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100 Day Challenge

(VIDEO) Six steps to seven figures...

I am often asked for a simple, effective,
no-nonsense approach to goal setting that
can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

What follows is what I affectionately call
the Six Step Makeover.

It's a simple process that's easy to learn,
easy to apply, and easy to get results from.

Follow it to the letter and you will be quite
pleased with the outcome.

1. WHAT specific goal do you want to achieve?

Be precise or don't bother moving to the next

2. WHY must this goal be achieved now?

Be clear on the key drivers and motivation or
the first obstacle will be your undoing.

3. WHO will help you to achieve this goal?

Be sure that these are the right people, with
the right talents, attitudes and intentions.

4. WHERE do you currently stand in relation to
this goal?

Deal with the facts and identify the size of the
performance gap.

5. HOW do you plan on accomplishing this goal?

Be deliberate. Identify the exact steps, tasks,
deadlines and assign responsibility.

6. WHEN will victory be claimed?

Be committed, enforce your deadline, and focus
on the goal until achieved.

Would you like to learn a number of other simple,
yet highly effective strategies for starting the
New Year fast, focused and fired up?

Click here for a free video series and special
report that over-delivers in a big way.

Someday has arrived...

Once upon a time...

Not too many years ago...

There was a young woman...

Who dreamed great dreams...

Who imagined a wonderful life...

But instead of taking action...

She choose to say someday...

She promised herself that...


She was going to write a book...

She was going to get in great shape...

She was going to travel the world...

She was going to make her mark...

She was going to live an extraordinary life...

Then one day, with regret and a saddened heart...

That young woman, now much older, realized...

That those things won't happen, not now - not ever!

Unless she stopped making excuses...

Unless she stopped being afraid...

Unless she started taking action...

It was at that moment that...

She embraced the idea that...

Someday has arrived...

That it's not too late...

To turn her dreams into reality...

Just a little bit later than it was.

A New Year is about to unfold, and if
you have been using the "SOMEDAY"
philosophy for running your life, I've
got a great video for you to watch...

You're absolutely going to love what's
on the other side of that link!

Robert Rich John

P.S. Now's the time for taking bold action
on your goals. Watch this video and create
the life you've always imagined in 2014.

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Hangout Marketing Challenge

I'm giving you private access...

Do you watch American Idol or Shark Tank?

See how they take a group of talented but yet undiscovered performers and entrepreneurs then turn them into (rich) household names?

Now when you combine the two, you get...

Hangout Marketing Challenge

Just like in American Idol and Shark Tank, by simply participating in the challenge you'll:

* Get more online exposure to build your brand
* Attract more NEW clients and customers
* Gain the attention of other producers for future projects
* Become the Authority in your niche
* Make more money (easier and faster)

This 90 day Hangout Challenge can take you from the "undiscovered" to your niche's "celebrity" in 90 days (or less)...

And it enhances your reach, influence, and bottom line profits unlike anything you've experienced before.

Click here now for details:

Participation is limited to FIRST 100 challengers. Next challenge might be MONTHS out. Take action NOW or you'll kick yourself for missing out.

Click on the link below now and join this massive movement before you're left behind:

Could this be what's been missing?

Books, CD's, courses, your own thinking are often NOT powerful enough to galvanize you into action.

There are things you want to change, but you just never get going with them. You procrastinate. As a result, you feel...



Today, I'm going to provide you with a process that permanently eliminates procrastination.

That solution is: Hangout Marketing Challenge.

Why take the challenge?

Being around other challengers who are holding you accountable, in a public forum will inspire you to ACTION.

That's a source of power.

You'll also have all the tools to get you thinking more clearly about what to do in what order, make you feel confident about doing it and inspired to do it.

End results is...

YOU having victory.

YOU breaking through.

YOU stepping into your power.

YOU experiencing your new future.

Click on this link now and see this massive movement with your own eyes...

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100 Day Challenge

If you have the will...this IS the way!

Consider the implication of this idea...

What if I were to follow you with a camera crew 24
hours a day, 7 days a week for the next 100 days
while you went for your goals?

I bet 3 things would happen...

1. You would START doing the things you say you
need to do.

2. You would STOP doing the things you know you
shouldn't be doing.

3. You would MAKE monumental performance gains and
change your life.

This is ALL possible through the discipline of

Accountability serves and protects your character,
credibility and commitments. It ensures that what
you want to accomplish gets accomplished.

Throughout every area of your life it's important
to understand that ALL unfinished goals, projects
and relationships are the result of broken promises,
unfulfilled commitments, and lack of accountability.

With that reality in mind, I wanted to share with
you an exciting opportunity to achieve every goal
you set, to enforce ultimate accountability into
your life, and show you how you can make
monumental performance gains.

Gary Ryan Blair, otherwise known as The Goals Guy,
has put together what I believe to be the most
comprehensive approach to goal setting and
performance enhancement.

It's called the 100 Day Challenge and it begins on
September 23rd, which happens to begin the final
100 day countdown of the year.

I've seen it, and it's an amazing piece of work.
But you don't have to take my word for it, check
it out for yourself:

Listen. I'm so impressed with Gary and his 100 Day
Challenge, that I'll be participating in the program
myself and using it to finish the year strong.

Join me over the next 100 Days, or, at the very
minimum, take a serious look at this as it could
change your life--QUICKLY.

Finish Strong!

Robert Rich John

P.S. To make the next 100 days of your life, the
best 100 days of your life your need
to see what's on the other side of this link:

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I Quit IM

Have you downloaded and read the "I Quit IM" report?

It's an impressive read from Rob Toth.

Beginners and even more so, intermediate level online business owners would get the most out of it. But I'd recommend skimming it even for those who have 7-figure companies.

There are some eye-opening parts too such as how Rob spent 2 million on one birthday party.

Read that section and you'll see why I think it will be an eye-opener for most people.

As a bonus, you'll also get
   * a copy of "Best of 2012" ... the title is dated but this 192 page book is great reading
   * a 16-minute Bloopers video of marketers in Whistler, B.C.
   * video of Rob's Marketers and TANKS event (want to drive a tank?)
   * access to several online marketing training videos

All of this is free by the way.

Oh, on page 19 of his I Quit IM report, Rob talks of an internet marketer who invested $40,000 into a launch and only sold $98 (gross sales). Find out the mistakes he made.

Read "I QUIT: Why I'm Quitting Internet Marketing After $920,000.00 in Sales... And What's Next?".

Download everything from here:

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Premier Trader University

Terrified of Scalping? Try this Free System

Terrified of active trading? The crazy spreads and crushing risk
while you're *superglued* to your chair. But done right,
it can be insanely lucrative!

Check out this FREE system that's doing it the right way

This high-frequency system is a *genetically-modified*
active trading method that CUTS the risk while turbo-charging

Believe it or not, it's a jaw-dropping, easy to learn
strategy that's actually FUN to trade.

Even crazier, this system regularly sells for $997.00
to the public. In the last release in April, literally
HUNDREDS of traders ran to pay *full retail price* for
this system.

But I managed to convince the developers to let my users
have their best, most lucrative indicators without the
triple-digit price tag.

Right now, you're going to the 2 most profitable
Trend Jumper trade plans FREE for life. No joking:

Click here to get your FREE indicators


Robert Rich John

P.S. Seriously, these two indicators are all you need.
No need to upgrade, no need to spend a nickel.

Folks are paying hundreds of dollars for the full version
but you get the BEST indicators for Forex & Futures free.

Get this free scalping system now

Statement Of Disclaimer: U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Futures, option, forex and stock trading have large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. This website/email is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures, options, forex or stocks. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this website. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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The Tapping Solution

Don't stress about money - watch this webinar

Worrying about your bills...wondering if
you'll get by...stressing about your job...feeling
like there's never enough money...

It can all be extremely overwhelming.

Do you ever feel like no matter what you
do, there's still a part of your brain that is
always worrying and stressing about money? 

There's a reason why money is the #1 topic
that people always want to work's
because it causes a heck of a lot of stress! 
And it has a huge effect on all areas of our life...

When we're stressed about money, our brains
literally don't function to full capacity.  Have
you ever had a situation where you were
completely stressed and went completely blank? 

Maybe it was at work when you were called on
in a meeting, or when you were on a date? 
And you drew a complete...blank.

Well that's because when our brains go into
stress...they literally shut down.

And when you compound day after day after
day of stressing about money, health,
relationships and other areas of your life, it
can make life feel, well...not fun!

Which is why the other day I recommended
watching a powerful webinar presentation with
New York Times Best-selling author of the
book "The Tapping Solution", Nick Ortner where
he shares the secrets he used to go from being
stressed out, overwhelmed, overworked and
almost a million, yes a MILLION, dollars in debt,
to completely paying off his debts and
becoming financially liberated, in just a few
short years.

I highly recommend attending one of the
webinars he's running by going here:

What I love about Nick's approach is that he
helps you to not only address how you can rewire
your brain to be more financially successful, but
just as importantly how to rewire your brain and
body to not be so stressed out and overwhelmed
about money and anything else in your life. 

After all, there are plenty of unhappy rich people. 
What I want, and what I know Nick wants, is to help
you to reach the level of abundance that you want
and to be happier than ever when you get there. 

True bliss is reached when you have the freedom
and the ability to do what you want to do, and the
emotional strength to fully enjoy it, for both yourself
and the people in your life who you get to help. 
That's where the real magic happens.  :)

So show up for one of the webinars, and be ready
to go through a truly eye-opening process:

To living a happy AND prosperous life,

Robert Rich John

P.S. - As I also mentioned in my last email,
EFT Tapping and Nick's work comes highly
recommended by personal development experts
like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Kris Carr, Cheryl
Richardson, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Jack Canfield,
Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Arielle Ford, Dr. Joseph
Mercola, and so many others.  The list really
does go on and on. 

You'll see in this webinar that the Tapping
technique can rewire your brain and impact
your financial future in truly life-changing ways.

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Career Cop

Law Enforcement careers

Breeze Through the Law Enforcement Hiring Process

Hey! Are you considering a career in any type of law enforcement?

Don't do anything until you read this...

Believe it or not there are some tricks you need to know in order to impress the agency you want to apply with.

If you don't use these tricks you risk ending up being just a file buried on a desk.


With these tricks you can actually build a "buzz" around you that will have the agency racing to get you hired and working!

I didn't believe this until I read this free investigative report:

Breeze Through the Law Enforcement Hiring Process - Click Here

This will show you:

    How to avoid unknowingly getting yourself eliminated from the hiring process
    7 Secrets to make sure you leave a lasting impression on the hiring unit
    How to fast track getting hired
    Avoid getting left in limbo while other applicants are getting hired

What's truly amazing about this is that virtually no law enforcement applicants know any of the things revealed in this report.

So the applicants using them really stand out!

Click Here, to get free instant access to this revolutionary investigative report. It's only available for a limited time.

After you read this report you will have an "Ah Ha" moment. You'll go into every phase of the law enforcement hiring process with total confidence.

Don't risk your future, take the time to read this report.

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Complete Currency Trader

James is offering his entire forex system and more

For the past week I’ve been encouraging you to watch the legendary seminar held by James Edward because I know it’s something that will open your eyes to a more sophisticated way of trading.

Well things have got even better.

Not only is there a follow on video that is equally impressive, but James is actually offering to teach you to trade, teach you his system, and give you access to his incredible currency strength analysis software.

I’ve personally never seen an offer as good as this. I’m not usually very impressed by anything in Forex anymore but this absolutely has my attention.

This is literally a once in a life time opportunity, and as you might expect from something this unique and special…….there are huge limitations and restrictions.

James is not opening this up to everyone. There isn’t even a link on his website for this.

If you even want to see what is being offered, you first of all have to watch the entire “forex unveiled” seminar here:

After you watch that, if the offer is still open (it may already be closed by the time you get this email), you will get a special invitation to see the follow on video, and that’s where you’ll see everything James is offering.

But even that part 2 video is restricted. James is only offering this to a limited number of people and once he fills his quota he closes the page.

Talk about making it difficult for people to get what he’s offering! But I guess that’s the sign of a true trader who wants to limit the number of people who get to use his system.

This is the rarest and most exclusive offer I have ever seen being made anywhere publicly. One or two lucky people will get this and the other 99% are going to miss out.

So you need to act now.

Go to his site and make sure you watch the full seminar from start to end. It lasts for just over an hour and will be the best thing you can do with your time today. Then wait for the special invite (I hope it’s still open).

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Healing With the Masters

We've tapped into a remarkable opportunity and just had to share this with you! Seriously.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just knew you found something that truly made a difference?


We would like to invite you to participate in something that has made a huge difference for over 500,000 people in 230 countries. And it's completely FREE.

For the last 11 seasons, my friend, Jennifer McLean, has hosted the celebrated Healing With The Masters series - the most massive, FREE workshop event on the planet. AND THIS SEASON she is blowing it up by offering the ALL TIME FAVORITES and Celebrity Healing With The Masters.

You get to experience this life-altering series that, for this season only, is delivering the best of the best of the last 11 seasons. Those shows that have already created thousands of miracles for listeners are what you will be experiencing. AND Jennifer is also inviting well known celebrities to join her to share their journeys of transformation.

WOW right?

So right now, we are inviting you into this little secret of expansion and grace.

You will receive  direct access to relevant, cutting edge methods of permanent and profound life shifts - straight from me and other master teachers including Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukav, Jean Houston, James Redfield, Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield, James Van Praagh, 27 in total. THEN celebrities like Kenny Loggins too!

You will be catapulted into renewed health, wealth, and relationships. Not to mention, it's just plain fun!

Jennifer's speakers are so committed to your growth, that this whole workshop series is FREE.

I have seen Jennifer in action and she is completely focused on making sure the newest and most profound techniques and processes are available to you - free. I just love working with her and her team. She will pull out the newest, most cutting-edge insights from these speakers.


So, imagine if you could:

-- Discovering the secret for "unlocking" your true natural state of abundance.

-- Experiencing a new sense of ease in your life as old, overwhelming pressures, relationships and even money simply dissolve.

-- Watching new opportunities - that previously seemed impossible, show up in full force.

I can hear some of you saying, "Yeah - been there, done that" or "This is just too good to be true." And I get it. There are programs out there that say a lot and don't really deliver, but I assure you, this one delivers - BIG TIME especially this season’s ALL TIME FAVORITES (And did I mention it is completely free?).

Don't take my word for it. Here is just a small sampling of the thousands of emails Jennifer receives each season from actual listeners:

"I can't thank you enough for making these amazing visionaries available to us. All I can do right now is say WOW!!! I have been feeling like every single speaker was there, talking just to me." ~ Sondra

"Through your program, I suddenly had a vision, in my mind's eye, of doing a beautiful waltz with debt. During this dance, there was no longer any resistance, I was embracing debt, and became aware of the huge spiritual learning, growth and development that has been occurring in me as a result of this challenge in my life. I am feeling joy now for the first time in years. THANK YOU." ~ Jennifer W.

"Oh boy thank you. I GET IT! I see, I see. I see that just noticing a difficult vibration in a space/embrace of love gives another, and me, the chance to 'come home' I have tears flooding down my cheeks. Thank you." ~ Nina D.

"I feel very blessed to have been guided to Healing With the Masters. I feel a deep and abiding oneness come over me each and every time I listen to you and to the other Masters. My soul is continually singing. Thank you for affirming our mastery." ~ Elizabeth J-B

This is why so many people are attracted to this event... Because what these workshops reveal just plain works. AND I believe it can for you, too.

Maybe this is really your time, your turn to once and for all eliminate the stress and upset in your life and restore balance, grace and ease.

What do you think? Is it worth the simple act of registering free? We think so.


Robert Rich John

P.S. - If someone said they would give you a FREE ticket to the largest workshop in the world for creating abundance and health, would you take it? You have that opportunity right now. Claim your FREE ticket. <<<

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Content Gorilla

Next-Gen content creation

A new bit of software has been released
today that has shook the foundations of the
blogging industry…

A POWERFUL content creation kit that will
auto publish content on your Facebook fanppages,
Wordpress blog, Tumblr & Blogger

This isn't social syndication… this is building
unique campaigns that will publish content on

Content like

* Videos
* Amazon products
* Discussion topics
* Articles
* Photos

(You don't even need to create any of this content)

This is HUGE and has never been done before…

The first people to start using this are gonna
see a huge amount of success…

Imagine never having to worry about Google

Not only will you rank HIGH in Google, the viral
traffic you're going to see will be limitless…

Imagine 300 people sharing each post you make on
Facebook or tumblr or blogger…

All you need to be able to do is copy & paste
in a few keywords and you are ready to go…

Robert Rich John

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100 Day Challenge

{VIDEO} The Importance of September 23rd

September 23rd may very well prove to be the most
important day of your life.


#1 It marks the final 100 days of the year.

#2 It provides you with an opportunity to redeem
yourself by finishing the year strong.

#3 It represents the turning point in your life
and will come to symbolize, the day you took full
control of your destiny.

Since you've read this far, consider a few

How many of your goals have you accomplished so
far this year?

Have your current strategies made you healthier,
wealthier and happier?

If you continue doing what you've done these past
265 days where will you be, and what will you be
doing on Jan 1, 2014?

Will you be struggling, spinning your wheels in
the same place you are now?

Why would you want that?

Especially when you could be...

Confidently executing the plan that launches your
new online business...Or, completing the manuscript
that makes you a best selling author...OR
finishing the year strong and exceeding your
annual sales quota.

I'd like to show you how, and here's a great video
series and special report for you to check out:
{VIDEO} Are you tired of putting it off?

Did you know that September 23rd begins the final
100 day countdown of the year?

But that's plenty of time --- if you act now ---
to make your own personal history and finish
the year strong.

Here are two questions I'd like you to ask

What one big dream have I been putting off going
after because I didn't think I had the time, the
money or the experience?

Am I now ready to see it manifested in my life,
and prepared to do whatever it takes to make it

If you said YES! then stop what you're doing now
(I'll tell you why in a minute) and go to:

There's a great video series by Gary Ryan Blair
that has the answer to how you can reach the
biggest, hairiest goal you've got --- in the next
100 days.

It's some radical thinking --- but that's what you
need to achieve radical goals.

You're going to love this!

Robert Rich John

P.S. To make the next 100 days of your life, the
best 100 days of your life your need to
see what's on the other side of this link:

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SEO Machine PRO

SEO Machine PRO improves site rankings regardless of your experience level

I’ll be the first to admit, when I first started working with SEO and page rankings, I knew less than nothing …

Still, I spent several months applying myself to learning everything I could about Search Engine Optimization. I even invested a sizable fortune buying a wide variety of software programs … each of which addressed only tiny portion of the overall task of applying SEO to promote web pages and online businesses.

It didn’t help that Google keeps changing up the game by launching new versions of its search engine, such as Panda and Penguin.

It struck me, however, that while it was possible to create a piecemeal approach to streamlining SEO by patching together various software programs, there wasn’t one single SEO software package you could use to take care of all the tedious tasks associated with improving page rankings.

I’m talking about things like creating backlinks, conducting keyword research … and all the rest of the time-consuming tasks that can slow you down to a standstill.

So I stumbled upon this upcoming product called SEO Machine PRO. Rather than having to spend a fortune buying multiple software programs that address only a tiny corner of SEO, this all-in-one package takes an umbrella approach, handling every aspect of SEO for you so that you can focus on the more important tasks involved with running your business.

You’ll never have to buy another SEO software program again or worry about spending a fortune outsourcing your SEO because SEO Machine PRO does it all for you!

It not only saves you time, it saves you money! Plus, SEO Machine PRO will help get your web pages ranked at the top of the Google search result pages for your keywords so that you can increase your traffic exponentially.

Are you ready to let SEO Machine PRO streamline your SEO protocols? Then check out this link today:

Chat soon,

Robert Rich John

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CB Passive Income

I’ve seen internet marketers boasting testimonials
from real millionaires.

But this lucky internet marketer got a testimonial from a…


This has to be seen to really be believed:

He has also spoken to audiences in 11 countries as an
internet marketing authority and has authored several books.

In one of his books, he co-authored it with the brilliant - Robert G.Allen,
the New York Times best-selling author.

… And the best part about it? He’s going to share his secrets
to help make a passive income online with you, right NOW!

This guy has been making money online, everyday for
10 years now.

And he has been quietly been keeping his profitable
“secret web page” open to make money online for him -
every single day.

But right now…

He’s going to let you clone his highly profitable
“secret web page”.


It’ll take you less than a minute to get started
and then you'll be in business!

This may sound harsh to you.

But the truth is…

It’s REALLY HARD for newbies to make any money
online whatsoever.

Despite what the Gurus have been pitching to you before,
it’s NOT entirely true that there are zero costs associated
with starting up a solid internet business.

There are costs involved… especially with hiring
designers and writers, etc!


What if you could just clone a profitable webpage directly
From an internet millionaire…

And then make money online for yourself?

Basically, this internet millionaire does almost

This is by far the easiest way for newbies to
get started and make some serious money online now.

Talk soon.

Robert Rich John

P.S. By cloning his “secret web page”, you’ll earn
a LIFETIME full of commissions.

Check this out to really believe it:


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Rockstar Mission Marketing

Why you should put your Brilliance in Buckets! (Huh?)

First, a strange question.  If there was a magic wand you could wave over your products or service to suddenly start selling more and at higher prices…

…would you wave that wand?

What if it also revealed the value of your true gifts and brilliance AND allowed your customers to make the best decision for their own highest good?  (See why I call it MAGIC!) My friend Margaret Lynch posed this question…and my answer was, “Seriously?? Sounds too good to be true!”

Well, that magic wand exists, and in this video, Margaret is showing thousands of people how to use it in a fast step-by-step process! (It’s not actually magic, but you follow the steps and it works!)

Check out the video exercise here:

Margaret Lynch is a transformational coach and speaker who is known for getting herself and her message out there in a truly authentic and generous way by giving away tons of her best teachings in the “inner work.” (Because of that, she has over 100,000 fans worldwide.)

Now, she is teaching the behind-the-scenes strategies she’s used to build her thriving biz and income. (She calls it the “outer work” to match your “inner work.”)

She says her magic wand technique (called “Bucketing Your Brilliance”) is the key to:

- Revealing the true BRILLIANCE in your gifts

- Offering your very best

- Selling much more and selling higher ticket

I recommend you take a few moments right now to watch this short video and do the step-by-step exercise. The reward at the end of the video for a few moments of your time is quite a big payoff! Yes, pretty close to magic … and all done with post-it notes!



P.S.  If you are on a mission, it's not too late to make 2013 the year you give more and receive more, this is the perfect time to watch these fre*e videos! Short and sweet but will make a big impact on your biz…

Check out all 3 in the series here:

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The Stay At Home Offliner

Before we go into too much, let me ask you a question really quickly…

Do you want to FINALLY be able to run your entire offline business…
Or start yourself up your very own offline business…
From the comfort of your own home?

Well, this has been the #1 aspect of Offline marketing that people have
HATED for years now! No one wants to go out and actually meet with clients
face to face, especially with the sheer amount of technology we have nowadays,
am I right? Not to mention, it’s just downright NOT time-efficient!

Today, I want to show you a unique rinse and repeat system that offline marketing
expert and COO, John Kane, has developed to allow YOU to exponentially scale your
business by cutting out the time-consuming DUTY of meeting with clients face to face…
Make sure to go below and at least see if it’s for you!

Honestly, never before has a tactic like this ever been thought of before. And you want
to know how it’s all possible? Well, simply by cutting out your LOCAL business owners
completely and targeting a whole different niche that is even BIGGER and more EVERGREEN
than even any national market that we live in!

This is like a whole other “business gold rush” that is just going to start now that John
has finally revealed his secrets! But this will be around for years to come, and quite
frankly where everyone will turn after your local markets just DRY UP! So make sure you
start getting YOUR piece of the pie TODAY!

Offline marketing just got a WHOLE LOT easier! Marketing brain, John Kane, has revealed his
secrets that allowed him to scale his offline business to be on pace to do seven figures in
2013 alone! And you want to know why he is able to handle so much business? Because he was
able to cut meeting with clients OUT of the equation… AKA The BIGGEST time waster of Offline

Some times it seems as if people aren’t consistently using technology for what it’s worth. In
this day and age, there is no reason why you should be constricted only to your LOCAL market,
am I right?

Today, I want to show you a unique rinse and repeat system that offline marketing
expert and COO, John Kane, has developed to allow YOU to exponentially scale your
business by cutting out the time-consuming DUTY of meeting with clients face to face…
Make sure to go below and at least see if it’s for you!

The reason John is able to to take on so many clients, is ONLY because of the niche that he
started targeting. And like he says, this is more of a “marketplace” rather than a niche, for
the simple fact that you can pull out hundreds or even thousands of different sub-niches for
you to attack with virtually NO competition!

Only the younger generation would have thought of this, and you are going to be smacking yourself
for not thinking about this earlier! But not only will you be getting the secrets, but you are going
to be getting the “Mojo” that makes it work as well, just make sure you get in before he closes it down!

To your success,

Robert Rich John

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Cam Studio Secrets

Cam Studio Secrets is the answer to help each and everyone to create powerful videos and high conversion using software No. 1 in the world.

In this course, you will receive and learn:

        3 hours of video tutorials step by step with a "look at my approach to shoulder" and edit videos
        Complete "reverse engineering" of the video at the top of this page, from beginning to end.
        What is the power of PowerPoint "as" with Camtasia only eight create
        Tips and tricks for simple editing beginners edition
        Interface Fast start Camtasia, canvas, calendar and containers
        Using Camtasia to create the effect of 3D style presentation
        How to make text and images from the stunning animations Results
        How to Live Crop images to transform your Video
        Best audio parameters and filters applied to the best sound quality.
        How Voice
        How to create a custom lower thirds introductions
        How to cut and edit video and audio for maximum results
        With Camtasia August timeline with titles, transitions and more ...
        How I can use AVCHD video clips from the camera to work with Camtasia
        The best video resolution web video with Camtasia
        How to produce and export the best results
        How crystal clear videos with Camtasia eight create
        For much, much, much more Information ....

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My Lead Consultant

What Is myLeadConsultant

You may or may not know me, but I want to give you some good information about a really cool service that has recently been release by Private Invite Only. This service has been responsible for over $1,000,000 in affiliate commissions in the past year alone. They’ve change the way people use Internet Marketing and Opened the doors for anyone to get started successfully from DAY ONE.

Now, if you’ve go this far in the review – your the differently the person who should be reading this.

First, this isn’t a “Make Money Online” product or a “Loop Hole” it’s a Done For You Lead Service.

… Yeah, I know what you’re thinking

Not Another One Of Those Things! (Before you pass judgement, give me a minute)

The Founders of this service are WELL KNOWN Network Marketing Experts and Ridiculously Successful Affiliates. They’ve mastered the art of Lead Generation, but not just Lead Generation – Red Hot Targeted Leads!

Their leads seem to convert 1000 times more then anyone else I know … Strange, Interesting and wild

Now I know these guys and when they hit something big, they don’t normally release the information. So when they said they wouldn’t sell the system … I knew immediately is was something worth more then anyone could offer them.

BUT … and this is a BIG BUT …

They’ve decided to offer the exact “SYSTEM” that they use, by offering a Done For You Service.

What you need to know right now is;

- It’s 100 Legit

- Solved all the problems you have

- Will 100% Make YOU MONEY!

I am glad that subject line grabbed your attention, but I am DEAD SERIOUS about that!

You’re right now seriously focusing on the WRONG core methods to Marketing …
It’s not your fault – but your getting screwed.

So I’ve called upon Michael & Andrew to reveal this crazy information to you. They can
break it down WAY BETTER THEN I CAN.

Join us for a Live Training …

… Yes, It’s a webinar and more then likely you attend 100′s of these each month.

This is a game changer and something that is going to have you SHOCKED!

No Joke – Seating is limited and I am late to the game emailing you so click the
link and register now …

Robert Rich John

P.S. When they showed me this information, my jaw dropped to the floor and then
my mind went into over load with IDEAS … You Need This, You Want This and You
Can Learn It From Them!!!

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Traffic Recon

New Traffic system for 2013

Hi [FIRSTNAME], Alright, as you know, the SEO world has been turned upside down for the past, roughly, 1.5 years, as Google implemented their Panda and Penguin updates.

Almost all of the known "blast" methods of ranking your site in Google not only stopped working, but actually hurt your rankings.

And we're not talking about super spammy methods of getting sites ranked highly in Google. We're talking about foundational strategies that have worked for a decade, without fail.

Anyway... The past 1.5 years have been full of all types of "new" SEO services that promise top rankings, but can't back it up with their results.

Sure, some methods work fairly well, when combined with other methods, but overall, there was no longer that one "magic bullet" like there always had been in years past.

I know so many people that simply gave up on SEO and ended up losing their business, and everything they'd worked so hard for, for so many years.

Today, I want to tell you about a unique rinse and repeat system that SEO expert, Matt Callen just released, that's as close as you can get to the good old "magic bullet" that used to exist prior to the Penguin and Panda updates.

He's now getting over 2,000 unique visitors to just one of his sites PER DAY, SOLELY from Google search. 

His team has used these exact methods to help generate millions of visitors over the years, as well as several of their seo clients' sites too.  It's tested and it's 100% proven to work if you use it the right way.

This is what all of us SEOs have been waiting to be developed, post Panda and Penguin, and I'm so excited to be able to finally give my highest recommendation for this!

Take a look at the video, check out their results, and start getting more traffic to your sites.

Getting more traffic and higher Google rankings just got exponentially easier.

SEO brain, Matt Callen, just released a proven system for ranking your website in Google in 2013.  This is what works NOW, and he's got recent data to support it!

Check out the results from the last couple months here - over 2k visitors PER DAY solely from Google search:

Matt and his team have created other SEO services and software programs, all which are top notch... and he's now giving you 9 years of SEO knowledge packaged into one rinse-and-repeat system!

With some of his other seo services, he charges up to $997/month!  SEO's buy his stuff because it works! It's built on solid strategies.  And today, you can get these strategies for a lower price than going to the movies.

Trust me, you'll be super pumped about the price!  :)  I know I was.

Anyway, enough of the "hype", go watch the video for yourself. I guarantee you'll be impressed with this.

To Your Success

Robert Rich John

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The Bitcoin Robot

The Bitcoin Robot is Live

The BTC Robot goes live right now and already demand is through the roof..

In fact upon releasing the new video that shows the bot in action word of mouth has gone viral and thousands of people flock to the page to secure their own license!

The russian developers have already released a statement where they excuse themselves for the slow server as they increase the capacity to handle all the visitors!

At the point of writing this licenses were still available but I do not know for how long.

have a look and dont forget to check the undeniable proof of the Bitcoin Robot trading Live and making $386.18 profit
completely on autopilot in front of your eyes!

Click here to watch:

I secured my license already and I will let you know how trading goes :) the bot shows huge earnings of past performance and as these are real results and no backtests i have no doubt to archieve the same or similiar :)

Take care and happy money making!

Robert Rich John

Ps: I have a gold edition bot.. i recommend that license for zero setup problems and instant trading start!

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Instant Software Shop

Mark It For History. 15th Aug 13 – The Day Your Business Changed!

You’re on my list so I know you like
Quality Products That Help You Make Bank!

Hence, I wanted to get a ‘head ups’

On 15th August there’s a launch happening and
you would be Infuriated with me if I hadn’t Told You
about it!

You see every once in a while something comes along
that Everyone who grabs it is thrilled they got that chance!

I know what you’re thinking…

Is it a piece of software we all ‘must have’
Is it a magic button?
A new report?
The Latest (mind numbingly boring) Video Course?
A New Theme?
A Hot Plugin?

STOP Already!

Seriously – it’s better that all of those combined
(and not in the least bit boring! (lol))

What would you dream about IF you could get someone
to create some software for you to sell and keep
all the cash?

What about NINE different Evergreen softwares?

Yeah Yeah – How long is it gonna take to find
someone else to help create the salespages and that

And then all the techy FTP’ing and site creation…

Plus the average plugin/software development cost
of a couple of grand each… for NINE? – nah forget it!


What IF you got the site, all the pages, all the software,
AND you could add to it, put your own ads on it, edit it,
change it to be uniquely yours, AND

And do it all in a few simple clicks of a mouse?

LISTEN, I’ve said too much already.

Apologies, it’s not often I get this excited
about a launch these days.

But I genuinely believe You, like me, will want to
See this and Hear what it’s all about, heck even
Touch it and play with it as soon as you can!

So what out for more details from me on the 15th
or get on the early bird list ASAP!

To Everyones Inevitable Success ;)


Robert Rich John

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EZ FB Squeezey

How to keep your traffic on Facebook

Are you using Facebook ads in your business?

If you are, you know how important it is to keep the traffic
within Facebook.

You will literally be paying the HIGH Facebook tax if you do not
find a way to keep your traffic on Facebook.

So where should you send the traffic – to a fan page tab?  Not
Always the easiest thing to do.

I have been marketing with Facebook ads for 2+ years now and until
I discovered this plugin I would literally be tearing my hair out
every time I tried to set up a good squeeze page on FB.  Everything
else was just soooo technical and confusing.

It is just a maddening experience!


A simple to use plugin that takes 10 minutes or less to set up, and allows you to easily create beautiful, professional looking squeeze pages which fit perfectly in a Facebook tab (say goodbye to scroll bars) as well as in smart phones, tablets, and even stand alone!

The all-in-one solution has arrived!

See it in action:
Finally, an All-In-One Squeeze Page Solution
“EZ” Squeeze Page Solution
The only Squeeze Page Solution You’ll Ever Need

Dear {First Name},

It seems as though every option for creating squeeze pages
is flawed in some way or missing something I want.  If you
have been around the internet marketing game for a while,
you know what I am talking about.

They are either….

- Too plain and the page designs are ugly resulting in
poor conversion rates.

- Too complicated and you end up banging your head against
the wall, thinking to yourself, “I am a marketer not a programmer!”

- Or you are using one of the solutions that actually works
easily and has good designs but you are pay through nose EVERY MONTH!

So, pick your poison or….

Check out this awesome solution.

====> link

Finally!  A Simple, Yet Powerful WordPress
Plugin Allowing You to Easily Create
Squeeze Pages that Fit Perfectly
Inside Facebook & Convert Like Crazy!

Even better, they also fit nicely inside smart phones,
tablets, and even double as awesome stand alone
Wordpress Landing Pages.

Watch the demo:
====> link
Finally, an All-In-One Squeeze Page Solution
“EZ” Squeeze Page Solution
The only Squeeze Page Solution You’ll Ever Need

Dear {First Name},

It seems as though every option for creating squeeze pages
is flawed in some way or missing something I want.  If you
have been around the internet marketing game for a while,
you know what I am talking about.

They are either….

- Too plain and the page designs are ugly resulting in
poor conversion rates.

- Too complicated and you end up banging your head against
the wall, thinking to yourself, “I am a marketer not a programmer!”

- Or you are using one of the solutions that actually works
easily and has good designs but you are pay through nose EVERY MONTH!

So, pick your poison or….

Check out this awesome solution.

====> link

Finally!  A Simple, Yet Powerful WordPress
Plugin Allowing You to Easily Create
Squeeze Pages that Fit Perfectly
Inside Facebook & Convert Like Crazy!

Even better, they also fit nicely inside smart phones,
tablets, and even double as awesome stand alone
Wordpress Landing Pages.

Watch the demo:
====> link

Finally, an All-In-One Squeeze Page Solution

It seems as though every option for creating squeeze pages
is flawed in some way or missing something I want.  If you
have been around the internet marketing game for a while,
you know what I am talking about.

They are either….

- Too plain and the page designs are ugly resulting in
poor conversion rates.

- Too complicated and you end up banging your head against
the wall, thinking to yourself, “I am a marketer not a programmer!”

- Or you are using one of the solutions that actually works
easily and has good designs but you are pay through nose EVERY MONTH!

So, pick your poison or….

Check out this awesome solution.

Finally!  A Simple, Yet Powerful WordPress
Plugin Allowing You to Easily Create
Squeeze Pages that Fit Perfectly
Inside Facebook & Convert Like Crazy!

Even better, they also fit nicely inside smart phones,
tablets, and even double as awesome stand alone
Wordpress Landing Pages.

Watch the demo:

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7 Levels of Health Manifestation

What’s Keeping You From the Wealth You Deserve? (secret…it’s vows)

I've got an incredible treat for you, and it comes at just the
right price... f*ree! My friend Margaret Lynch has a webinar
coming up that is going to show you how you can remove your
inner glass ceiling to the wealth, cash, money, and financial freedom that you deserve.

The Wall Street Journal recently posted that Margaret is THE Wealth Manifestation Authority. Margaret is widely considered a top Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT®) Expert.

In this exclusive ninety minute training Margaret shows you “How to Remove the Glass Ceiling Keeping You From the Wealth You Deserve (or want) NOW.”

Reserve your place right now...

In this fabulous (F*REE) Live Training, you will discover:

     The #1 thing that stops very talented, heart centered people
     from getting the income and wealth they truly desire…and from
     making the impact in the world they want to make. It’s the
    "inner glass ceiling" to your wealth.

     Margaret will take you through a revolutionary exercise that
    will let you uncover the inner energy blocks you need to clear
    to become a human magnet to the opportunities that will hand
    deliver the wealth and life you desire.

    And finally, Margaret will show you her Level Two Tapping
    Exercise...a cutting edge Tapping technique designed to shine
    a light on the three dark energies of your lower-self vows:
    shame, fear/anxiety and battle – both inner and outer.

Remember, it's totally f*ree, put places are limited, so go and
reserve your spot now!

Robert Rich John

P.S. I know Margaret is very excited to share the transformations she took, that enabled her to completely remove the energetic blocks and limiting beliefs from her life. She now live's a life of passion, power, love and success... A life that allows her to show others how to reach their full potential, ignite their power, and manifest the cash, money, wealth, and financial freedom they deserve.

Reserve Your Place Now!

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Plagiarism Avenger

Marketer Lost $12k Because of Content Thieves… (SOLUTION)

Let’s assume that you manage client websites,
work for a company that has a website or you
have you own personal sites.

If so – and I assume that’s just about everyone,
you NEED to read this!

Even though this kind of stuff is happening on
a daily basis these days, this is an important
case study about how you can SAVE your website.

An online content publisher who was spending
THOUSANDS on uniquely generated content for her
money websites got DE-INDEXED by Google overnight.

- She lost her websites
- She lost her core income stream
- She lost her business

…all in the blink of an eye.

Want to know why? CONTENT THIEVES!

Content thieves are stealing other people’s
quality, unique content they worked hard or
paid for.

Which is why a Neil Napier, the marketer and product
creator working with this publisher, decided to do
something about this ongoing and GROWING problem.

Plagiarism Avenger is born and NOW LIVE!

Now there is a solution more robust than Copyscape,
and at a factor of the cost.

Plagiarism Avenger Allows You To:

- Protect Your Unique Content
- Set Up Uniqueness Monitoring Levels
- Monitor Content in Both Google & Bing
- White List Authority + Article Syndication Sites
- Send Automated Email Alerts
- Run Extensive and Archival Reports
- Allow you to Easily File DMCA Requests

It’s time to start saving your client sites,
your business site and personal site by STOPPING
these content thieves and reclaim your rankings,
traffic and revenue!

To Your Success,

Robert Rich John

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7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation

Got Cash, Money, Moolah? No – here’s why!

The JVs who get the best results, clickthroughs, and opt-ins are the ones who like to personalize their email copy. Here are the nuts-and-bolts for pre-launch video #1 in our launch series that gives you what you “need to know” to write your own signature email copy.

WHO BY: Margaret M. Lynch, who the Wall Street Journal posted as THE Wealth Manifestation Authority, EFT/Tapping Expert, author of the upcoming Tapping Into Wealth coming October 10, 2013.

WHO FOR: Very talented, heart centered people who are not getting the cash, money, and wealth they truly desire (and deserve) – even when they are working extremely hard. 

WHAT: Webinar reminder – direct to webinar registration page

WHY: Opt-in video that shows the #1 thing blocking money, cash, and wealth.

The # 1 thing that stops very talented, heart centered people from getting the income and wealth they truly desire – even when they are working very hard.   

Where you hold the raw life force power to both have the on-fire energy, to truly live your life purpose, and have the magnetic creative power to manifest all physical things – like actual money and wealth. 

How to have the courage to delve into the vows and conflicts of our lower 3 chakras.

The blind spot in personal development and many spiritual practices that keep people trapped in their limited "money programming."

How to recognize a lower chakra vow trying to control you, keep you in limitation, or push you into self-sabotage.


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5 Figure Day

From divorce to $394 a day!

A nasty divorce threatened to
trash his online income...

Until he came up with a weird
new system for bringing in up
to 1,155 subscribers a DAY...

And over $390 in cash per day
on top of that...

Before he knew what hit him!

Discover how HIS story could
potentially change YOUR life

Infinite Leads and $40 per month a POP

This is INSANE! A new online
cash making system that gets
other people to generate new
subscribers and commissions...

...for YOU.

And they'll do it for FREE.
Heck, they'll even be excited
to do it!

You know what ELSE is insane?

...Anybody that doesn't click
here NOW to get on board:

$11,244.42 in 30 days flat...

It's not often a system comes
along that's PROVEN to double
and triple leads...

And generate up to $11,244 in
a matter of DAYS...

Before it even launches!

CLICK to hear how a very sad
story led to a HUGE cash windfall

...The story involves YOU, so
don't miss out!

Robert Rich John

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Squeeze Page Genie

Squeeze Page Genie is LIVE (Go...go...GO!)

NEW software makes awesome squeeze pages in 5 minutes flat:

- create squeeze pages in ANY niche in under 5 minutes
- pro quality squeeze pages WITHOUT fiddling with HTML or CSS
- works with any WordPress theme and won’t mess up your existing content
- clean, eye-catching design keeps visitors on your page
- choose from 4 different professional squeeze page layouts
- SEO optimized page for higher search engine rankings
- change headline font, size, color, weight, and shadow with 1 click
- change the width of your page to any size on the fly
- change the background color, style, and add a border and shadow
- add an ecover graphic to your page in seconds for maximum signups
- choose from 10 bullet styles and 5 opt-in form colors and highlights
- upload a header graphic in 1 click or just input text and it’s made for you
- add Twitter and Facebook share buttons in 1 click for viral traffic
- works with EVERY autoresponder with simple 1-step copy & paste
- enter tracking codes to have your opt-in rate tracked for you
- make as many squeeze pages for as many of your own sites as you want

Squeeze pages are the key to making money online.

They get visitors to signup and build your list...
which you email everyday to make affiliate commissions...

But making a good squeeze page used to be HARD.

Not anymore--this is a game-changer:

Suffering from weak online income?

You're ready to hear this...

Here's the slap-to-the-head:

NOTHING will make you money overnight.
No software.
No formula.
No glitch.
No 'cracked code'

It's all BS...

The REAL way to do it is:

1. Drive traffic to a squeeze page to build a list
2. Email offers to your list to make commissions

That's it.

It's not sexy, but it flat out works.

Don't believe me?

Ask ANY fulltime Internet marketer...

100% will tell you they have a LIST.
and they make 90% or more of their income from their list.
(and NONE of them earned it overnight...)

How many emails do you get every DAY with links to buy stuff in them?

Those same emails are going out to 1,000s of subscribers and SOME are going to buy.

THAT is the 'secret' to being a fulltime marketer.

Here's how you do it:

Awesome squeeze pages in 5 minutes (any niche)

Do you know the difference between YOU and the gurus?

Their LIST.

Every time they email their subscriber list
they make more sales and commissions.

Every DAY.
Every week.
Every month.


A subscriber list is like your own personal
ATM machine...

Here's how to get your own:

Robert Rich John

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Web Platforms Development Class

Build a Real Tech Business

If you ever wanted to build your own tech startup and grow it to become a million dollar business but you couldn’t find the complete guide to show you and guide you along the way, this free training will give you everything you need to make it all happen.

This training will show you the exact system to build a massive and successful tech business.

Build Wordpress Themes and Plugins

If you always wanted to build your own Wordpress Plugins or Tweak the Themes you have. Finally this new free training gives you the information you need to make it all happen in the shortest time possible!

How to build Wordpress Themes And Plugins from scratch even if you don't know how to write a line of code!

P.S This is probably one of the best trainings in the industry about how to start learning the skills and turn what you build into real dollars.

Let me know if you need anything.

All the best,

Robert Rich John

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Double Your Profits WP Plugin

New WP Plugin will change affiliate marketing forever

If you have a worpdress site and
you'd like to make more money
instantly; today is your lucky day!

Let me be clear with this, this
new plugin is unique, there is
nothing like that in the whole world
and now I’ll let you know how to get it.
One more thing, this is not about
blackhat or a rehashed product
this is the real deal.
This new plugin allow you to
profit twice from your traffic.

It is build in a technology
used for most browsers.
Companies like Yahoo are using
a similar technology and cashing
big time with it.
Now you have the chance to
put your hands on this amazing
wp plugin that will increase
the profits of ANY of your
wordpress sites overnight!
No, No this is not a joke, if you
want proof and you want to
understand how all this is done
please use the following link:

One more thing, they are
closing doors soon
as they don’t want to
many people using this
technology, hurry up!

Robert Rich John

PS: They are including 3 fantastic bonuses,
this is an amazing product, highly recommended.

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100 Day Challenge

Results Are Everything
With the third quarter just under way, I wanted to
share a few thoughts that impact your results and
overall performance.

The year is now 50% complete.

If you had ambitions of making $250,000 this year,
you should NOW have $125,000 in the bag.

If you set a goal of paying down $20,000 in debt,
you should be $10,000 lighter by now.

If you started the year overweight and determined
to lose 30 pounds, you should have dropped 15 pounds
by this date.

Are you on track with any of your goals or resolutions?

Have you surpassed your expectations?

Are you even close?

There is only ONE reason for under performance and...


Your year-to-date results aren't dependent upon your
background, your company, your spouse, the economy,
the latest bestseller on the self-help charts, or who's
sitting in the Oval Office.

Your results ARE dependent upon, one thing...YOU and
your ability to deliver, and right now you have NOT
delivered the goods.

It's time to shine a flashlight to your soul, acknowledge
that your current strategies are NOT working, and wake
up to the fact that if you continue along this line of
behavior that your future is in serious jeopardy.

Your year-to-date results speak for themselves. You've had
a full 6 MONTHS, which in anyone's book is more than enough
time to perform, to display your talents, and to show the
world how good you really are.


If you've gotten this far and can acknowledge that your results
are not worth bragging about and that you are capable of being,
doing and having so much more, then what are you going to do
differently to redeem yourself and ensure bigger, better results

YOU cannot possibly believe that if you keep on doing things
just as you've been that your results will somehow turnaround
and improve.

As mentioned, your future is in serious jeopardy if you do not
take corrective action and change immediately. And I'd like
to show you how by introducing you to the most extreme
performance acceleration program in the world:

If you are not where you want to be, you really owe to yourself
to see what this is all about.

Robert Rich John

P.S. The third quarter is already in play, and you are about to
make one of the following decisions...

You will choose to discount this message and continue to reinforce
nonproductive patterns, habits, and behaviors which will result in
the same sub par performance.

OR, you will make the decision to click on the following link and
learn EXACTLY what it takes to implement best practices, achieve
big goals fast, and create massive results.

I hope you choose the second option by clicking on this link right
now. Shall we dance?

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Sales Press Pro

The Most Advanced WordPress Theme For IMer’s!

This is what the Guru’s use!
It is a MUST HAVE tool for doing what
we do all day long.

In fact, it is so high end in the industry,
that nothing comes close to comparison.
Take Video Marketing for example….
The WP Theme has $20k in video marketing
scripts alone integrated into the theme. Of course,
you will not be paying that, but the developer did,
and he is releasing this to the world.

If you are into online marketing, and you
- Lead Pages
- Squeeze Pages
- Video Squeeze Pages
- SalesPages
- Video Salespages
- Webinar Registration and Replay Pages
- One Time Offer Pages
- Affiliate Pages
- Membership Pages
…then this is the WP Theme that is the most
cutting edge for you.

Highly recommended!

To Your Success

Robert Rich John

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[Offline] Viral FB Traffic + List Building…on Steroids!

For any local/offline business, referrals and word-
of-mouth marketing is by far the BEST type of marketing
you can have.

Having loyal subscribers + customers…

- Mentioning your brand
- Posting on Facebook that they just bought
something or downloaded something from your site
- Engaging with your site/content
- Telling their friends, family and co-workers
about your business
- Helping to drive VIRAL traffic to your site
and new email subscribers for YOUR business

Thats what EngageRocket Can Do!

EngageRocket is a brand-new WordPress plugin
that utilizing a NEW and UNTAPPED strategy for
building an email list and viral traffic.


You have probably seen FB friends/connections
posting on their News Feed and Wall…

“John Jones is listening to Phil Collins on Spotify”
or “Karen Peters Liked a photo on Instagram”.

Well now, local businesses can utilize EngageRocket
and the Facebook Open-Graph to encourage site visitors
to share and tell their connections exactly what they
are doing on your site!

How Local Business Can Use EngageRocket:

- Offering Coupons (i.e.: Larry just unlocked a Free Gift)
- Join a Contest (i.e.: Jason signed up for a Contest)
- Attending Events (i.e.: Sarah just signed up for a Webinar)

There are literally ENDLESS ways you can use EngageRocket.

Watch EngageRocket in Action

This type of word-of-mouth marketing can increase
engagement and viral growth 50-100% because its

EngageRocket is now available at a special discounted
price and for a very limited time.

This will change that way that people market
on Facebook forever!

Grab Your Copy Now…

To Your Success,

Robert Rich John

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Viral Pay Bot

CLOSING – This Case Study Video is CLOSING today…

MICRO Payments? – VIDEO Closes tonight..

If you haven’t already watched this video.. YOU SHOULD.
Discover how MICRO payments can Make your Sites
some serious money.. THE PROOF is inside.

>> Watch how YOU can MAKE serious money with your sites.

This simple strategy will turn “AVERAGE” website content
into INSTANT paypal cash..

This is your last chance, as this video will be taken
down later tonight…

>> Every Marketing Circle is Raving About this..

$160 made in 48 hours – Watch the CASE STUDY NOW

Micro Payment Content Locker exploded
a site’s earnings to $160 in just 48 hours.

See how its done, click here..

This is an ingenious NEW plugin that is
launching this week and has caused a stir
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Robert Rich John   

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Auto Traffic Trends

The Easiest & Fastest SEO I’ve Ever Seen

I almost couldn’t believe it, and right now I still can’t because
what I’ve just seen is something I had to rush to show you
IMMEDIATELY because it’s that POWERFUL. If you want to see what I mean click below

Now what I’m going to show you is something which only
a select number of people know about to get cascades of
traffic using the best methods right now to get traffic on
Google & SEO and guess what?
No keywords or hard work allowed because these guys
have turned the traffic world upside down.
I never knew you could get #1 rankings quickly and easily
with just a few clicks (I never tools made it this easy frankly)
And now that I’ve seen this you have to see how easy it
is yourself but if it was just traffic that’s one thing…
You have to make money from your traffic and that’s why if
you’re reading this as giddy as I am you need to see this
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Traffic & monetization rolled up in pure goodness:

Penguin 2.0 has wiped out site after site after site and this
is just the opposite. Penguin 2.0 has been ranking these
sites higher and higher, less work, and something Google
This is the combo of social signal perfection, curated content,
and Google’s own powerful properties combined into pure
monetization and this is a pure no-brainer to hit the next
I want you to see this so you get can see all the power
without all the work and that’s why I just got this myself.
What’s better than all the perfection of Penguin 2.0 with
perfect social signal backlinks, using Google’s own
properties, and perfectly placed high PR backlinks?
Doing the whole thing without DOING THE WORK
And even better Google now LOVES these sites MORE
than just the 1st Penguin release.

If getting traffic was the only thing you have to do life
would be fairly easy, but now you have to make money
off that traffic.
So how amazing would it be to monetize the traffic in
a way that’s also done completely for you from getting
the right products as an affiliate to making money from
Adsense by the bucket-load.
Seriously, if you’re reading this you’re heart should be
pounding out of your chest if you haven’t see this because
its that important if you want to take it to the next level.

Sure you can find curated content, look up good
properties to list yourself on, but honestly….
We are not in this for the work, but for the lifestyle
and that’s why you need to check this out now

Now you get everything to make yourself an expert in
seconds, not minutes and the case study proof is should
get you going quickly.
That’s why you need to get going on this immediately if
you want to make your business passive and start relaxing
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I mean we’re talking perfectly monetized 100% automated
Google traffic perfection in under a minute.
So you need to get on this right now

To Your Success,
Robert Rich John

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Rapid Content Wizard

Forget Content Curation...It's Time for UNLIMITED CONTENT FUSION!

Are you losing traffic and ranking due to inadequate content?

Has your Content Curation fallen short of expectations
leaving you open to Google Penguin's Wrath...

Have your profits fallen because you can't generate
enough new information?

That's why marketing icon Sean Donahoe
and ninja coder Alan Brown have created a new
GAMECHANGING desktop content tool
that leaves competitors in the dust...

There has never been a more powerful marketing tool
made available to the public at such an amazing price...

Imagine being able to create Unlimited HIGH-QUALITY content
that Google loves on 100% AUTOPILOT...

Here's just a few of the AMAZING things Rapid Content Wizard can do...

 * Creates great NEW content with AUTOMATIC scheduling
 * Serves up RELEVANT new posts as often as you want
 * Unlimited RICH Content that is Google Penguin Friendly
 * Fully "Set and Forget" Content For LIFE...
 * Newbie friendly - Create full campaigns in just 5 clicks...

Constant demand for high quality content can leave most
marketers struggling to survive...

Rapid Content Wizard give you the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE...

CLICK HERE to see a LIVE DEMO of this BAD BOY in action:
If you're tired of your rankings slipping this may be the answer...

Is a lack of content generation killing your rankings?
Are your profits falling like the proverbial sky?

This NEW DESKTOP TOOL generates FRESH content like a
whole team of outsourcers with NO ONLINE FOOTPRINT.

Watch the eye-opening video that reveals how you can create

 * AUTOMATICALLY generates ALL NEW content daily LIKE MAGIC
 * Insert AWESOME videos and IMAGES for EVERY article
 * Create COMPELLING CONTENT for all of your sites...
 * Dramatically increase your rankings with HIGH-QUALITY TARGETED Content...
 * NEW Content Fusion Technology generates up to 100% UNIQUE CONTENT
 * Create new KEYWORD-OPTIMIZED campaigns in mere seconds...

Put this AMAZING tool to work now generating new
articles, photos AND videos all on AUTOPILOT.

This is the SECRET WEAPON you've been waiting for!

It delivers fresh-brewed content AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT...

Put your content generation in HIGH-GEAR and watch it GROW...

See how it works at:

This awesome DESKTOP TOOL is available right now at an incredible
discount, but only for a VERY limited time...

So go check it out and grab you PERSONAL copy NOW

To your success,

Robert Rich John

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“LIST FRENZY” IS LIVE ! (Be quick…price goes up every few sales)

I dare you ! Grab this, go through it, see results tomorrow and THEN tell me you haven’t wasted too much valuable time ! To be honest…that’s no challenge, coz I know I’ll win… I’ll tell you this: Andre and Anton have come up with something that beats every “magic software” or cliche ecourse out there with which you can only hope for the best… (and wait a LOOOOOONG time, too) “List Frenzy” will give you something that will ALWAYS work and will ALWAYS make you money…more and more every week even. No list, no problem. This will make it easy to build one that actually brings you profit from day one.

Basically…it does what it says: LIST FRENZY ! Who has ever told you about that ONE crucial thing that MUST be prepared and done to make your list the most valuable asset your business will ever have ? I for one don’t know anyone who teaches that, but I’m SO glad I know about that now. I left so much money on the table I still can’t believe it… Grab your copy HERE: =>

You know…list building goes way beyond collecting as many subscribers as possible in the shortest time possible. If you do it right that’s not even necessary. In fact…most big lists of today are bombarded with the same crap day after day and have lost their responsiveness completely. MYTH: “You need a BIG list to make money !” Nah…wrong approach…and greed is a very bad habit that killed countless businesses before. That’s what most teach basically…to be greedy.

This will turn your way of thinking about list building (and your online business as a whole) completely…that’s a promise ! The results you’ll get will speak for themselves… Grab your copy and then let me know if what you’ve been doing all this time has brought you even a bit closer to what you wanted to achieve online…. =>

Skip lunch for one day and spend those few bucks on this no-brainer that will take you to a completely different level… Be quick if you want to get it for the lowest price…it’s going up with every few copies sold…pretty fast I might add. =>

This will be your best spent lunch money EVER… (Your favorite greet)

Robert Rich John

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Easy Access Profits

Easy Access Profits

If you’re sick and tired of continuously failing to make money online, you don’t have to.
Making money online is actually super easy especially if you have a proven blueprint to follow.

This guy has been raking in constant 5 figure paydays using this simple 3 step method.

It’s amazing how 1 simple site can generate 3 income streams day after day after day.

Learn more about the power of this setup below but HURRY, there are limited seats available.

That’s what I keep telling myself whenever I come across yet another ‘get rich quick’ scheme by some self-declared ‘expert’…

It's REALLY obvious, isn’t it?

There’s an alarming lack of honesty in our industry nowadays and the sad truth is that even the gurus feel they have to lie and deceive to make money online…

And this creates a ‘monkey see monkey do’ effect..

New marketers watch these videos and begin to think …

“Hey, maybe that’s exactly what I need to do in order to ditch my day job and start seeing some real results online.”


You don’t have to change your moral compass to succeed in the internet marketing game.
Making money online isn’t rocket science… if you’re willing to follow some simple suggestions.

The way I see it, you only have 2 options at this point.

Do you want to continue wasting years of your life and countless dollars on the next best gimmick hoping that it works?

Or, are you finally ready for a 'plug and play' system that's so simple anyone can do it?

If you chose option B, then pay CLOSE ATTENTION to what I’m about to say.

Over the last 5 months this crazy dude has been testing an idea ... and it's been generating on average $260,127 per month for him in him business...

Now he’s on a mission to doing what has never been done before in our industry....

Today he will show you exactly what he’s doing and how you can be part of it if you'd like.

He’ll teach you a cool, super-simple to implement strategy you can start using right away to earn significant money from 3 proven income streams.

Don’t worry about explaining anything to anyone.

Or ‘stretching the truth’ for that matter.

When you sign up, you’ll have 3 income streams working round the clock making money for you.

Heck, you don’t even need to own your own product… I’m actually selling other people’s products!

The emails are all written for you…  all you have to do is copy and paste them to your autoresponder.

The marketing is done for you… all you have to do is understand how the system works by watching the video.

The resource centre is so comprehensive… all you need to do is follow my simple step by step instructions to get up to speed.

The selling is done for you… all you need is to sign up for your spot and let the experts do the heavy lifting for you.

…. And when you make a sale – YOU get to keep all the money.

Every single penny.

That’s right, we’re talking 100% commissions off every sale you make.

Which is why this is the most powerful marketing system I’ve ever been a part of.

Forget about traditional affiliate programs, this will change the way you look at online marketing forever.

(make sure to watch this video with a clear mind and take some notes while you’re at it)
You’ll see real life case studies of people who are already cashing in big time with these
3 proven online income streams.

There’s a lot of us out there.

Would you care to join us?

Check out this video before the timer hits ZERO and the opportunity is gone forever…

Talk Soon

Robert Rich John

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