Range Bandit / High-Probability Scalping with the Range Bandit Indicator

New 'Range Bandit' system for part time traders

If you're looking for a simple no brainer way
to trade part time in just a few minutes a day,
then this could be perfect for you.

You're going to love this...

My friend Jason Fielder at FX Impact has a new
pattern his 'Range Bandit' trades...

It is simple, predictable, and happens at the same
time over and over again.

That means you can swoop in like a bandit
and pick up pips and be done for the day in
just minutes.

On Thursday this week at 1pm and 9pm eastern
he will show you how in a private webinar.

NO ONE ELSE has ever seen 'Range Bandit'.

So register your spot here...


The system is based on a super-simple indicator

* Identifies high-probability directionality in
the "2nd hour" and "3rd hour" of the U.S. and
Asian trading sessions

* Tells you what pairs to trade, HOW MUCH to trade
and where to place your stops, and...

* Analyzes market movement with lightning speed so
you know when to get in and (more importantly)
when to get out...

This is the perfect trading tool for part-time
traders who want to scalp some quick pips out of
the market in just a few minutes a day...

If that sounds perfect for you, then quickly register
for Jason's upcoming LIVE webinar to see 'Range Bandit'
in action for yourself...

Join him this Thursday at 1pm or 9pm eastern.

Register now through this private invitation for
my readers only:


Stop chasing trades... let winning trades come to you instead

Too many traders stare at their screen watching
bar after bar, day after day, with bleary eyes
hoping for a signal to take...

Not a good plan.

That's called 'chasing trades'.

Too often, chasing trades leads to jumping in
on any old signal out of desperation and getting
whacked for a stinging loss.

Instead, you want to let the profitable trade
set ups come to YOU.

It's easier than you think!

Jason Fielder will show you how on Thursday at
1pm and 9pm on his private webinar training.


You'll be the first to see his brand new Range
Bandit system that pin points where AND when
the profitable trades will be.

Range Bandit let's you pocket pips like
clockwork when the market repeats a pattern
that happens over and over again.

It takes just minutes a day - and you know when
to be ready and when to take off and go do
whatever you want.

No more staring at the screen for hours on end!

There are limited spots open for this private
training and after my email yesterday they're
going quickly.

Grab your spot now while you still can...


Reservation for private training today

Real quick heads up...

I don't know if you registered yet for
Jason's all new private training today.

I reserved a spot for you but you still
need to register right away to attend.


In case you didn't see my message about
this before, let me recap...

This brand new 'Range Bandit' training
will show you how to stop chasing trades
and let winning trades come to you instead.

Make sure you register now to secure your
spot here:


You'll learn the sneaky way to pinpoint WHERE
and WHEN the profitable trades are like clockwork.

Here's a hint... there's a pattern that happens
over and over again and Jason will show you
how to swoop in and pocket pips in just minutes
and then be done for the day.

It's simple, easy to follow, and he will show you
how to do it today.

The first private training is starting at 1pm
eastern today (or you can join the 9pm if the
first session is full).

Register now because I know you don't want to
miss being the first to see this brand new
Range Bandit training:


See you there!

Robert Rich John

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