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Mark It For History. 15th Aug 13 – The Day Your Business Changed!

You’re on my list so I know you like
Quality Products That Help You Make Bank!

Hence, I wanted to get a ‘head ups’

On 15th August there’s a launch happening and
you would be Infuriated with me if I hadn’t Told You
about it!

You see every once in a while something comes along
that Everyone who grabs it is thrilled they got that chance!

I know what you’re thinking…

Is it a piece of software we all ‘must have’
Is it a magic button?
A new report?
The Latest (mind numbingly boring) Video Course?
A New Theme?
A Hot Plugin?

STOP Already!

Seriously – it’s better that all of those combined
(and not in the least bit boring! (lol))

What would you dream about IF you could get someone
to create some software for you to sell and keep
all the cash?

What about NINE different Evergreen softwares?

Yeah Yeah – How long is it gonna take to find
someone else to help create the salespages and that

And then all the techy FTP’ing and site creation…

Plus the average plugin/software development cost
of a couple of grand each… for NINE? – nah forget it!


What IF you got the site, all the pages, all the software,
AND you could add to it, put your own ads on it, edit it,
change it to be uniquely yours, AND

And do it all in a few simple clicks of a mouse?

LISTEN, I’ve said too much already.

Apologies, it’s not often I get this excited
about a launch these days.

But I genuinely believe You, like me, will want to
See this and Hear what it’s all about, heck even
Touch it and play with it as soon as you can!

So what out for more details from me on the 15th
or get on the early bird list ASAP!

To Everyones Inevitable Success ;)


Robert Rich John

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