Plagiarism Avenger

Marketer Lost $12k Because of Content Thieves… (SOLUTION)

Let’s assume that you manage client websites,
work for a company that has a website or you
have you own personal sites.

If so – and I assume that’s just about everyone,
you NEED to read this!

Even though this kind of stuff is happening on
a daily basis these days, this is an important
case study about how you can SAVE your website.

An online content publisher who was spending
THOUSANDS on uniquely generated content for her
money websites got DE-INDEXED by Google overnight.

- She lost her websites
- She lost her core income stream
- She lost her business

…all in the blink of an eye.

Want to know why? CONTENT THIEVES!

Content thieves are stealing other people’s
quality, unique content they worked hard or
paid for.

Which is why a Neil Napier, the marketer and product
creator working with this publisher, decided to do
something about this ongoing and GROWING problem.

Plagiarism Avenger is born and NOW LIVE!

Now there is a solution more robust than Copyscape,
and at a factor of the cost.

Plagiarism Avenger Allows You To:

- Protect Your Unique Content
- Set Up Uniqueness Monitoring Levels
- Monitor Content in Both Google & Bing
- White List Authority + Article Syndication Sites
- Send Automated Email Alerts
- Run Extensive and Archival Reports
- Allow you to Easily File DMCA Requests

It’s time to start saving your client sites,
your business site and personal site by STOPPING
these content thieves and reclaim your rankings,
traffic and revenue!

To Your Success,

Robert Rich John

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