The last membership plugin you’ll ever need is here

Attention: The last membership plugin you’ll ever need has arrived!Martin “icun” Crumlish and Todd Spears both have a reputation of releasing game changing products, and this time is no exception.MemberRocket is a simple, yet incredibly powerful membership plugin that’s easy to use, rock-solid and it has ALL the features marketers have been asking for years!

Check it out here:

Getting a membership site up and running is TONS of hard, back breaking work as it is…
… And the last thing you need is trying to figure out a dozen of bloated, complicated, buggy plugins that are poorly documented, don’t play nice with other plugins and so on.
All you need is for the backend of your membership site to just work, right?
That’s the idea behind MemberRocket – to give you a plugin that just works.
It has all the features you’ll need (check out the impressive feature list by going to their page), so you won’t have to install tons of plugins, and it’s so stable it’ll handle ANY launch, ANY funnel without a hitch.
It’ll let you create your next membership site within 5 minutes – no matter how simple or complicated.
Check it out now – before it’s taken off the market to prepare for the “retail” launch!

A Membership Site In 5 Minutes? Crazy Plugin

You can finally enjoy the month-by-month, semi-passive income only membership sites are able to generate, because it does NOT take a PhD to get one up and running anymore!Take this incredibly simple, yet powerful membership plugin and…… Create a membership site (no matter how simple or complex) in 5 minutes – bada bing, bada boom.
Check it out

Here’s the deal – before I got my hands on the review copy of this plugin I was REALLY skeptical.
“It’s just not possible!” I thought. “Creating a membership site IS a technical affair first and foremost. Getting all the payments to work, various membership levels, support systems and all that takes work and it takes plenty of tech experience!”
Guess what…
I was WRONG.
I installed this plugin and in 5 minutes I was able to set up a membership site, connect it to Product Pay and make a test sale.
That’s how easy and quick it becomes.
Incredible. Plus it has full Amazon S3 integration, built-in autoresponder, support desk and more… so you save money by not having to use complicated and expensive 3rd party solutions!
Do this one thing RIGHT NOW… Check this plugin out before they take it off the market to prepare for the “retail” launch!

 I lost a bet today.Todd Spears (who’s been working alongside Martin “icun” Crumlish on this thing) hit me up on Skype and told me…“I’ve just created a plugin that lets you knock up a membership site in 5 minutes. Period. Wanna mail it out for me?”

Check it out

Naturally, I told him he was full of it and that he can drop the pitch right now, because…
Everyone knows that membership sites are mothers of tricky beasts. You need like a dozen of plugins working together, you need an external autoresponder, external support system, yadayadayada.
In other words, one does NOT simply set up a membership site in 5 minutes.
So the son of a gun said… “Wanna bet?”
“Sure.” I replied. “If you can set up a membership site, connect it with a payment processor, have a support system up and running etc. all in 5 minutes… Then I’m going to buy your plugin myself… and recommend it to my list.”
Long story short, we set things up so that I could watch his screen live and the race was on.
4 minutes 46 seconds later I knew I was going to buy his plugin right there and then.
He had, indeed, created a membership site, set it up, connected it with Product Pay and the site was more or less ready for a launch.
What can I say…
What used to take a dozen plugins and 3 external services… can now be done with 1 plugin that costs less than the competing products – and that’s not counting the money you’ll save by not using external support desks, autoresponders etc.
And yeah, I’m WHOLEHEARTEDLY endorsing it. Check it out before Todd and Martin “icun” take it off the market to do a “retail” launch – you’ll be glad that you did.
Check it out

P.S. Martin “Icun” Crumlish and Todd Spears both have a knack for creating “game-changing” stuff. This is no exception – so make sure you check it out now.. It’s the last membership plugin you’ll ever need.

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