Simple Azon

Dave Guindon ( 12-year marketing veteran & software developer )
and Chris Guthrie ( Amazon affiliate expert .. earns over $94k )
… have once again teamed up for yet another highly
anticipated product launch this year.

They created a very simple but powerful WordPress
plugin called “SimpleAzon” that basically creates
Amazon affiliate links in mere seconds!
.. But this is where it gets AWESOME!
One annoying problem with getting amazon affiliate
links and/or image links into your WordPress sites ..
.. is the painful task of going through 8 steps
just to get one simple amazon affiliate link!!
With the new SimpleAzon plugin, you can search
for amazon products to promote, as well as ..
.. create affiliate links, or affiliate links
with product images directly from your WordPress
dashboard ..
.. without even going to Amazon!!

This saves a LOT of time, and makes it super-simple
to get several affiliate links into your WordPress
sites in record time!
We’ve all heard the saying “Time is Money!” ..
and this new plugin will save you a bunch of time
allowing you to spend more time making money!

Plus .. this get’s even BETTER!
As a bonus, they are also offering full
Private Label Rights along with a resellers
kit for this WordPress plugin!!
That means you have the rights to sell this
product just like it was your own!
.. and with the rebrander tool in the SimpleAzon
members area ..
.. you can re-brand your copy of the plugin to
what ever name you want, then simply sell the
output zip file to your customers ..
…. and you keep 100% of the income!
This offer is incredible .. given it’s currently
under $10 !! ..
But, you have to grab your copy as soon as
you can, because the price is slightly going
up every time someone orders.
And, they are planning to remove this offer
after a 10 days.
We HIGHLY recommend grabbing your copy of Dave
and Chris’ “SimpleAzon” WordPress plugin with
full private label rights + rebrander tool!

Hope that helps and talk soon,

Robert Rich John

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