Timer is a ticking

when you click on this link you will see the timer
counting down and at the stroke of midnight..

well SkyBuilder is OFF THE MARKET and you will
not have another chance to get it at this very special
New Years Launch price.

Meaning that if you wait you will have to

1 - wait for SkyBuilder to open at some undetermined time
in the future

2 - have to pay a higher price

The advantage is if you get in now, the price is LOCKED in for LIFE
meaning that even when the prices go UP UP UP, you are still
locked in at the price you started out.

To further inspire you to Act now, Greg offers an unconditional
30 day refund policy. No questions asked.

There is no risk, if you were even thinking about jumping in
on the mobile apps revolution with SkyBuilder then this is your
LAST and ONLY chance to do so. Please click on this link
and review the page and make your FINAL decision

SkyBuilder open on NYD only - Get it NOW

Remember I said I was going to send you an email
that said "GO" Abdan

well here it is. It is a fresh 2013 and the SkyBuilder's famous
New Years Day offer is now open and on the table.

you can goto this page to see the 11 new features that
are updated for 2013 and yes.. theyhave announced a date
for SkyBuilder's LIVE! and will be giving away tickets
to those who choose to get the yearly license

That is all. Please be fast as this will probably only
be a New Years offer and then it will be closed again

Here is your private link

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