, Google or your own products
to make money online…
… then this is it:

In fact, this insane new method proves one
important truth:
Creating websites is one of the WORST ways to get
started online.
Why? Because new websites are an “island” that
nobody knows about, plus they’re expensive and
time consuming to set up and run.
And you’ve got to deal with SEO, HTML, web design,
plugins, the list is endless.
Save that for the geeks and the big corporations
who’ve got time and money to burn…
… but for you (and for me) there’s abetter way.
This guy is the real deal… TV appearances, published
book author, public speaker…
… but you probably DON’T know his name, and there’s
a reason why.
He’s too darn busy getting paid $5000 or more from
everybody willing to fly around the world to listen
to his BIG secret…
… a colossal money making secret that, understandably,
he only ever shares on his live seminars (on rare occasions.)
But I guess he’s tired of hotel rooms and cheap coffee
or something, because for the first time ever, Adrian
is coming online to share his BIG secret with the rest of us.
What is this BIG secret?
Well, I’ll let Adrian explain it all, in this short
(but very different) video:

Oh by the way, be careful of your jaw…
… it’s probably going to hit the floor at around the
2 minute mark, as you see 6 total strangers making
money (between $150.49 and $311.51) in REAL TIME.

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Pin Your Income

How Pinterest Can Send You MASSIVE Traffic

Have you heard of 'Pinterest' ?

Have you heard of 'Pinterest'  ?

Well it's a new website that's already
got over 65 Million users...

It's getting 6 times the traffic than
Google & Youtube Combined...

Users on this site are 10 times more likely
to buy from you than Facebook or Google...

And I've found a way to siphon all
the traffic from 'Pinterest' and get
the users to any website I want...

Which is currently making me on average
$233 per day.

So (while I'm on vacation in Thailand right now),
my friend Jani has put together this free tutorial
video for you as my valued subscriber, to show you
how I'm doing it and how you can to.

Watch the tutorial video here (from the beaches
of thailand)
The tutorial video is around 20 minutes of good
content, so make sure you cut out all distractions
when you check it out, and take notes.

After you watch the video, you will be able
to apply the technique he shows you, and start
getting as much traffic as you want from Pinterest
for FREE.

Here's the link again:

You probably have never even heard about
this before (its that GOOD)

it's a new website that's already
got over 65 Million users...

Users on this site are 10 times more likely
to buy from you than Facebook or Google...

After you go to the link above,  you will be able
to tap into 65 million buyers, and  start
getting as much traffic as you want from this site
for FREE.

Here's the link again:

To Your Success

Robert Rich John

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3K 30 Minutes

I'm FLOORED! The Rumor Was TRUE...

Have you heard this rumor saying:

...some guy... somewhere... found a way to make
$3,000.00 a month in just 30 minutes a day...?

And that he got it down to a science...

...So anyone, anywhere can repeat his success in an
incredibly short amount of time...

Sounds too good to be true, right?

It is TRUE! Check it out here:

Hurry! I don't want you to miss out
on all the awesomeness!

Click To See now:

How To Make $1000.00 in 30 Minutes... ON DEMAND!

Here's a simple-to-follow system to
$3,000.00 a month with just 30 minutes per day...


It works even if...'ve never made a dime with your
    tiny list in days gone by...'re disgraced with your petite list size...'re getting crushed by bigger, meaner
    list builders...

Click To See:

P.S. This special offer won't be available
at this discounted rate for much longer..

Don't stall! Act now:

REAL MEANING Behind Making Money On The Internet

I wanted to share some personal stuff
with you, regarding the REAL REASON behind
making money on the internet

For Igor Kheifets, it was always about his loved ones.

He started out searching for ways to make a quick
buck online when he was just 19 and back at the
day it was all about pulling his parents out of debt...

Over the years, as Igor's income grew, so did his influence
and he was able to do the same for the rest of his huge

...Even his mother in law!

Here's how Igor pulled it off:

And now the best part...Ready?

You can quickly & easily duplicate his success TODAY
if you just follow his simple scientific system to
$3k a month in 30 minutes per day.

The simple is really simple to follow and works like

Check out REAL CASE STUDIES here:

I hope this helps you achieve your REAL goals beyond
your wildest dreams!

To Your Success

Robert Rich John

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Property Millionaire Maker

The fastest way to make money in property is ...

 Glenn Armstrong, the UK's No.1 Property
Expert has just released an amazing new
coaching program ...

He's packed it with the property strategies
that made him a multi-millionaire ... and he's
sharing it all:

Glenn reveals how you can make fast cash
from property:

# Even if you have no deposit money
# Even if you've never owned a house
# Even if you're a complete property newbie

It's all presented in a quick-to-digest format
so you can spend more time making money and
no time wading through manuals!

Unleash the Profit Power of Property!

Did you know that you can make big money
from property even in a recession?

Most people approach property all wrong ...

But you know what?

People who know how to do it right are
making a killing!

Find out how:

The funny thing about all this is you don't
need to be an 'expert'.

With a bit of knowledge - the RIGHT knowledge -
you can do exactly what these property millionaires
are all doing.

It's all here:

Property Millionaire Maker just released!
(New) Recommended property coaching ...


Imagine if you could get inside the head
of the UK's No.1 Property Expert ...

And find out how he generated wealth of
30 million pounds in just 8 years!

Well now you can:

Property multi-millionaire Glenn Armstrong
has finally been persuaded to release his
best tips and strategies.

This is the best property information you're
likely to see in 2012 - so grab it quick!

To your property success,

Robert Rich John

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