Experts Academy OPEN!

You have to see this. Brendon Burchard just opened Experts Academy registration, and he stacked on $65,000 worth of bonus marketing training. Now that's how you wow your customers! Check it out:

Why should you care? Because your life's story, professional experience, and unique message to the world is VALUABLE beyond your imagination.

You can make an extraordinary difference (and a fortune) sharing your advice with the world.

Who you are and what you know can be leveraged, packaged, and monetized through books, speeeches, seminars, coaching, or online marketing.

No one can teach you HOW to do that better than Brendon Burchard.

His Experts Academy Elite Online course teaches you step-by-step how to start, get paid, and build a real brand that lasts and inspires.

Brendon and his students have New York Times bestselling books, popular blogs, high-dollar speaking fees, sold out seminars, waiting lists of coaching clients, and millions of dollars in sales online. Learn what they know here:

AWESOME Case Study for you

It's the remarkable story of an unknown motivator who started from scratch (in bankruptcy) and became a multi-millionaire sharing his advice and inspiration with the world.

It's a case study that I believe PROVES that content creators, authors, speakers, coaches, and online thought leaders don't have to be BROKE.

The free download even shows a a step-by-step plan you can model for sharing and MONETIZING your advice and content online.

Download the case study here:

How Barack does email marketing

Can you promote your brand and expertise with just three simple webpages?

And how does President Obama do email marketing? (You should definitely borrow this!).

The answers in this video might surprise you:

This is a VERY revealing video about Brendon Burchard's results and online marketing approach.

I've never seen him share numbers like this.

You'll see his launch numbers, book numbers, and how he markets just about everything with three simple types of webpages.

(The best part is how Brendon shows that President Obama follows a similar marketing strategy. Genius!).

Everyone knows Brendon as the "make a difference" guy, so it's nice to also see him talk about the financial side of things.

You'll be surprised by the scale of his results but the simplicity of his approach. Definitely something to model.

Ps. Brendon says he's taking questions on the blog, so watch
and comment. Here's what people are saying:

-- calls him "one of the top business
and marketing trainers in the world"

-- Brian Tracy says Brendon is the "smartest, nicest,
most creative marketers I've ever met"

-- NY-Times best-seller Dr. Daniel Amen "wishes I would
have met him 20 years ago; it would have put my business
and myself as an expert in hyperspeed"

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