Your Legacy of Wealth

Day & Swing trade both in the same account?

Swing Trade profits are generally bigger…

Day Trade profits tend to come more often...

But, what if you could cash in on the best of both…

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

[New Video] [Combine Swing & Day Trading to Seek Higher Returns]

3 winning swing-trade strategies… 1 powerhouse day-trade strategy… a single trading account… potential returns of 142% in less than 30 days… and you can do it all without lifting a finger.

This, you’ve got to see!

Recorded in response to a flood of questions, this fourth video isn’t part of the original 3-part training series. It’s a last minute afterthought… and a darn good one too!

From the training series you learned how Your Legacy of Wealth deftly integrates 3 swing-trade systems… each targeting a different set of market conditions… to produce 226% return before compounding.

And the bonus video, “[PowerTrip’s] Secret to Winning 9-out-of-10 Trades”, showed you how Your Legacy of Wealth can sometimes cash in on super-fast day-trade profits too.

The idea of doing both… at the same time… in the same trading account… raised a lot of questions.

So Ellie recorded this fourth video that lays it all out for you…

Short and sweet, this video really packs a punch… exactly what we’ve come to expect from Your Legacy of Wealth training series. [Click Here] and watch it now.

Best Regards,

Robert Rich John

PS Ellie also reveals a crazy notion to give Your Legacy of Wealth away for cheaper than a daily cup of coffee. And she’s taking a poll to find out how many people would be interested. So please, watch the video and cast your vote [Click Here]      

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