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Thank YOU and really good news <–Webinar Replay

First the good news. If you missed the Kindle
Publishing Training webinar yesterday, here is the
replay link for you…

Watch the replay now at…

We don’t promise replays because technology can be
tricky and then people get disappointed if we
can’t provide it. So I’m glad we can provide this
extra convenience if you missed it yesterday.

Now, if you watched the presentation live, THANK
YOU so much for taking the time to do so!

Based on the avalanche of raving emails already
flooding our inbox, the simple marketing tips I
shared with you must have really hit home!

Here’s what people who were on live are saying:

“Jonny this has been the BEST presentation I have
ever seen on Kindle… Incredible information, I
love your enthusiasm and energy.” Karen Campbell

“Thanks for a brilliant webinar” – Joan Salanitri

Thank YOU for all the kind comments!

And keep them coming!

And so many people are already taking advantage of
my offer to get access to my powerful System at
over 50% off discount!

If you are one of those fast action takers -
congrats! You are already on your way to
transforming your business into a competition
killing machine!

If you haven’t made the decision yet, or missed
the webinar all together, don’t worry – you have
seven days to decide before the savings disappear.

But don’t wait too long; the seven days will be
over before you know it. Plus, don’t you want to
start getting more new clients sooner rather than

Perfect publishing formula for the new

Today I will give you a complete five step formula
that every successful company, coach, consultant,
or guru follows when publishing – use it and you
too can have the success you want.

But first…

Let’s explore how publishing and getting paid has
changed in this new economy…

=> If published a book in the early 1990’s you had
to wait as long as THREE YEARS before it might see
the light of day…

=> In 1994 almost nobody knew what self publishing
was! Today we can’t seem to go for 30 minutes
without seeing a new top independent author
hitting the bestsellers list!

=> Back in 2000 major publishers controlled all
the distribution and an author HAD to sign away
their lives to be seen…

=> Facebook didn’t exist until 2004. And most
people using it today probably didn’t get on it
until 2007 or event later – yet today, people just
like us are using it to launch MASSIVE publishing
careers any time they like…

Today, many major publishing companies are laying
people off as fast as Facebook gains new

The entire industry has become almost a single

And as more and more individuals and companies are
feeling the economic pinch they are turning to
“new” methods of getting exposure in hopes of
attracting paying customers and exposure…

But do these “new” ways of marketing produce any
better results than before?

The reality is your customers are increasingly
more difficult to convince to part with their
money and buy from you.

Plus, each and every day the competition in your
industry is getting tougher and smarter. And the
longer you do nothing or too little, the more they
(your competitors) are grabbing your customers!

But despite all these changes, most professionals
and entrepreneurs are still trying to attract
clients and grow their businesses using antiquated
marketing strategies and outdated mindsets.

Slaving over designing business cards, fancy
logos, pricey full color brochures and letterheads
- are all things you can do without today, yet
most people get stuck working on these often
useless tools…

On the flip side, an army of profiteers are quick
to sell you all the latest gizmos and tricks that
are “guaranteed” to turn you into an overnight

And the centuries old appeal to our greed -
getting something for nothing – works so well,
these get-rich- quick program peddlers are getting
richer while others are scratching their heads
trying to figure out where they have gone wrong!

But you know what didn’t change?


People still buy things to solve their problems or
to gain more pleasure. If you find a market,
discover their need…

If you then become THE authority while offering
effective solutions at a reasonable prices -
chances are you’ll build a profitable publishing

The delivery methods might have changed as this
new media became available – but we still respond
to the same triggers of greed and fear – and that
won’t change any time soon.

Here is the simplest formula for success in any
business and in any economy…

And I know it works because my clients and
students have been growing their businesses in
this “toughest economy” ever in the last four
years – going from zero to thousands of book sales
just weeks!

OK, here is the formula:

1) Find a market that has a specific problem you
can solve…

2) Develop or acquire a “unique” solution to
that problem…

3) Have a book created that generates leads and
converts them into first time BUYERS…

4) Convert book buyers into life-time clients…

5) Maximize profitability by developing new
books, products or services to further help your

In its simplest form this is the same formula I’ve
been using myself and teaching and implementing
for my students. And everyone who follows it can
reap big rewards.

You know what’s interesting about this? While your
business is unique it’s NOT different – and this
same formula can work for you.

Just look at any successful published author – now
that you are aware of it, you’ll immediately
notice they use this formula too.

So now you have a choice. You can invest in the
latest cool trick that will just keep you busy for
the next few weeks and then become obsolete. Or…

You can build a more successful business by
becoming a student and implementer of proven,
principle- based direct response marketing
strategies that will work equally well today and
many years from now.

At first, the choice doesn’t look easy because the
promise of overnight riches sounds so good -
dressed up to look “oh, so sexy” and simple.

But to the smart business owner the choice is

Follow in the footsteps of so many of today’s
online and off-line successes who got their start
and their big breakthrough by studying my Perfect
Publishing System.

And right now, you can have what they paid
thousands of dollars (in some cases tens of
thousands) for 50% of what I normally sell this
course for. But this special pricing I’m offering
you won’t last forever.

So go ahead, get the details and get started now

Of course – WORK will be required. Yes – I just
said the “forbidden word” – work! But you’ll learn
how to leverage what you do – so that you work
once and get paid over and over again…

If you haven’t looked at details yet, now would be
a good time to do so.

So go ahead, get the details and get started now

I hope you will make the right choice and
thousands of smart professionals and entrepreneurs
who call themselves my clients and students!

Here is to your success…

Robert Rich John

Jonny Andrews
#1 Best selling Author And Founder
Of The Perfect Publishing System

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