Quake Mix

15 Minutes + QM = Traffic + Sales (The Tale of 2 Newbies!)

This is crazy, off-the-wall, never been done with
just software that does the whole thing for you.
My friends Ricky & Mike have got me so excited
with the what I just saw getting rankings in 15
minutes and sales.

Take a Look at this:


The one newbie got a ranking in 15 minutes and
made his first sale online, and the other guy
is a offline guy who closed some clients.

Yes, it’s that POWERFUL it helped 2 people who
are complete new to this game make money in
2 different ways.

I wouldn’t be this EXCITED otherwise.

So on Monday at 1pm EST, 12pm CST, and
10am PST Ricky Mataka & Michael Young
will be rolling out the best software of 2013
so get ready and get excited.

(I saw the Skype chat with the newbies so I
know this really helped the 2 newbies)
You’ll Crush It!

Robert Rich john

P.S This is an all automated software which has
already had massive results and I want you part
of this so get ready and get excited!!!


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