Podcast Traffic Grenade

This Will Get Your Clients Endless Referrals

No matter what industry or business your clients are in, they
spend a lot of time talking about their business.

They probably even repeat themselves a TON.

Imagine taking all of that information, recording it, and
uploading it where literally MILLIONS of people have access
to it…for free!

Imagine if your clients were found in the iTunes store, and
instantly being recognized as the expert in their industry!

If you want to position your clients as the expert:

- Realtor
- Consultant
- Chiropractor
- Attorney
- Fitness Coach
- Real Estate Investor
- Business Coach
- In literally ANY field…

You have to get them to start a podcast.
You can position them as a local expert
(like the expert realtor in Seattle, WA)…

You can position them as a national expert
(like America’s top bankruptcy attorney)…

Or you could position them as an international expert
(like the world’s best fitness coach)…

You can achieve all of this simply by helping your clients start a
podcast…and then using the podcast as a tool to attract new clients and keep existing ones loyal.

My friend Dan Lyons has just released a course that explains how to podcast for traffic and authority:


The MUST HAVE tool for any offline

I’ve just discovered a resource that shows
you how to leverage Apple’s success to help
you grow your clients’ businesses, and help
them become an instant authority in their
market place.

It’s called PODCASTING…

…and it doesn’t matter whether your clients
are local, national or international, they
can ALL benefit from the traffic and
credibility that a podcast brings.

There’s already a bunch of business owners
who are podcasting and seeing BIG results…

- Chiropractors
- Doctors
- Nutritionists
- Teachers
- Mechanics And Spare Parts Suppliers
- the list goes on….

So if you’d like to help your clients get
TONS of exposure and bring in A LOT of leads
and sales then go here:


Once you MASTER how to podcast, you can roll
this technique out to ALL your offline

But this podcasting guide is only up for
several days so be sure to check it out….


Talk soon,

Robert Rich John

P.S. A podcast also breaks records when it comes
to finding new clients and keeping old ones
loyal! You’re clients will LOVE you for
introducing them to it! Check out how you can
make them thank you:


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