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Actual Lottery Patterns That Work

            Can you image winning the lottery?  What about being able to say that you won the lottery three times?  Well, that is what happened for an Oklahoma mathematics professor. He spent approximately eight years figuring out a lottery code that he proved to be successful.  In fact, it was so successful that he hit the lottery three times.  Of course, this did not happen without creating a stir among others that heard about his success.

            This professor was taken by two masked males as he was leaving the mall.  These two men grabbed him and put a gun to his head as they loaded him into their vehicle.  You see, they wanted to know his lottery strategy. They wanted him to share the secret to his success with the lottery.  By the time that the entire experience was over he had been shot in the left foot by one of the men.  So, are you wondering what this professor may have known that would cause such dramatic action.

            The answer to that is simple.  He has the lottery tips, the lottery pattern that these men needed in order to strike it rich like he did.  You would probably like to have it also and I can not blame you.  It would be great to hit the lottery for millions. It would be even better if you were able to do this more than one time in your life.  Well, you can and this man from Oklahoma wants to tell you how.

            The fact of the matter is that the lottery tips that Larry wants to share with you are not difficult tips.  In fact they work for anyone that wants to be successful at winning the lottery.  You simply need to be willing to follow the lottery plan that has been shared with you.  If you are able to do that then you are sure to be successful, just like he was.  That is what makes this lottery pattern so magnificent.  It works for everyone!

            Just a final though for all of you, you need to remember to be patient with the lottery strategy that you will be employing.  Just because you have a lottery plan that is guaranteed to work, you may not be success the very first time (but then again you might be).  There is no way to really tell exactly when it will happen. You need to keep trying and continue with the lottery pattern that you are given.  You will hit big at some point and the more that you play using the lottery pattern the more you will win.  Finally, you will want to enjoy your winnings but you will also want to think about others that need your help.  The lottery code will make you rich so you may want to consider sharing your wealth and helping others that may not know the lottery strategy.

This is the amazing story of a "poor" math professor 
who got shot in the leg after winning the big jack pot
three times in a row (Probably the first time in lotto history):

He is a math genius. He spends more than 10 hours a day 
playing around with  his formulas. Since no system is perfect, 
it seems that he found a weak link in lottery game. 

He also pretends that $5 and a few weeks to test is enough 
for any person to hit the big jackpot.

Obviously, the multi-billion dollars lotteries are not too 
happy with his discovery. He received many threatening letters...

He even has a book exposing all his secrets: 

Have a look. It might be the next big thing in your life. 


Robert John Rich

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