7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation

Got Cash, Money, Moolah? No – here’s why!

The JVs who get the best results, clickthroughs, and opt-ins are the ones who like to personalize their email copy. Here are the nuts-and-bolts for pre-launch video #1 in our launch series that gives you what you “need to know” to write your own signature email copy.

WHO BY: Margaret M. Lynch, who the Wall Street Journal posted as THE Wealth Manifestation Authority, EFT/Tapping Expert, author of the upcoming Tapping Into Wealth coming October 10, 2013.

WHO FOR: Very talented, heart centered people who are not getting the cash, money, and wealth they truly desire (and deserve) – even when they are working extremely hard. 

WHAT: Webinar reminder – direct to webinar registration page

WHY: Opt-in video that shows the #1 thing blocking money, cash, and wealth.

The # 1 thing that stops very talented, heart centered people from getting the income and wealth they truly desire – even when they are working very hard.   

Where you hold the raw life force power to both have the on-fire energy, to truly live your life purpose, and have the magnetic creative power to manifest all physical things – like actual money and wealth. 

How to have the courage to delve into the vows and conflicts of our lower 3 chakras.

The blind spot in personal development and many spiritual practices that keep people trapped in their limited "money programming."

How to recognize a lower chakra vow trying to control you, keep you in limitation, or push you into self-sabotage.

WHERE:  https://ia145.infusionsoft.com/go/heartchakravideo/johnmal99

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