[Offline] Viral FB Traffic + List Building…on Steroids!

For any local/offline business, referrals and word-
of-mouth marketing is by far the BEST type of marketing
you can have.

Having loyal subscribers + customers…

- Mentioning your brand
- Posting on Facebook that they just bought
something or downloaded something from your site
- Engaging with your site/content
- Telling their friends, family and co-workers
about your business
- Helping to drive VIRAL traffic to your site
and new email subscribers for YOUR business

Thats what EngageRocket Can Do!


EngageRocket is a brand-new WordPress plugin
that utilizing a NEW and UNTAPPED strategy for
building an email list and viral traffic.


You have probably seen FB friends/connections
posting on their News Feed and Wall…

“John Jones is listening to Phil Collins on Spotify”
or “Karen Peters Liked a photo on Instagram”.

Well now, local businesses can utilize EngageRocket
and the Facebook Open-Graph to encourage site visitors
to share and tell their connections exactly what they
are doing on your site!

How Local Business Can Use EngageRocket:

- Offering Coupons (i.e.: Larry just unlocked a Free Gift)
- Join a Contest (i.e.: Jason signed up for a Contest)
- Attending Events (i.e.: Sarah just signed up for a Webinar)

There are literally ENDLESS ways you can use EngageRocket.

Watch EngageRocket in Action

This type of word-of-mouth marketing can increase
engagement and viral growth 50-100% because its

EngageRocket is now available at a special discounted
price and for a very limited time.

This will change that way that people market
on Facebook forever!

Grab Your Copy Now…


To Your Success,

Robert Rich John

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