Heart Summit Marathon

One of the Best Complimentary Trainings Of the Year

Do you sometimes struggle with feeling stuck, unable to let in all the good stuff in life?
Ever doubt that there's more to living out your life's purpose and have settled for less than you deserve?
Why is it so hard to stay consistently joyful and happy?
If you're like me, the exploration of these questions is profoundly important, and I'm excited to share a resource with you that I think will give you a vital piece to the puzzle of your your life's unfolding journey.
It's called the 'Heart Summit Marathon' and takes place November 25th. What's neat about it, is that it's a Livestream event, so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

 Register For the Complimentary  Heart Intelligence Marathon

This 4-hour immersive and impactful training will be delivered by Christian Pankhurst.

Christian is widely known for pioneering the practice of Heart Intelligence and will share with you how to develop what he calls 'Divine Embodiment'.

Intrigued? I am! The marathon costs nothing, and you'll be stunned with the clarity you'll receive about the very things that matter to living a happy, joyful life.

If you don't know Christian, he's the one people turn to for advanced heart centered transformation and coaching.

In fact, if you feel you've reached a 'flat' spot in your personal development journey and are looking for that 'next jump', then you really need to check this guy out.

 Take the next leap in your Personal Development journey
Plus, during the event, Christian will be interviewing Bo Eason, former NFL player, playwright and story telling expert who will share some useful insights into how you can turn your life's story into your greatest asset.

This 4 hour Marathon will be delivered LIVE and Christian tells me there won't be any replays. Thousands of people have already registered for this event, and when you see what you'll be getting, you'll understand why.

Register Now

Enjoy the event, I know I will!

Robert Rich John

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