Beautiful - Timely & Needed

How a biker gang sparked her awakening

My dear friends and New York Times bestselling authors Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood have just released episode 2 of their hugely popular online mini series on rituals!

(Online personal growth communities are calling it “beautiful”, “timely” & “needed”...)

In this episode you’ll experience:

* How Janet’s misadventures with a criminal biker gang and a boyfriend who thought she was useless led to her story of awakening...

* The unusual ‘silence’ ritual that led renowned speaker & author Marci Shimoff to the inspiration for her international bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul...

* The simple breathing ritual that plunges you into a state of refreshing & blissful tranquility in seconds...

* And the difference between small ‘r’ or everyday rituals and Big ‘R’  or ceremonial Rituals - and how to infuse your life with both (even if you’re busy, stressed & clueless).

I can’t emphasize this enough - if you’ve ever felt disillusioned with the rat race, overly stressed with deadlines and to-do lists, or if you’re searching high and low for a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose,  this video is going to hit the spot :-)

>>> Watch episode 2 of Janet and Chris' online mini series for free

(And if you missed the first video, you can also watch it from the same page.)

Robert Rich John

P.S. Look out for our next email at 10am (Pacific time) on Monday, May 27. We’ll be sending you a very special invitation that will allow you to experience the full scope of ritual - along with a priceless gift for the first 250 people only.

>>> But for now, go here to watch video 2 and experience the power of ritual

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