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FREE Viral Traffic vs SEO Traffic (see results below…)

Quick question…
What’s the best free traffic?
SEO, right?
First things first…
SEO traffic is not even free traffic even though a lot of gurus will tell you that’s it’s free traffic but tell yourself the truth, can you rank on Google for a reasonable keyword that will bring you traffic and profits without spending a bucket load of money on backlinks and articles!
That’s the simple truth!
And with all the games Google has been playing this year that’s constantly making people’s site disappear from page 1 to page 33… it’s not even getting any easier!
So, let me ask you again…
What’s the best free traffic?
It’s Viral Traffic… period!
Let me tell you how this thing works…
If you’re in the weight loss niche for example, you can make a funny weight loss image or quote with a link to your site and post on Facebook tonight and wake up by tomorrow to see you post with 100s of likes, shares and comment… BOOM… you’re viral!
And because you’ve linked to your site, you will see tons of visitors flooding in overnight, very simple stuff, right? I’m talking pure FREE Targeted traffic here without any real work and you don’t have to spend money on backlinks, articles or paying some traffic expert to get this kind of result!
All you need is a simple plugin that you can use and crank out UNLIMITED AMOUNT of these funny images and quotes (called memes by the way) and drive a bucket-load free traffic to your sites any time every time.
We’ve seen costly meme desktop apps that may not even work on your PC, we’ve seen grumpy monthly membership meme sites, we’ve seen lame meme themes that will make your site suck but never for once have we seen this…
Wait for it!
For the first time ever…
We’re seeing WordPress Viral Meme Plugin “Paged Socializer”, Precious Ngwu has created another cutting edge plugin so no more messing around… it’s time for some SERIOUS Traffic generation and a FREE one too from right inside your WP dashboard.
Click here to watch the demo of the plugin in action!
Boy, this thing is spraying torrents of traffic like a supercharged fire hose… one of the beta testers already used this plugin to increase his traffic by 150%, the other guy has used just one single meme to drive 27k unique visitors to his site!
Click here to see proof!
Having this plugin is just like turning your simple WordPress site into a typical Social Media Traffic dashboard, it’s an amazing plugin… Precious gave me access to it few days back and I simply loving it, it’s an amazing traffic plugin.
Download Paged Socializer right now – Hurry, it’s on dimesale and price is increasing fast plus they are pulling it down soon to a major launch elsewhere since this is special offer!

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