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Why you should put your Brilliance in Buckets! (Huh?)

First, a strange question.  If there was a magic wand you could wave over your products or service to suddenly start selling more and at higher prices…

…would you wave that wand?

What if it also revealed the value of your true gifts and brilliance AND allowed your customers to make the best decision for their own highest good?  (See why I call it MAGIC!) My friend Margaret Lynch posed this question…and my answer was, “Seriously?? Sounds too good to be true!”

Well, that magic wand exists, and in this video, Margaret is showing thousands of people how to use it in a fast step-by-step process! (It’s not actually magic, but you follow the steps and it works!)

Check out the video exercise here:

Margaret Lynch is a transformational coach and speaker who is known for getting herself and her message out there in a truly authentic and generous way by giving away tons of her best teachings in the “inner work.” (Because of that, she has over 100,000 fans worldwide.)

Now, she is teaching the behind-the-scenes strategies she’s used to build her thriving biz and income. (She calls it the “outer work” to match your “inner work.”)

She says her magic wand technique (called “Bucketing Your Brilliance”) is the key to:

- Revealing the true BRILLIANCE in your gifts

- Offering your very best

- Selling much more and selling higher ticket

I recommend you take a few moments right now to watch this short video and do the step-by-step exercise. The reward at the end of the video for a few moments of your time is quite a big payoff! Yes, pretty close to magic … and all done with post-it notes!



P.S.  If you are on a mission, it's not too late to make 2013 the year you give more and receive more, this is the perfect time to watch these fre*e videos! Short and sweet but will make a big impact on your biz…

Check out all 3 in the series here:

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