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The "War on Websites" gets a new SEO weapon... 

Are you having trouble getting your sites ranked and any traffic going?

We've all been there. That's why I'm really excited to tell you
about my friend Sean Donohoe's latest SEO software.

It's been creating some INCREDIBLE rankings for his students and now
he is FINALLY releasing this SEO secret weapon to the public...

Check it out here and see why people are going crazy over this:

This software plugs straight into your WordPress website and turns it
into a ranking monster that helps you get a flood of laser-targeted
traffic that you can convert into more sales than ever...

Sean has literally thrown all of his expertise into this software
for an all-in-one solution. You've got nothing but gains here.

Click here to view the LIVE demo video so you can see EXACTLY what it
can do for you too: =>

This works in any niche and once it's set up it is 100% automated. Sean
has also provided a ton of detailed training so you can get the
MAXIMUM power from it too...

That's why Sean is one of the most respected experts in the industry
and people jump on his strategies and software when he releases it...

Get your all-in-one traffic and rank boosting solution right here.

SEO Software that Actually Works?

Sick of working your butt off and getting nowhere with ranking your site
and getting ZERO traffic?

I don't blame you.

That's why I've been anxious to let you in on my friend and legendary marketer
Sean Donohoe's latest "TOP SECRET" SEO software that's helping people just
like you secure top rankings FAST.

His students have been using it and have seen dramatic increases in their
rankings and traffic... One even got on the first page in under 7 days for a
very competitive term!

Have a look at this short video that shows how it can help you starting now:

This is definitely one of Sean's best - he's covered it all. This software
can even naturally build your site's authority which gives Google EXACTLY what
it wants and will reward you with better rankings and more traffic...

For long term success, this software is your all-in-one solution. Not only that,
once it's set up it is 100% automated... All you do is plug it into your site and
you are ready to rock...

Click here to take take a look and make sure it is for you...

I really love this software and with everything I have heard about all the changes with
the search engines, you NEED this in your marketing arsenal...

To Your Success,

Robert Rich John

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Binary Bullion Bot

Binary Bullion Bot NEw Launch 4 February

If you do then take the opportunity to try this out…

It only takes about 10 minutes to get up and running
and making $75 a minute.

The best news is… anyone can do it!

You don't need any prior knowledge or skills to
get in on the action…

Just a few minutes in front of the computer, a few
simple instructions to be followed and you could
join hundreds of other people making $75 a
minute on their day off work.

Click here to get started now…

Binary Bullion Bot

Would you like to meet up today?

I need to show you something that could change your life.

You might be a bit busy, so here's the next best thing...

Give this video just a few minutes of your time today
and you will see how hundreds of people JUST LIKE YOU
are making an income from their computers…

As much as $905, $1425 and even $2565 every day.

Seriously, you need to see this…

That's why I'm writing to you today to urge you to look at this…

I appreciate you, so that's why I want to show exactly how you
can make a new income from your computer.

Average people all over the world are jumping on this right
now and making as much as $905, $1425 and even $2565
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You're one of the first few thousand people in the world to
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You won't look back and regret it.

One of my best friends, and a very successful online trader
has told me to contact you to show you this…

You see this is a brand new opportunity to get in at the
ground level and start making the kind of profits you
previously only could dream of.

This isn't some over complicated forex algorithm, nor some
time intensive work at home program…


This is specifically designed for the day to day person to
make extra money around the hectic work schedule.

You simply need a few minutes a day, a little patience
and some ambition to get started…

Click below to find out more…

And start your road to a second income online.

Just a quick one, I wanted to see if you ready my email

I gave you the chance to make a second income online
with this brand new opportunity?

I hope you got a chance to see it?...

If not, then I'll be quick and say, you're one of the first
people to be given this chance, and those who snapped
up this chance yesterday have already made…

$905, $1425 and even $2565 yesterday…

Be the next one to get in on the action…
Just a quick one, I wanted to see if you ready my email

I gave you the chance to make a second income online
with this brand new opportunity?

I hope you got a chance to see it?...

If not, then I'll be quick and say, you're one of the first
people to be given this chance, and those who snapped
up this chance yesterday have already made…

$905, $1425 and even $2565 yesterday…

Be the next one to get in on the action…

Did you know there is a trader living a few kilometers
from you making $905, $1425 and $2565 each day
this week?

All thanks to this new opportunity…

same chance he did to start doing the same…

Click here to get started…

And I will be in touch tomorrow to find out how you
got on.

Enjoy your day,

Matthew Farrell

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Tapping World Summit Solution

Last Chance to Join 401,357 People

I have a really important "last chance"
reminder for you…

You've probably heard about the 5th
Annual, 2013 Tapping World Summit,
from a dozen places by now.

Everyone is talking about it and with
good reason...

This event teaches a phenomenal
technique known as "EFT" or "Tapping"
and it's  100% fr*ee to attend online.

There are already 401,357 people
registered for the event which starts
on February 4th:

But that's not what this reminder
is about.

What you might not know is that because
of the amazing feedback from the
pre-event video series that featured
Louise Hay, Dr. Mark Hyman and Nick
Ortner, the producers of the event
decided to do something really special…

They're making all three videos, as well
as an additional 11 videos in the series,
available for viewing or download as a
special bonus for those who upgrade to
the special gold or platinum access before
the event starts.

So let me explain what that means…

The event itself is and always will be
100% fr*ee to attend during the 10 days
of the event.

The producer of the event Nick Ortner
always stresses that this event is first and
foremost a fr*ee event that also has
upgrade options for those who choose it.

So here's what an "upgrade option" means…

If you want to own the recordings, or the
companion workbook, or the transcripts, or
any of the regular audio bonuses, and the
special pre-event video bonuses, you'll
need to upgrade to the gold access (all
digital download) or the platinum access
(where you get the printed workbook
and 23 CD's mailed to your door).

So what I want to remind you about today
is simply this upgrade option, because of
the special pre-event bonuses that disappear
on the 4th at 8PM EST when the event starts…

These videos include over 8 hours of video
with experts Nick Ortner, Kris Carr, Louise Hay,
Dr. Mark Hyman, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor,
Bruce Lipton, Cheryl Richardson, Joe Vitale,
Dr. Joseph Mercola, Carol Look, Patricia
Carrington, Carol Tuttle and Dawson Church.

They're all extremely powerful videos that
are worth watching.

And since there's a 90-day money-back
guarantee, there is zero risk involved in
upgrading today.

To learn more about the upgrade option
(and to register for the event if you haven't
yet) just click on the link below:

Whether you decide to upgrade or not, I
want you to consider one important

Please make sure to at least attend the
event online when it starts on February 4th. 

EFT is a powerful technique that can have a
life-altering impact for you, but it's up to you
to show up at the event.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Robert Rich John

P.S. - Here is some of the feedback from previous
year's events just to give you an idea of what
people think about this event…

"What a wonderful ten days!  I need to tap on
withdrawals from missing the interviews. 
Jessica was a fabulous interviewer, asking just
what I wanted to know at the right time."
-Suzanne Wright - Oregon,USA

"I hope you guys can somehow hear the
thunderous applause that is surely circling the
world for you right now.  This was a DYNAMITE
event, and this grand finale with Jessica today
was just fantastic. You guys are the absolute best,
you have given phenomenal gifts here with each
presentation, and may you receive a thousand
blessings in return. EFT has never come alive
for me the way you've made it do in these last
ten days. I am very, very grateful, and yes, I will
keep tapping and will tell you what lights come
on, what doors open in the coming months."
~With much love, Natasha Suter - Ithaca, New York

"This trip has been amazing. I am so thankful
that you gave me the opportunity to be a part
of this, and I will continue to tap – and maybe
take an education in EFT later on.  Fantastic. 
A few weeks ago I tapped on hip pain, and it
disappeared within a couple of minutes!!

Every session have been useful to me, and I
will look more into it (I have written it all down)
when I finish my education in September.
Jessica's 40 day tapping challenge will be
done. Her “mystery bonus audio” was a
special experience.  It helped me see a lot of
experiences/feelings to tap on."
~ Merete - Bodo, Norway

"OMG! That summit was amazing! I just
wanted to say thank you, thank you! I knew
about EFT from when I was in LA but I now
know so much more and I had ah-ha moments
almost everyday! especially the one series
about Highly Sensitive People - which I found
out I am and have been beating myself up
about it forever!  Now I know how to tap for
it and realize its a blessing to be so connected
to my feelings and intuition!

"I loved, loved, loved the whole series! you
are so kind to put all of this information out
there and for free- I know this is huge for me
and for the world! I can sense huge changes
a-brewing! I kinda miss it already! Tell Jessica
I am doing the 40 day challenge... this is exciting...
who knows where I will be in 40 days!
Thank you again!"
~ Love, Christine en route to New York City, NY USA

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TLC Platform

TLC Platform Video

This is SO NEW it hasn't officially
launched yet, and it'so hot, you
just can't afford to miss out on

If you've wanted to build a huge mailing
list of your own and profit from
it the way you see all the guru's
do... then you really need this tool..

It's that simple.


It's the worlds most powerful
lead capture creation platform
and there's truly nothing like
it on the marketplace at this
ridiculously low price.

It's cost over $100,000 and taken
over a year to develop... make
no mistake... this is a top notch
quality product!

This not only let's you create
squeeze pages and video squeeze
pages quickly and easily...

It also lets you create all
the other associated pages like
your thank you pages and your download
pages and let's you monetize them
instantly for immediate sales and
profits from the moment you start
getting your first subscribers.

Right now you can watch this superb
video that shows you everything it
does in full detail:



Seriously the bigger question is:

"What DOESN'T this monster do?"

It really IS that powerful and feature
packed and you really have to watch the
video to see for yourself, all the built
in functions that help you to:

* Save Time
* Save Money
* Make Money



For such a premium platform,
and for everything you get in this
they seriously could have charged
a premium price and a monthly
subscription for access to this

But they haven't.

In fact...

* There's NO Monthly Fees
* There's NO LIMIT on Usage
* There's A HUGE DISCOUNT right now

In fact, your jaw WILL drop when you see
everything you get and for how little
during this special pre-launch promotion



Go right now and watch the video.

The 20 minutes you invest in watching
this now will save you literally days
and even weeks of time in the future.

And watch the video all the way to
the end... you get a huge discount
just for watching the video!

Go right now and:


This is a quality product that deserves
your time to explore it.

And I promise you, you won't be
disappointed at the end of the
video when you see everything it
allows you to do, and the price
you can steal this for right now:

Best Regards,

Robert Rich John

P.S. This discount price WILL NOT last
so you really have to make sure you
grab this at THIS hugely discounted
price whilst you can! Go right now and:


P.P.S. If you're thinking "I don't need
a lead capture system right now...", all I'll
say is... with a platform as powerful
and feature packed as this...

It's better to have it for hugely discounted
one off price and not need it right now, than to need
it later and have to pay top dollar to get it!


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Experts Academy OPEN!

You have to see this. Brendon Burchard just opened Experts Academy registration, and he stacked on $65,000 worth of bonus marketing training. Now that's how you wow your customers! Check it out:

Why should you care? Because your life's story, professional experience, and unique message to the world is VALUABLE beyond your imagination.

You can make an extraordinary difference (and a fortune) sharing your advice with the world.

Who you are and what you know can be leveraged, packaged, and monetized through books, speeeches, seminars, coaching, or online marketing.

No one can teach you HOW to do that better than Brendon Burchard.

His Experts Academy Elite Online course teaches you step-by-step how to start, get paid, and build a real brand that lasts and inspires.

Brendon and his students have New York Times bestselling books, popular blogs, high-dollar speaking fees, sold out seminars, waiting lists of coaching clients, and millions of dollars in sales online. Learn what they know here:

AWESOME Case Study for you

It's the remarkable story of an unknown motivator who started from scratch (in bankruptcy) and became a multi-millionaire sharing his advice and inspiration with the world.

It's a case study that I believe PROVES that content creators, authors, speakers, coaches, and online thought leaders don't have to be BROKE.

The free download even shows a a step-by-step plan you can model for sharing and MONETIZING your advice and content online.

Download the case study here:

How Barack does email marketing

Can you promote your brand and expertise with just three simple webpages?

And how does President Obama do email marketing? (You should definitely borrow this!).

The answers in this video might surprise you:

This is a VERY revealing video about Brendon Burchard's results and online marketing approach.

I've never seen him share numbers like this.

You'll see his launch numbers, book numbers, and how he markets just about everything with three simple types of webpages.

(The best part is how Brendon shows that President Obama follows a similar marketing strategy. Genius!).

Everyone knows Brendon as the "make a difference" guy, so it's nice to also see him talk about the financial side of things.

You'll be surprised by the scale of his results but the simplicity of his approach. Definitely something to model.

Ps. Brendon says he's taking questions on the blog, so watch
and comment. Here's what people are saying:

-- calls him "one of the top business
and marketing trainers in the world"

-- Brian Tracy says Brendon is the "smartest, nicest,
most creative marketers I've ever met"

-- NY-Times best-seller Dr. Daniel Amen "wishes I would
have met him 20 years ago; it would have put my business
and myself as an expert in hyperspeed"

I really love going back cash and the value it delivers. everyone would be happy with this, I use it all the time to make a purchase at Experts Academy. He saved us all kinds of money. if you are interested in this cash back offer, let me buy at the link, but if you are not interested in this offer does not matter to me.

Well, if you are interested in my offer, you'll be able to read and understand my offer carefully.

and this offers :

$ 250 cash back when you purchase your Experts Academy through my link, for a limited time, that is next on my website

Simply put it is an easy way to earn an extra $ 250 when you shop for the Experts Academy. Why not get a quote now? See how much you can save. $ 250!!!!

All you have to do to get a $ 250 cash back is to follow the terms and conditions of the offers below.

Cash back Terms and Conditions

Step #1. Clear your web browser Cookies first.

Step #2. Click on the image below to order Udemy Crusher from my link:

Step #3. Send me your purchase receipt to:

step #4. send your paypal email to :

Step #5. I'll pay you cash back, promptly after the expiration of the launch of Experts Academy.
step #6  If you have trouble regarding cash back, please, always contact me 

Note : I only use a payment using paypal, not others.
please understandable

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Internet Prophets LIVE

Steve Olsher the author of Internet Prophets: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online (Amazon’s #1 Rated Book on Web Marketing / USA Book News’ Business Technology Book of the Year) and creator of Internet Prophets LIVE!

Most importantly, he father, husband, business owner, and lifelong entrepreneur who, like you, understands the importance of realizing a meaningful return on my investment since every dollar he spend comes out of my pocket.

As an online pioneer who launched on CompuServe's Electronic Mall in 1993 (yes, that's 1993), he have seen the online world change dramatically over the last 20 years. However, nothing will compare to the changes we're about to see!

As Co-Founder and Chairman of, and an Internet Marketer who has studied alongside, interviewed, and worked with many of the world's top IM'ers including Yanik Silver, Mike Filsaime, Armand Morin, and Mike Koenigs, he have a unique perspective that straddles both the dot com and IM worlds.

Few can offer this strategic insight, and having built four multimillion-dollar companies from scratch, he understand what works and what doesn't in business.
he also understand that things are about to get NUTS online.
Those who are prepared are going to absolutely kill it. Those who aren't are going to struggle to make pennies, let alone dollars, moving forward. It is now more essential than ever to understand the new rules of the game and have someone show you exactly what to do and HOW to do it.

Internet Prophets LIVE 2013

Profit online..It really is that simple

If you wanted to profit online and truly leverage the immense power of the internet how would you begin?

What are the specific actions the online leaders implement to monetize their knowledge, products, and services and why are they able to make millions when most struggle to make pennies?

This free video series has the answers and reveals 10 Highly-Effective Ways To Profit Online... starting now!

Internet Prophets LIVE 2013

Btw, if you haven't met Steve Olsher, the guy in the videos, I think you'll find his story inspiring.

Steve transitioned from chasing the almighty dollar to being a widely recognized personal development and internet marketing expert in less than two years by helping people identify their WHAT - that is, the ONE thing they were born to do. Leveraging more than 23 years of entrepreneurial experience building multimillion-dollar companies, he has helped thousands monetize their unique gifts.

You'll see why people connect with him in this video series. His straight-forward, no fluff style cuts right to the chase and teaches you exactly what you need to know.
If you're going to profit online in 2013 and beyond, this is a must watch:

Internet Prophets LIVE 2013

Enjoy.... and have a pen and paper handy. It's more than worth the opt-in.

Robert Rich John

PS - You'll also receive a free copy of Steve's award winning-book, Internet Prophets: The World's Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online

Internet Prophets LIVE 2013

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Self Improvement Gifts event is LIVE

Download This Awesome Collection Of 750+ High Quality Products

 Happy New Year once again - I hope yours is off to
an awesome start!

I know how exciting this time of year is as you look
forward to all the possibilities that 2013 holds for
your life...

Know that we are here to support your quest in starting
the New Year right.

To assist you in doing just that, we're excited to bring
you news that the 7th Annual Self Improvement Gifts event
is LIVE and we have our very own.................waiting inside in addition to all the other free
gifts you'll discover!

Here's your exclusive opportunity to download your choice
of 750+ high quality self help gifts, products, courses,
software, MP3s and more - ALL 100% FREE:

The most noteworthy personal growth experts online today
have gotten together with Stephanie Mulac, Carolyn Hansen and
Dr. Joe Rubino this month solely for the purpose of
giving you their very best so that you can reach all of
your goals in 2013 and beyond!

And for a limited time, you will be able to download all of
them at Absolutely NO Charge, right here:

These are gifts on meditation, manifesting abundance, brainwave
entrainment, Law of Attraction, health and wellness, hypnosis,
motivation, fitness, nutrition and MORE!

All yours - free for the taking right here:

As we mentioned, downloading your choice of over
750+ gifts is ALWAYS 100% Free, however...

As soon as you complete your signup, you will
see an optional opportunity to join Stephanie,
Carolyn Joe Rubino for an exclusive online Mastermind
Webinar where they will be answering ALL your burning
questions and helping you achieve ALL your goals
for 2013!

This is brand new to this event and never before
has there been an opportunity to personally
connect with 3 of the most renowned Life Coaches
you'll find anywhere... and you are about to discover
it all right here:

As I say, it's "optional" but why pass up an
opportunity like this for so little?

After all, you promised yourself 2013 would be even
better than last year - and we are here for you to
make that happen!

To Your Success!

Robert Rich John

This is a limited time opportunity - so act today and save $1000s
of dollars RIGHT NOW when you download all the gifts that are
waiting here for FREE:

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Tapping World Summit 2013

20 EFT / Tapping Interviews for F.R.E.E.

Just a quick email to let you know that
registration for the 2013 Tapping World
Summit is officially open.

This event has been all the buzz lately,
and it's with good reason…

This event is 100% content, all designed
to help you get results…and the entire
10 days of the event are free.

In the event you'll learn exactly how to
use Tapping for a variety of different

This is the 5th year that this event has
run.  Last year there were over 500,000
people who registered.

There's a reason why the event keeps
growing from year to year…it's because
Tapping works!

And since this event only happens once
per year…you want to make sure to check
it out right away so you can learn how to
use Tapping in your life.

After all, if you could learn a technique that
could drastically improve your life and you
could learn how to do it for free…wouldn't
you want to?

  - This event contains 20 free presentations from big names
     within the EFT / Tapping world

  - You're going to learn EXACTLY how to do Tapping in
       this event.  Remember, the pre-event video series was
       just a warm up.  The best part is still to come! :)

  - This is an online event so there is no need to
     book hotels or wait in traffic

  - The main event is 100% free to attend.  You get
     to listen to 2 presentations each day for 10 days
     and you have a 24 hour period to listen to the calls.
     (You don't have to be there at an exact time)

  - Everything is streamed through the web so there's
     no expensive phone bills!

  - The way they're able to keep it free is by offering
     an upgrade option for those who want to own the
     audio recordings, the transcripts and the
     workbook for the event - all at a very fair price.

If you want to sign up for this f.r.e.e online (NO travel)
event, click on the link below (there's a really cool video
on this page also, so make sure to check it out):

When you sign up you'll also get three audios that you
can immediately listen to or download, with Dr. David Feinstein,
EFT Expert Carol Look, and EFT expert and producer of the
event Nick Ortner, each of them talking about EFT and Tapping
in different ways.

Again, just to clarify since so many people have asked
this question, it is 100% f.r.e.e. to attend the online
event and listen to all the calls during the 10 days of
the event.

If you want to own the calls and MP3's or have the CD's
of the event, plus the transcripts and the workbook there
is a small charge for that, but it is completely optional.

Plus, I don't know of any event or product where you
can sample the entire product before deciding if you
want to own it.

I hope you attend:

Robert Rich John

P.S. - The advantages of upgrading are that you get
to own the audios forever and you get to have the
transcripts and the workbooks which coincide with
each presentation.  And depending on which upgrade
you choose, you also get to have 5 or 10 different
bonus audios to listen to.

Also, they have a special bonus if you upgrade before
the event starts on the 4th of February, which is digital
access to all 14 videos of the Tapping World Summit
Video Series.

P.P.S. - You don't have to take my word for it…listen
to the event and you'll see for yourself how good the
quality is and how powerful the content is.

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Internet Sales Machine

You can be doing this too

If you're sick and fed up of all the short-lived online
money-making methods - and you're tired of trying those
"Commissions" whatever to "Secret" something tactics -
you need to see this (and I promise you this is a great

This normal, average dude in Malaysia is making boat
loads of cash purely from the Internet... and he's been
doing it for 7 years and counting!

The thing is, he doesn't get a lot of traffic to his

He doesn't own hundreds of websites either.

In fact, he didn't finish school - TWICE.

Yet he's bought 2 houses and 2 cars and travelled to 9
countries in 12 months... and he's still in his mid-

He's an ordinary guy just like you and me - which means
you too can do it:

$250,00 in a week (this could be you!)

If you see this dude on the street, chances are you
won't look at him twice.

So plain-looking that few people would have guessed
that this ordinary guy generated over a quarter million
dollars in sales... within a week!


The answer's here:

He says that there IS a system anyone can use to
generate nearly 5 times more online profits...

.. And even shoot up the Customer Lifetime Value to at
least 1400% and above!

And you know what?

His Inner Circle students learned pays him up to $5000
to learn these secrets.

Now you can get the *UPDATED* version to it - for a
whole lot LESS:

Check this out (before your competitor does!)

Just want to remind you in case you missed by email
yesterday about this:

I told you about this ordinary guy from Malaysia who's
quietly making boatloads of cash off the net.

The thing is:

* He's not a famous star

* He's not somewhat gifted (he dropped out of school

* He doesn't own an office even!

* He works about 4-6 hours a day, 4 days a week

* And he's not a seminar guru, speaker or anything of
that sort

That said, it IS very humanly possible to make a lot of
money online and you DON'T NEED guru status - nor do
you necessarily need to work hard to get there.

This could be the last thing you'll need to make it all

Alright this is it.

Time to make a decision and call the shots:

By now, everyone's caught wind on this and I have a
sneaky suspicion that your competitors got their hands
onto this too!

That's the BAD news.

Want to hear the GOOD news?

This is evergreen, and it works in just about niche.

Making money online isn't necessarily tough, and you
don't have to work TOO HARD on it.

The secret to riches is in having a SYSTEM.

The *real* secret to *real* riches is having a PROVEN
system that survives the test of time and trends.

And you're looking at it now.

I suggest you check it out if you haven't yet. And if
you already did, it's time to consider this seriously.
This will add another digit or two to your bank account
- like it did for the Internet millionaires who are
using the same, exact system today:

Robert Rich John

P.S. I heard rumors that the price might shoot up soon,
but most importantly if you don't do anything now
you'll be at the same station forever.

Fortune favors the bold. It's time to be bold!

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Get exposure and traffic from the front page of Google in the next 7 minutes.

Watch this free video.*

You'll see the exact steps you
can start using right away to get traffic, leads and customers to your site.

What's the difference between Facebook being worth billions and most sites being worth zero?


AKA people visiting the site.

If your site doesn't have any traffic - or not enough traffic- you can't earn a single thin dime.

Here's how to fix that... Fast.*

Your site might be pretty. Your site might be optimized. Your site might be loaded on a server that can handle screaming hordes of visitors.

But if no one ever comes to your site...

How much can you make?

Zero. Zip. Zilch.

As in Nada. Nil. Nothing.

Need traffic?

Here's the most powerful way ever to get some.*

New Software Gets Visitors FAST!

These top Internet marketers - Shawn Casey and Brian Koz - have spent over $100K to build the most powerful software - ever - that automatically gets traffic to your website.

Yes - you read that correctly...

They spent over $100K so you can do things you never even knew were possible to get an incredible volume of traffic to your site.

Yes - you can get in for way less than $100K... more like the cost of a decent meal.

WebFire (the software) is so powerful that in 7 minutes (or less) you can get exposure for any site in any niche from Page 1 of Google.

You MUST see WebFire in action.*

With 22 powerful, traffic-getting tools, they deliver results that no one else even dreams about.

Like automatically creating videos and uploading them to your YouTube account. You can go skiing and know that WebFire is working to get traffic to your site.

Right now, you can get access to test
drive WebFire for a crazy low deal.

Go experience WebFire now.*

The ONLY thing that matters online is...


Traffic is the "currency" of the internet.

It doesn't matter if you're trying to rake in the dough as an affiliate or selling your own product.

You MUST have traffic.

Otherwise, you don't get a dime.

Here's the most powerful way ever created
to get all the traffic you want.*

If you had you more free traffic to
your website, you know you'd make...

Mo' Money!

This video reveals the exact steps
to exposure from page 1 of Google
in just 7 minutes...

FYI - this is not some bogus theory... you'll see it happen right in front of your eyes!

This method will revolutionize your Internet business virtually

Start now.

WebFire 70% Discount Link

Here's your exclusive discount link to
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Use this link to save.*

This discount is for a limited time
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Be smart and take advantage of this
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Save 70% Today

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The best traffic getting software ever
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When you see the demo of WebFire in action...

How it gets you instant exposure and
Fast Free Traffic...

You'll understand immediately why this
discount is for a limited time only.

This software should sell for thousands.

Be smart and take advantage of this
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The Tapping solution

Can Tapping Really Make You Healthy?
I've been telling people about the
healthy benefits of Tapping for years...

But when you have one of the world's
leading doctors talking about patients
he couldn't help with traditional medicine,
and telling us he was able to help them by using
Tapping, then you really understand
just how powerful it is...

Dr. Mark Hyman, a 5 times New York Times
Best-Selling Author, is unlike most doctors
in that he understands the mind-body

And he knows that so much of our chronic
illnesses are caused by persistent negative emotions,
especially stress.

And as he puts it, "Tapping is one of the
most directed and powerful ways to peel
away those layers of chronic stress.  It's
very effective for very difficult problems."

If you want to learn about how you can
overcome illness, create long term lasting
health, or just get over regular stress and
feel better, then I highly recommend you
watch this video with Dr. Hyman:

In this interview, Dr. Hyman shares some
pretty amazing information... things that you
won't want to miss, such as...

- The monkey study that revealed the
importance of one particular thing that
many take for granted.

- One of the leading causes of chronic
illness that people don't know about, and
that goes all the way back to childhood.

- Why many of the patients who come to
him are in fact doctors who are looking for
solutions that work

- And much more...

Watch the video.  It could provide a radical
shift in your understanding of how to create
real long-term health.


Robert Rich John

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Experts Academy

Monetizing Your Story

If you wanted to share your life's story and knowledge with the world (and get paid for it), how would you begin?

How are all these authors, speakers, coaches, marketers, and online thought leaders monetizing their advice and content?

This incredible video series has the answers: Watch Experts Academy

I love that he breaks down the MATH to making 7 figures, and exactly what it takes to get there.

Btw, if you haven't met Brendon Burchard, the guy who did the videos, I think you'll find his story inspiring.

Brendon went from bankruptcy to $4.6 million in just 18 months doing nothing but helping others with what he's learned about life.

You can see why in his video series. These strategies have also helped him and his clients become New York Times bestselling authors and the go-to experts in their fields.

If you're going to share your message or build a personal brand this year, this is a must watch:

Watch Experts Academy

Enjoy the video.

And take notes. Trust me, it's worth the optin.

Robert Rich John

Ps. Brendon says he's taking questions on the blog, so watch
and comment. Here's what people are saying:

-- calls him "one of the top business
and marketing trainers in the world"

-- Brian Tracy says Brendon is the "smartest, nicest,
most creative marketers I've ever met"

-- NY-Times best-seller Dr. Daniel Amen "wishes I would
have met him 20 years ago; it would have put my business
and myself as an expert in hyperspeed"

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Life Optimization Coaching

Become a Certified Life Optimization Coach: 88% Off!

My good friend, Dr. Joe Rubino is known far and wide as one of the foremost life-optimization coaches in the entire world. In order to assist him in realizing his vision of impacting the lives of 40 million people, he has put together an extraordinary self-study Life-Optimization Coaching program whereby his company is teaching people just like you the same life-changing tools and principles he has personally used to impact lives for more than two decades.

With this program, you will:

Learn hundreds of transformational tools that can change your own life and the lives of those you share these principles with
Earn a lucrative income as a Certified Life-Optimization Coach
Enhance your personal power and ability to attract and manifest wealth and abundance, rich relationships, fulfilling work, and a life of your dreams
Be Certified as a Life-Optimization Coach by the highly acclaimed Center for Personal Reinvention for 88% off the regular cost

… you’ll certainly want to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity now:

Go Here Now to Check It Out

Change Your Life and the Lives of Others: Become a Certified Life Optimization Coach

I’m writing today with an important invitation about a program that transforms lives.

For the past 21 years, Dr. Joe Rubino has personally coached more than 1000 people to become happier, more abundant, more effective in their communication and relationships, and more fulfilled in achieving their dream lives in every way. He has now created a Certified Life-Optimization Coaching Program whereby he is affordably teaching people just like you these same life-enhancing tools so that they can enhance their own lives or teach them to others.

Learn How You Can Become a Certified Life-Optimization Coach Now:

Earn a Lucrative Income as a Certified Life-Optimization Coach: 88% off Today!

My friend, Dr. Joe Rubino, one of the world’s top Life-Optimization Coaches has recently introduced a remarkable program that allows you to:

Become a Certified Life-Optimization Coach
Transform lives with the transformational tools and wisdom you will learn in this program
Earn a lucrative income working from the comfort of your own home
Learn the life-changing exercises that will allow you to be more effective with your family, at work, and with all your relationships
Learn the same principles in a home-study program that Dr. Joe Rubino learned over the course of more than two decades!

Whether you are interested in transforming your own life, being able to impact others with a profoundly elevated level of wisdom and personal effectiveness, or earning a rewarding income as a Certified Life-Optimization Coach, you’ll want to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity.

Learn All About the Program Here:

To Your Success,

Robert Rich John

PS: Make no mistake about it: this is an extraordinary, life-changing certification program consisting of several hours of videos, 25 audios, 25 written transcript lessons, and more… at an ultra-affordable cost.
Learn how you can benefit here:

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Easy Video Suite

I'm going to get straight to the point.

Since 2009, one tool has helped evolve
the way marketers use video for their
online business more than anything else.

That tool is EasyVideoPlayer by
Josh Bartlett.

Even now, over two years after the
launch of EasyVideoPlayer2, other video
software is STILL trying desperately to
catch up with what they innovated with
back in 2010!

Meanwhile Josh has been working on the
next evolution of video marketing for over
two years…

And he invested multiple, six figures
of his own money to create the "next
generation" of video marketing, based on
the input of tens of thousands of his
satisfied customers.

If you want know how to record, convert,
publish, market and track your videos
with just one easy-to-use system, then
you'll want to watch Josh's video!

In this video, Josh reveals his journey
from just having the best video player
on the market, to doing something
even greater and producing truly the
ultimate video marketing solution…

He could have just released a new
version of Easy Video Player with a
couple "cool" new features.

For Pete's sake...

Easy Video Player already...

     * Has tens of thousands of customers
     * Has the lowest refund rate on
Clickbank at only 2%

     * Is used by more marketers than
anything else on the market.
(And used in more 6 and 7 figure launches
than anything too).
     Marketers like:

          - Mike Filsaime
          - Ryan Deiss
          - Chris Farrell
          - Jason Moffatt
          - Justin Brooke
          - Maria Andros
          - Omar Martin
Josh also knew his customers and
marketers needed more to take
the tech out of video marketing.

So you'll also discover how you can
now do the following with videos:

     #1 How to have a perfectly
web-optimized video that is
viewable on all mobile devices!

(Simply by dragging and dropping
your videos into a desktop app --
Pc & Mac compatible)

     #2 Know what type of video will convert
your prospects into customers and raving fans.

(See how they interact with your videos
in real-time!)

     #3 Have your now-optimized and
converted video on a sales page
and viewable by your prospects in
ONE minute or less!

(Without uploading a single file
or touching a piece of code)

     #4 Let EasyVideoSuite actually
automatically track and run your
entire video marketing campaign!

(As close to autopilot as it can get!)

In this video series, Josh is also going
to demonstrate the true power of this
ultimate video marketing solution.


Watch the evolution of video marketing now,
and let me know what you think in
the comments section.

Talk soon,

Robert Rich John

P.S. Remember, If you want to record,
edit, publish, market and track your
videos with just one easy-to-use system,
you need to watch this video series now.

P.P.S. And you better believe I'm going
to have a killer bonus when Josh launches
on Jan 15th.

Be on the lookout for another email with
all the details.

For now, go watch this series of videos.

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The App Code 2.0

Would you be willing to profit from this new "addiction"?

There's a new "addiction" sweeping the globe.

What is it, you ask?

For lack of a better term, it's "mobile phonism"
-- or, being addicted to your mobile phone.

In a recent survey, 51% of moms confessed to
being addicted to their smartphones!

Obviously, it's not just moms who are addicted...
it's men, women, dads, moms, even teens!

For proof, just observe people out in public.

Doesn't matter where they are or what they're
doing -- they're checking their mobile phones,
posting updates, playing games, responding to
text messages.

In another survey of 5,000 people conducted by
TIME magazine, 62% reported checking their
mobile phones at least once every waking hour.

And 29% said their mobile phone was the first
and last thing they looked at every day!

With this new addiction comes opportunity...
the opportunity to conceive, build, and profit from
your own mobile apps.

And this is exactly what my friend and successful
 "appreneur" Amish Shah will be talking about over
the next few days.

In fact, Amish will be giving away his secret 5-step
formula for starting and growing your very own app

And here's the best part: It doesn't matter how much
or how little experience you have.

Even if you've never coded or programmed anything
in your life, you can still stake your claim in the app market.

Amish explains how you can do just that....for a short
time.  So block out your calendar for and register
here to get your private webinar link:

Learn how to build apps in minutes from those who've done it

If you were going to start making and selling apps,
you'd want to learn from somebody who'd already
"been there, done that,"  right?

I know I would.

And that's why I'm so excited about the upcoming
webinar Amish Shah is hosting over the next few days.

You see, Amish began building apps a couple years ago.

At the time, he had no experience creating apps. He
was brand new to it.

Yet that didn't stop him.

During the first 30 days, he built a few dozen apps and
got them listed in the app store.

He didn't pay a single dollar out of pocket to get started...
and... he actually turned a profit his very first month.

It sounds amazing (and it is), but Amish can teach you
to do exactly what he did.

You don't need to plunk down thousands of dollars to
hire developers and programmers. And you don't have
to spend months learning how to create apps.

In fact, it's entirely possible to get your first app finished
and in the app store in 30 days or less without spending
a dime.

But let's go back to Amish for a second. After all, it's one
thing to make an app and get it listed. Did he actually
make any moolah?

Well, he did.

In fact, he went on to sell his "little" app business to a
publicly traded company for $1.95 million.

Now, Amish's story is unusual. Not everybody will have
the kind of success he did.

But wouldn't you like to learn from a guy with that kind
of experience?

Over the next few days only, Amish will be sharing his secret
5-stepformula for starting and growing your very own app

This webinar will give you a framework and process that
you can start using immediately.

To reserve your spot and get your private webinar link,
make sure you go here and register now:

Robert Rich John

P.S. Amish is a successful app developer and a great
teacher. I can't think of a better person to teach you the
ins and outs of starting an app business. Register here:

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Strategic Profits

How to Make 2013 Your Best Business Year Yet

 Let me ask you a question.

 It's a New Year, a fresh start for you...

 So will 2013 be the year when you finally move
 forward with your online business?

 The year you achieve the kind of success you
 deserve and secure the income and lifestyle that
 goes with it?

 Or will 2013 be just another 12 months that fly by
 without moving you one step closer to your goals?

 As my reader, I sincerely hope that's a no-brainer
 for you... and you're shooting for success this year.

 To that end, I just heard about an incredible
 online event that can help.

 This Thursday, January 10th at 3 pm EST, President
 of Strategic Profits, Tom Beal is hosting a teleseminar called...

 "Moving From Where You Are Now To Where You Want
 To Be In 2013."

 If you know Rich Schefren's company, Strategic
 Profits, you know they have a reputation for
 excellence in everything they do.

 And Tom's teleseminar promises to be no different.
 I urge you to clear your schedule and join in.

 Claim your access right now. 

 In this one-time-only teleseminar...

 Tom will walk you through how to discover your
 strengths, and use them to your advantage in 2013.

 How to stop chasing the "shiny objects" in the
 marketplace... and start building a real
 sustainable business.

 In short, move from where you are now to where you
 want to be in 2013.

 Grab your spot right now.

 To your success,

 Robert Rich John

 P.S. You can even submit questions for Tom to
 answer during this teleseminar. Click below to
 post a question.

 Claim your free access and ask your questions.

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Underground Online Seminar 9

Underground 9 is open...

This is important! Don't miss your chance to save $500 and
receive special bonuses. January 18th is the deadline.

Eight years ago, Yanik Silver brought together a group of
real-word online success stories to share exactly how they
are raking it in.

Appropriately enough, he called his little experiment the
"Underground Online Marketing Seminar". And because of
the unique concept it totally SOLD-OUT 5 weeks early (while
most other events are still trying to sell tickets up until
the very day of the seminar).

In fact, it was so successful that the crowd demanded
another one...and another one! In fact, every single
Underground has sold-out even faster because of the buzz
and reputation of this event being THE place for networking
and learning.

[Optional: Let me tell you this event was incredible. I was
there (or I listened to the tapes, etc) I thought I knew a
lot when it came to online marketing and I've attended a lot
of seminars but these speakers really blew me away!]

Well I don't know how he did it (again) but he managed to
uncover an *ALL-NEW* group of "under-the-radar" six-figure,
seven-figure...and even 8-figure earners for the
Underground Online Seminar 9:

It's all going on February 28th - March 2nd, 2013 in an
undisclosed location in Washington, DC. Next year might
seem too far away to even think about but there's an
important reason not to delay.

Actually, there are *3* reasons to pay attention now:

Reason #1: Until January 18th, you get the lowest discounts,
bonuses and surprises (including VIP seating at
the secret networking dinner).

Reason #2: Like I mentioned, last year this unique event
sold-out weeks early. And from the buzz, build-up and new
success stories - I have reason to believe this year may
sell out even quicker.

Reason #3: It's damn fun! Every year Yanik does a new spy
theme and it's a true experience. Not some stodgy seminar
where you sit in a windowless room every day listening to
boring Powerpoints. This year's theme in Inspector Gadget.

It would be a huge mistake not to be here:

Time is running out on the Underground...

Have you ever wondered if there might be a group of 'under-
the-radar' Internet successes who do NOT speak at all the

Perhaps a group of 'mystery' men and women who are quietly
raking it in...without being "shovel sellers"?

I know I have...

Of course, I know these people are out there but usually
they've remained well hidden (except for an occasional rumor
floating around or bumping into one or two on occasion.)

But not anymore....

Well I don't know how Yanik Silver did it (again) but he
managed to uncover an *ALL-NEW* group of "Underground" six-
figure, seven-figure...and even 8-figure earners for his
Underground Online Seminar 9:

Listen, this is definitely NOT the same "Usual
Suspects" you see speaking everywhere else. In fact, you've
probably never heard of this unusual bunch of "doers" who
are coming to break their silence.

Collectively and conservatively these "Go Go" men and
women bring in millions online per year. If you could pick
up just a fraction of a fraction of this knowledge - what
would that be worth to you?

Trust me, you've got to check it out.

Personally, I've had it with people simply rehashing
information from the exact same sources - I'd much rather
hear it straight from people really doing it each and every
day. And that's why I marked my calendar to be there the
minute I saw this info.

Hope to see you there!

One more thing and it's very important. Because of the
sensitive and exclusive nature of this event - I've only
been allocated 20 seats and on January 18th, the price
is going up $500.

Once all my spots are gone -- that's it. So I suggest you
head over to the site right away to find out all the
details. Don't lose $500 by waiting until the last minute. 


Robert Rich John

P.S. Listen, the price on these tickets is going up $500
on January 18th. Don't wait on buying your ticket.
This is definitely NOT the same "Usual
Suspects" you see speaking everywhere else. In fact, you've
probably never heard of this unusual bunch of "doers" who
are coming to break their silence.

Collectively and conservatively these "Go Go" men and
women bring in millions online per year. If you could pick
up just a fraction of a fraction of this knowledge - what
would that be worth to you?

Don't you think you might be able to learn a thing or two
from these real-world 'doers'?

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Forever Body Transformation

How would you like to experience a Forever Body Transformation? Are you at a place where you are ready for life and body change that is permanent?

Are you ready to unleash the true you, the powerful you that's ready to climb that mountain and roar so loud that the world can't help but stop and admire you?

I am pleased to introduce you to a team that understands your potential and the power of your unrealized possibilities.

The time has come, are you ready? Then go here to learn more, GET Video Here :

I am known for my honesty and candid talk - this will BLOW your mind. It did mine. The simplicity and power of what I saw had me in awe. If you're ready to transform your body FOREVER you need to see this:

I was told by a friend that they were now being featured on a website that is sweeping the world like WILDFIRE. Of course I asked "where?" Here's the site they sent me to:

Not only that, they explained that they will be featuring success stories from everyday people like me and you, and after looking at the site, I was blown away by what I saw. See for yourself:

I wanted to share something I just discovered called Forever Body Transformation.

It is changing the way people think when it comes to weight loss. It's like these guys have uncovered the golden key that finally unlocks the door to greater health through a life balance approach that will blow your mind.

Check it out for free right here:

That's the question I asked when I saw the Forever Body Transformation system in full. I know the answer already: YES, IT'S READY!

You will not believe the power these guys have put into this system, when you see it you'll say: FINALLY someone gets it.

Don't believe it's that good? Well, you're about to become a believer:
You need to check out Forever Body Transformation.

There is a reason that this system is changing thousands of lives RIGHT NOW. To learn WHY and HOW people are shedding unwanted fat permanently, click here:

Don't hesitate, this will likely not be up for long. You'll understand why when you see the information they share for free right here:

"Simply the best program of its type in the world!" That's what I was told by someone using the Forever Body Transformation system to change their life.

My next question was "OK, prove it" and they DID! When I saw their before and after pictures I was convinced that they were onto something very powerful and unlike anything else I had ever seen.

Click here to see the proof that convinced me:

That's how much the extra FAT on our body's weigh worldwide - 17-million-TONS!

I believe the Forever Body Transformation team will solve this problem for millions of people.

What they will teach you will finally open your eyes to the solution, just like it did for me.

Check it out for free right here:

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Timer is a ticking

when you click on this link you will see the timer
counting down and at the stroke of midnight..

well SkyBuilder is OFF THE MARKET and you will
not have another chance to get it at this very special
New Years Launch price.

Meaning that if you wait you will have to

1 - wait for SkyBuilder to open at some undetermined time
in the future

2 - have to pay a higher price

The advantage is if you get in now, the price is LOCKED in for LIFE
meaning that even when the prices go UP UP UP, you are still
locked in at the price you started out.

To further inspire you to Act now, Greg offers an unconditional
30 day refund policy. No questions asked.

There is no risk, if you were even thinking about jumping in
on the mobile apps revolution with SkyBuilder then this is your
LAST and ONLY chance to do so. Please click on this link
and review the page and make your FINAL decision

SkyBuilder open on NYD only - Get it NOW

Remember I said I was going to send you an email
that said "GO" Abdan

well here it is. It is a fresh 2013 and the SkyBuilder's famous
New Years Day offer is now open and on the table.

you can goto this page to see the 11 new features that
are updated for 2013 and yes.. theyhave announced a date
for SkyBuilder's LIVE! and will be giving away tickets
to those who choose to get the yearly license

That is all. Please be fast as this will probably only
be a New Years offer and then it will be closed again

Here is your private link

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Podcast Traffic Grenade

This Will Get Your Clients Endless Referrals

No matter what industry or business your clients are in, they
spend a lot of time talking about their business.

They probably even repeat themselves a TON.

Imagine taking all of that information, recording it, and
uploading it where literally MILLIONS of people have access
to it…for free!

Imagine if your clients were found in the iTunes store, and
instantly being recognized as the expert in their industry!

If you want to position your clients as the expert:

- Realtor
- Consultant
- Chiropractor
- Attorney
- Fitness Coach
- Real Estate Investor
- Business Coach
- In literally ANY field…

You have to get them to start a podcast.
You can position them as a local expert
(like the expert realtor in Seattle, WA)…

You can position them as a national expert
(like America’s top bankruptcy attorney)…

Or you could position them as an international expert
(like the world’s best fitness coach)…

You can achieve all of this simply by helping your clients start a
podcast…and then using the podcast as a tool to attract new clients and keep existing ones loyal.

My friend Dan Lyons has just released a course that explains how to podcast for traffic and authority:

The MUST HAVE tool for any offline

I’ve just discovered a resource that shows
you how to leverage Apple’s success to help
you grow your clients’ businesses, and help
them become an instant authority in their
market place.

It’s called PODCASTING…

…and it doesn’t matter whether your clients
are local, national or international, they
can ALL benefit from the traffic and
credibility that a podcast brings.

There’s already a bunch of business owners
who are podcasting and seeing BIG results…

- Chiropractors
- Doctors
- Nutritionists
- Teachers
- Mechanics And Spare Parts Suppliers
- the list goes on….

So if you’d like to help your clients get
TONS of exposure and bring in A LOT of leads
and sales then go here:

Once you MASTER how to podcast, you can roll
this technique out to ALL your offline

But this podcasting guide is only up for
several days so be sure to check it out….

Talk soon,

Robert Rich John

P.S. A podcast also breaks records when it comes
to finding new clients and keeping old ones
loyal! You’re clients will LOVE you for
introducing them to it! Check out how you can
make them thank you:

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