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Binary Spy

You're going to regret missing this money making opportunity

Opportunities don't come and go as some people say.

They only say this to make excuses for not taking action on time.

These days too many people are stuck in an endless cycle of increasing
their work hours trying to make ends meet.

If you are one of them, you've probably witnessed that endless work is not
the solution to this problem.

I have something to show you that undoubtedly is going to change your life.

I've found this FREE presentation a few days ago and already made more than
4 times the average monthly salary people in New York are making.

ACCESS this rarest money generating video:

Binary Options millionaire discloses money making secrets

You won't believe how this famous binary options millionaire
made his first million.

This is so simple that a five year old can do it.

This guy challenged himself and decided to help a few more people make
their first million so he shows you exactly what you to do to get there.

He released this amazing FREE video where he reveals it all.

I don't know what made him announce this, but he's actually going to repay
you if for some reason you don't make it!

Click here to see this video before he changes his mind:

Cash in $1000 daily by spying on your bank

What would you say if you were offered to spy on your bank and
make more money than the most successful traders are making
for their wealthiest customers?

I'm talking about multiplying the amounts the most talented traders are making
but without paying them a dime or splitting the profits?

What you're going to see now will change your life before the week ends.

MAKE unbelievable returns within the next few hours:

Making 4 figures a day is not a Hocus Pocus

I've found something so original and simple that
made me 4 figures every weekday in the past 2 weeks.

I spent these 2 weeks constantly trying to find a hidden catch or
something that will prove this is not as simple as it seems

But, there is absolutely nothing hidden!

This presentation will ensure you become a winning trader that
rakes in hundreds and thousands of dollars a day without having a clue as
to what trading is!

This video will change your standards of life...

Watch it NOW before it's gone for ever:

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Stephen Bigalow's Day Trading Seminar

Your training session [Plus a big surprise]

I'll get straight to the good news part first...

We've been getting tons of emails from everyone who got locked out of Stephen Bigalow's Day Trading seminar (we told you to register early!), so we asked Stephen if he could hook us up with a link to the recording of it.

He agreed to do it for us, so here you go:

Watch it, take notes and use it to increase your profit potential at this VERY moment.

And now... For the BIG news!

Stephen Bigalow who's been giving you all of this priceless training is now ready to arm you with the weapons you need to attack the markets day in and day out...

... successfully and consistently.

What he's offering you is over 8-hours of HIGHLY concentrated training that shows you how to trade candlesticks PROPERLY.

It doesn't matter if you're a day trader, swing trader, a veteran or a newbie... it doesn't even matter what markets you trade: The teachings he's put together for this training packages are designed to help you thrive in all market conditions.

I'd like to get into more detail about how powerful this is, but I'd rather you just went here:

Go there now, not later, because there are (I kid you not!) only 200 copies of this training system so you have to act immediately if you even want a chance to get your hands on it.

Good luck, I hope you can get in because this is some serious firepower that's designed with one simple goal: to help you trade better day in and day out.

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Options Hybrid

Free binary indicator?

Ex-hedge fund trader Oliver Torres just
released a video about what he's
calling the "one thing holding you back
in binary options"…

… and believe me, when I first saw
this I thought this must just be another

Then I reached out to Oliver and talked
to the guy… and, well, you just need
to watch this video NOW to see just
how different this is from the usual
"binary bot" game:

risk-free binary trades for you...

When I found out about a half hour
ago that Oliver Torres planned on taking DOWN this
video where he talks about the ONE thing
holding you back in binary trading…

… at first I thought he must have something
to hide. But then I talked to Oliver, and he
told me he's just been OVERWHELMED
by the number of people watching it (and
talking about it)… and since he promised
this was going to be strictly LIMITED…

… he's got no choice but to yank the video
in just a matter of hours. If you haven't already,
make sure you watch this video now, while
it's on your mind -- it could literally be the "game
changer" you've been waiting for:

The one "90% secret" to winning with binary options? [video]

OK, this is urgent -- Oliver Torres is just about
a *click away* from pulling down the video
that's already stirring up a ton of controversy
in the trading community…

And you owe it to yourself to watch it now
if you haven't checked it out (it's not long,
but it's going to give you a powerful hint
about how banks and funds manage
to dominate 90% of the options market…

… and how you can apply the same "unfair
advantage" for your own trading, even if
you've never made a trade in your life!

Don't miss this -- it's MINUTES AWAY from

FREE Options Hybrid Copy

Here's the latest -- Oliver Torres just
released the FULL VERSION of the
Options Hybrid software the whole trading
community has been *guessing* about
for the last week…

And not to put the pressure on, but
if you're serious about finding out the
TRUTH behind the $4 Trillion binary options
lie that keeps 95% of traders broke…

… you need to click here and read
every word on this page right now
(this could literally turn your fortunes
around with binary options overnight…
if you hurry):

Download *PRIVATE* BinarySystem FREE

If you haven't seen this yet…

... you're going to see why the usual
binary "robots", "indicators", and "signals"
services are headed straight for the junk pile...

… and the one previously "insider
only"  software that's replacing them
right now in 2013.

You OWE IT TO YOURSELF nort  to miss this
if you're even half serious about
turning binary options into a full-time income
this year.

Click here to check this out NOW,
before Oliver Torres pulls it down for

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Mystic Christ Within You

Don't Miss the Wit and Wisdom of this Modern-Day Mystic

I'm excited to share with you a compelling spiritual leader and modern-day mystic, Bill Bauman. Bill's spiritual journey is both deep and wide, leaving him with a profound perspective on how we are each embodiments of Christ. Bill is a former priest who has also been initiated into many spiritual traditions, and he's known for his wit as much as his wisdom!

Bill is being hosted by The Shift Network for a free call, Wednesday, May 1st at 5:00 p.m. Pacific: Activating the Mystic Christ Within You

Get details and register here:

According to Bill, you have your own Christ presence at your core -- expansive, powerful, and deeply connected to Source.

But daily life, old emotional wounds and self-limiting beliefs can sometimes block you from experiencing your Divine self.

When you join Bill Bauman next Wednesday, he will show you:

How to overcome the deep feelings of separation that bar you from the delicious realm of infinite light that's within you

The #1 way to free yourself from any emotional, mental or spiritual wounding

The keys to tapping into your limitless source of love, freedom and joy

How you can begin to master the dynamic energy within you, and build an unshakeable foundation for realizing your full potential

I hope you can join me for this free call!

Register here:

Your Affiliate link for Inspiring Women Summit:

Inspiring Women Like You Are Rising Up

It's time for women to rise up and reshape the world!

If you know that in your bones but haven't been feeling like you've yet got the inspiration, allies, and skills to play your perfect role, the great news is that 40 truly inspiring women - from Marianne Williamson to Lucy Liu and Lisa Nichols - are ready to serve you.

They are helping us to see how we can step into powerful leadership in a way that is impactful, soulful, and fulfilling. It's not just about winning the game on masculine terms but about a new kind of women's movement that embraces our feminine essence.

At the free online Inspiring Women Summit, which begins April 20, you'll have the opportunity to learn from them and other top transformational leaders like Seane Corn, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gabrielle Bernstein about how we pioneer this new feminine path together. You'll also connect with amazing sisters from around the world.

Get all the details here:

They'll be sharing the secrets of their spiritual, creative, relationship and professional success in service to a larger vision of co-creating a new world.

I hope you can join me (and pass along the word about this great event)!

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Trading Breakout Patterns

Powerful training, complimentary manual? How could you say no?

Trading Breakout Patterns

Stephen Bigalow is back at it again with yet another one of his all content, no hype 100% actionable teaching events.

It's been a while since we've seen anything from him, and it turns out he's been in his trading "Den" with all-new ways to attack the markets and find trends with unheard of accuracy.

This webinar is called: Trading Breakout Patterns and from what Stephen told me, it's going to be huge.
There's always a catch though, and the catch with this webinar is space is tight.

We only have room for a small amount of traders, so if you want in, you're going to have to go here now:

The good news is Stephen gave me the heads up first, so we have a jump on everyone else.... But not for long.

Go to the webinar. Take notes. And see Stephen work his magic and walk away with a tool you get to keep forever.

It's that easy.

I'll see you inside!

Robert Rich John

PS: Stephen is so serious about spreading the word about his new techniques that he's even throwing in a complimentary training manual just for attending. It's a serious piece of training so go here now to make sure you get a copy before he runs out:

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The ONLY Niche Profit Theme You’ll EVER Need! (7-Day Discount)

IntelliTheme, the FIRST “Smart” Niche Profit Theme
just went LIVE!

It’s the FIRST and ONLY WordPress Theme that has
been tested, tweaked, refined to perfection on
over 3,000+ sites for MAX commissions!

It’s a Plug-and-Play WP Theme that will ensure the
best Click-Through Rates and affiliate commissions

Grab Your Copy at a 70% Discount:

Here’s Why IntelliTheme ROCKS:

-  Automatically Split-Test up to 5 Proven Layouts
-  Monitors Page-Views, Clicks and CTR
-  Ability to Enable/Disable Specific Layouts
-  Ability to Increase/Decrease Layouts Shown to Visitors
-  Copy + Paste Ad Blocks (Adsense + Amazon)
-  Match Adsense Ad Block with the Theme Color Scheme
-  No Complex Coding Skills Required
-  Overall…Get Commission-Sucking Sites Up Fast

This theme typically sells at $97…

However the creators are running a 7-day special
so you can get a significant discount!

Hurry its on a dime-sale…grab your copy at the lowest
price possible.

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Online Press releases Submitter

Online Press releases Submitter

he safest thing Google loves and rewards! (Download software)

Answer: Press releases! Yes they love them!

Why? Because press release submissions usually get
syndicated to news sites and news sites have
very high authority and are considered the
best source of backlinks and traffic.

=== Download Unique PR Software ===

The only way to possibly get a press release on
a news site is to first submit it to press release
sites that are of high value and have good PR and
Alexa so they get seen and get 1st page rankings
and when certain keywords are typed in by news reporters
if they find your press release interesting they
will usually re-publish it or other ways are when
news sites usually have a syndication feed already
set in place and come up as rss feed notifications
of interesting topics they re-publish them.

Sounds kinda creepy right?

But you don’t have to worry about all that, infact
you don’t even have to worry about creating the
content and having to submit the spintax that
press release sites require, again sounds too
complicated doesn’t it?

Well this all becomes possible with Online PR Submitter:

Google loves news and high PR sites, so they
reward these sites with first page rankings.

This same software automates the entire process for
you getting you over 6,000+ high PR back links and
pushing you on the first of Google whenever you like.

Heck you can even get placed in Yahoo News as a
result of using our software!

Be sure to secure your copy today and be the first
to get your authority backlinks to dominate Google
and get high amount of traffic quickly.

PS. This is available for 7 days before launching
on clickbank at full price, get your
warrior discount here >>

Robert Rich John

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Jaw-Dropping Release: Trend Jumper

Jaw-Dropping Release: Trend Jumper

Some folks are calling him a TEASE for holding back on the exact date of the Trend Jumper RELEASE!

All the requests must have worked because Mark has officially announced THE date that the high-frequency, low-risk trading system will go back on the market...

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

(yes, that's THIS Thursday).

Attend the unveil & GET ALL the system details on the Release webinars:

Pick the 12pm EST Release

Pick the 6pm EST Release

Expect the full she-bang: the rules, a system DEMO and a full run-down of all the *jaw-dropping stuff* that comes WITH the system (and boy, there are a lot).

So don't wait -- clear your schedule and sign up for one of the release webinars NOW...

Click Here for the 12pm EST Release

Click Here for the 6pm EST Release


Robert Rich John

P.S. Mark 'teased' to me an *panic-inducing bonus* he's only offering to the first few people that register...

The last time he offered it, it created such CHAOS that it flooded his website's server!

See what the Bonus is on the 12pm EST Release:

See what the Bonus is on the 6pm EST Release:

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Trend Jumper Reviews

More People Should Do THISTELL ME you got these free indicators?

These two trade plans are, bar-none, the BEST performing
indicators in the Trend Jumper system (the ultra hot scalping
system that currently sells for $997.00!)

But my favorite thing? They’re FREE for life.

No ‘free until 60 days’, no ‘free until you upgrade’… the
software for these 3 trade plans will literally work forever.

(Take the best part of a system and give it out for free?
More people should do this!)

Check it out and let me know your thoughts:

Wait to Your Wife Finds Out
True or False?

Scalping is like playing Russian Roulette.

With the massive risk and suffocating pressure, it can be seriously hazardous to your health (just wait until your wife finds out just how much you’ve lost).

It’s true – if you’re not careful when you scalp, you could wind up losing your shirt. And the sad thing is, most traders that try scalping… end up regretting it.

But done right, scalping can be deeply rewarding.

The keyword phrase is, “done right.” Luckily, the same guys that brought you the free trading system I forwarded you earlier have actually come up with a scalping lesson.

In this video, one of their system developers takes you through the breakneck mistakes to avoid and an explanation of what he’s currently doing to take all the benefits of scalping, minus the insane risk.

Video is awesome — take a few minutes and watch it now.


Robert Rice John

P.S. If you’ve ever scalped the traditional way, it can really feel like a gun to the head. This is awesome because it takes the fear out of the equation and leaves all the reward…

Find out how to scalp the right way

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100 Day Challenge

A bold prediction concerning your future.

Outside of your wedding day and the birth of
your children, I'll go so far as to say that
today, April 10th may very well prove to be
the most important day of your life.


April 10th is an important date for a
number of reasons:

#1 It's represents the 100th day of the year.

#2 It provides you with an opportunity to
redeem yourself and set some challenging
second quarter goals.

#3 It represents the turning point in your
life and will come to symbolize the day you
took full control of your destiny.

Since you've read this far, consider a few

> How many of your goals have you accomplished
in the first 100 days of the year?

> Have your current strategies made you healthier,
wealthier and happier?

> If you continue doing what you've done these
past 100 days where will you be, and what will
you be celebrating or regretting 100 days from now?

Will you be struggling, spinning your wheels in
the same place you are now?

Will you be further behind, in a deeper hole, and
experiencing far more stress and anxiety?

Will you still be making plans for the business
you've wanted to start, the book you've wanted to
write, or the early retirement you've wanted to

Will you be a spectator, sitting by watching other
people make their dreams come true while yours
sail off into the sunset?

Why would you want that?

Especially when you could be...

Confidently executing the plan that launches your
new business...Or, finishing the manuscript that
makes you a best selling author...OR living the
good life that comes with financial freedom.

I'd like to show you how. But you have to start now...

Click here and take a few minutes to see how more
than 287,000 people from all over the world are making
a huge dent into their goals and dreams.

I want to show you how to achieve any goal you want
faster and easier than you ever thought possible so
that the next 100 days of your life, are the best 100
days of your life.

So let me ask you again...where will you be, and what
will you be celebrating or regretting 100 days from now?

I can promise you this, if you don't take some action,
you'll be in the same place, or worse than you are right now!

So do not wait. If you're still struggling with unfulfilled
goals and dreams, it's time to get started!

Act fast as they are closing enrollment very soon.

Robert Rich John

P.S. To make the next 100 days of your life, the best 100
days of your life your need to see what's on the
other side of this link:

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Lovec Law

Why Google Can't Beat Facebook...

Google has literally been WIPED OUT of the Social Traffic arena. The G+1 button just can't compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest...

There is one completely overlooked reason WHY Facebook now refers more than 65% of all social traffic on the web...

... It's the same reason for Google's catastrophic failure...

... And the same reason 'Emotional SEOs' are being found on the front page, instead of their outdated competition!

Understanding this is criticial to the rising Emotional SEO Movement...

And this free video series made for you by The LoveClaw Team explains all...

Watch Part One Here & Discover Emotional SEO:

P.S.-- Emotional SEO is the name of a new direction our industry's most progressive SEOs are heading, as they get rankings by focusing on 'PEOPLE'... instead of clinging to outdated 'numbers' methods.

It doesn't rely on Google for traffic...

Yet it draws more traffic from the search engines, than those who slave tirelessly, building links and optimizing their sites in an attempt to impress Google!

But Google isn't listening... Google is looking at the Emotional SEO crowd instead.
Learn what it is and how it works in Part #1...

This video will be removed soon – watch now:

The second part of the Emotional SEO Video Series, focusing on 'HOW' Emotional SEO gets you more traffic than the traditional approaches is here...

Watch the video and start using Emotional SEO in your business, while the competition sits around in the dark...

Discover HOW Emotional SEO Works – Watch Part #2:

NEWS: Your Chance To Win 1-on-1 Help...
I just heard from Chris Munch, who heads up the LoveClaw team... (and invented the Emotional SEO Method).

He told me he'll be working with one person, one-to-one, picked from those who leave an HONEST written or video testimonial of the Emotional SEO video series... in order to get their website MASSIVE exposure (read: traffic).

So you'd be getting one of the top marketers in our industry working on your site... in exchange for a testimonial on this cool video series he's created!

So watch the second video, and be sure to leave either a written testimonial or post a link to your video testimonial (YouTube will do just fine)!

... and you could be working with Mr. 'Emotional SEO' himself to explode your site!

Post your testimonial here to win 1-on-1 coaching:

P.S.-- Post your HONEST testimonial (written or link to your video!) on the video page, and you could win live one to one coaching with Chris Munch... Creator of LoveClaw... Inventor of Emotional SEO... crazy-smart web entrepreneur and all around good guy... to catapult YOUR site into the big time, with loads of attention and floods of traffic.

It doesn't matter if you aren't the first to leave your feedback... the winner will be picked at random.

You've got to be in it to win it!

P.P.S.-- There's talk of a an extra bonus video to the Emotional SEO Series coming... I'll find out for certain and let you know.

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Penis Enlargement Bible

All Natural Penis Enlargement

Do you want a longer and thicker penis without expensive surgery, extenders or suction devices that just don’t work?

Introducing the Penis Enlargement Bible, a 94 page downloadable e-book that has an exclusive two step system that can growth your penis by between 2 and 4 inches within 89 days using safe natural methods.

The methods and techniques in the PE Bible are exclusive to this unique program. The two step system involves low cost off the shelf natural supplements and a specially designed exercise program. Many users experience gains of almost an inch within just a few weeks of starting this unique program!

Imagine having 2-4 inches of extra length and girth added onto your penis size, this Penis Enlargement Bible makes it possible. Over 5000 copies of this product have already been sold, and unlike most products on the market there is real video proof from actual users that show REAL results. You can see the video here:

you can see the video

Forget about surgery, pills and weights, they DONT work! This DOES work, but you need to follow the methods contained in the guide.

But don’t take my word for it, click here to see actual video proof and testimonials from REAL users:

A Penis Growth Program With Actual Video Proof That It Works!

Average Male Penis Length ?

Let's be honest, penis size is an important aspect of any man's life whether they want to admit it or not. The market is flooded with products and solutions that claim to have the answer to making your member bigger, but usually these products fail to deliver. Luckily, I happened to come across what might be the "Holy Grail of Penis Enlargement", it's written by this guy named John Collins and it's called the Penis Enlargement Bible.

What I found mind blowing about John's program is that he backs up his claims with actual video proof and testimonials from customers who have used the product. It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I would say most of these videos are worth 3 to 4 inches!

Forget extenders, pills, suction devices and surgery. They are either expensive, too painful or they just don't work. The Penis Enlargement Bible is a proven two step program that combines natural over the counter supplements with a specially designed exercise regime to achieve up to 4" of growth within just a few months.

If you are serious about getting bigger, check out the Penis Enlargement Bible here:

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The Tapping Solution Book

Do you know your path in life?

Do you believe you have the ability to
improve your life? 

Do you actually think things can be better
for you, or are you just hoping they will be? 

I want to share something with you today that
I believe can take you from “hoping” things
will be better, to actually knowing that things
will be better and knowing how you’ll get there.

I just finished watching a trailer for a new
book about EFT Tapping, that was inspiring,
captivating and eye-opening, and it reminded
me about how we have the power, each and
every day, to completely transform our lives:

The book, which was just released this week
by Hay House Publishing, is called “The Tapping
Solution”, and is written by tapping expert
Nick Ortner. 

The movie has the same name as Nick’s
extremely popular film The Tapping Solution,
which has sold over 90,000 copies worldwide,
but I can tell you...this book is very different
from the film!  :)

This new book will take you step-by-step, using
both both beginner and advanced tapping
techniques, through a transformative process
that will improve your life by leaps and bounds.

I truly believe that this book can take you from
hoping things will be better, to actually knowing
how to make them better, in any area of your life...

Whether you’re new to Tapping, or you’ve
been Tapping for years, I highly recommend
you check out this book as it is provides some
amazing new distinctions about how Tapping
can be most effective for you today. 

Here’s what I love about this new book...

1 - For starters, during the launch period
for his new book, Nick is giving away some
amazing bonuses for anybody who picks
up the book online and some even more
ridiculous bonuses for those that actually
go into a book store to pick it up. 

You can check them all out here:

2 - If you’ve ever doubted for a second
that Tapping works, then you need to read
the latest science and research that is
shared in this book because it will amaze

It will have you (and those around you
that wonder about Tapping) going, “Duh,
of course it works!”  :)

3 - The book comes highly recommended
by a number of experts who were given
the opportunity to read it before its release.

Experts like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay,
Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Mark Hyman,
Dr. Eric Robbins, David Feinstein, Ph.D.,
Kris Carr, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Joe
Vitale, Arielle Ford, Chip Conley, the list
goes on and on... (you can read what these
experts have said about the book on the
page below). 

4 - Nick is donating 100% of his royalties
from sales of the book right now to the
Tapping Solution for Newtown: Stress and
Trauma Relief Project, helping those most
affected by the December 14th school
shooting (Nick actually lives in Newtown, CT)

He has already donated over $10,000 to
the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation
(started by Scarlett Lewis, who lost her son
Jesse in that tragic event) from presales of
the book.

You can actually see a video of Nick and
Scarlett on the page here:

5 - Because it’s an easy-to-read and
extremely enjoyable book that can have
a profound impact on your life today...

This book is a must-have for everybody. 
It’s sure to be a classic that people refer
to for years...


Robert Rich John

P.S. - All of the extremely valuable bonuses
are only being offered for a limited time during
this launch period for the book, so make sure
to pick up a copy right away. 

Picking up the book just to get access to the
bonuses, like the four live 90 minute calls on
money, pain relief, relationships and weight loss,
are more than worth the price of the book.

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Support Ticket Theme

(Child Themes) Support Ticket Theme

I finally won my battle with Albert Matthews and you get to benefit from it…….
For some time now I have been trying to get him to release his WordPress Help Desk to the public, and now he has.

I am sure that you must have thought that there has to be a Help Desk made easy for WordPress, with all the options you need.

Well, now there finally is, and you can see it here:

It has everything you need to turn WordPress into a Support Desk to handle all support and knowledge base details, and a built in ticketing system.

I personally love the Theme styles switcher and the change it makes to color and style changes right inside the Theme without needing Photoshop or any other outside tool.

If you are selling anything online you must have a Help Desk, as we all know, and this is the one to get, as it does not require any other add-ons to make it work.

You are fully aware of the absolute necessity of having a support desk if you are sellig anything online.
I am sure that you must have thought that there has to be a Help Desk made easy for WordPress, with all the options you need.

Well, now there finally is, and you can see it here:

It has everything you need to turn WordPress into a Support Desk to handle all support and knowledge base details, and a built in ticketing system.

It even has a Theme styles switcher and the changes it makes to color and style changes right inside the Theme without needing Photoshop or any other outside tool is brilliant.

Wishing you amazing success with your new Help Desk.

Robert Rich John

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