Easy Video Suite

I'm going to get straight to the point.

Since 2009, one tool has helped evolve
the way marketers use video for their
online business more than anything else.

That tool is EasyVideoPlayer by
Josh Bartlett.

Even now, over two years after the
launch of EasyVideoPlayer2, other video
software is STILL trying desperately to
catch up with what they innovated with
back in 2010!

Meanwhile Josh has been working on the
next evolution of video marketing for over
two years…

And he invested multiple, six figures
of his own money to create the "next
generation" of video marketing, based on
the input of tens of thousands of his
satisfied customers.

If you want know how to record, convert,
publish, market and track your videos
with just one easy-to-use system, then
you'll want to watch Josh's video!


In this video, Josh reveals his journey
from just having the best video player
on the market, to doing something
even greater and producing truly the
ultimate video marketing solution…

He could have just released a new
version of Easy Video Player with a
couple "cool" new features.

For Pete's sake...

Easy Video Player already...

     * Has tens of thousands of customers
     * Has the lowest refund rate on
Clickbank at only 2%

     * Is used by more marketers than
anything else on the market.
(And used in more 6 and 7 figure launches
than anything too).
     Marketers like:

          - Mike Filsaime
          - Ryan Deiss
          - Chris Farrell
          - Jason Moffatt
          - Justin Brooke
          - Maria Andros
          - Omar Martin
Josh also knew his customers and
marketers needed more to take
the tech out of video marketing.

So you'll also discover how you can
now do the following with videos:

     #1 How to have a perfectly
web-optimized video that is
viewable on all mobile devices!

(Simply by dragging and dropping
your videos into a desktop app --
Pc & Mac compatible)

     #2 Know what type of video will convert
your prospects into customers and raving fans.

(See how they interact with your videos
in real-time!)

     #3 Have your now-optimized and
converted video on a sales page
and viewable by your prospects in
ONE minute or less!

(Without uploading a single file
or touching a piece of code)

     #4 Let EasyVideoSuite actually
automatically track and run your
entire video marketing campaign!

(As close to autopilot as it can get!)

In this video series, Josh is also going
to demonstrate the true power of this
ultimate video marketing solution.


Watch the evolution of video marketing now,
and let me know what you think in
the comments section.


Talk soon,

Robert Rich John

P.S. Remember, If you want to record,
edit, publish, market and track your
videos with just one easy-to-use system,
you need to watch this video series now.


P.P.S. And you better believe I'm going
to have a killer bonus when Josh launches
on Jan 15th.

Be on the lookout for another email with
all the details.

For now, go watch this series of videos.

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