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SHOCKING! – Plugin Gets You Auto-Pilot Traffic And Leads

How fast would your business change if you knew how to create instant buzz around your offers and attract massive streams of viral traffic non-stop?
That’s what I want you to start thinking about because what you thought to be impossible just became reality
Fuad Tolieb and Abhi Dwivedi have spent the last 3 months working on a WP plugin that forces your videos to go viral with minimum effort
All you do is grab your video link, activate the plugin and post it on your blog to then sit back and watch the magic happen
Watch this live video demonstration to see what it can do for you:

The beauty of this is that it’s extremely flexible to work within any market for any type of video you have or want to use to start creating buzz with
Video App Monarchy will go live on December 7th @ 11 AM EST but I HIGHLY recommend you check out the sneak preview video as you will be blown away about the fact that it doesn’t have to be difficult to start seeing results!

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800+ Million Views Within A Few Months?

The #1 most profitable and cheapest traffic source is viral traffic through online social sites!
Need proof? How about Psy’s Gangnam style that within just a few months has gotten over 800 million views
And guess what… almost 60% of those views came from Facebook alone!
I’m not saying that you can expect such results when trying to go viral but even if you would only achieve 0.1% of their results (not even a 1/10th of  a percent), your business would still receive a mind-blowing spike in traffic and eventually sales
Now here’s where I’m super excited about…
The ONLY plugin tool out there that could get you the closest to such success is Video App Monarchy
Fuad Tolieb and Abhi Dwivedi have without a doubt created the most briliant plugin when it comes to attracting viral traffic through videos
You have probably seen content lockers before but what this does has taken that to a whole new level  so it actually produces results!
You can watch a LIVE demo video of VAM here:

At the end of the day, the dynamics of a viral campaign is what makes the difference
Luckily for us we won’t have to worry about that and just use Video App Monarchy within our posts and pages to start getting exposure
In fact, in just 1 case study Fuad and Abhi have gotten over 15,000 visitors within just 48 hours after using their plugin
So make sure you grab it now before the price  goes up.. probably sooner than you’ll expect:

Remember, those who control traffic control the money so it’s time for you to join the elite…

Take care,

Robert Rich John

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