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Instant Profit Silos

This Guy pays 8 Cents to Make 1 dollar

Wow, I just read that back and that really does sound like hype doesn’t it?

Invest 8 cents to make $1 = $0.92 profit

Sure, I bet you’ve heard claims like this before… So before you delete this email I’d like you to take a quick look at the paragraph below so you can understand how this works.

Eager Niche à Quality Product (digital or physical) à Tight (highly targeted) keyword groups à Targeted (and highly relevant) landing page à Supporting content silo (supports the landing page) à Dirt cheap paid traffic.

Still here?

Mark Bishop (a niche marketer from the UK) carried out a case study in a health related niche over a 3 week period resulting in 8 sales totalling $170 at a cost of $14. So for every 8 cents Mark spent on traffic he received £1 ROI.

And it gets better, it only takes around 2 hours to set this up and then it just continues to generate passive income. All you need is 1 domain, some hosting and around $25 to get started.

Sounds too easy doesn’t it, well that’s because it is… But sometimes EASY just works, and this is one of those times. Take a look right now before the price shots up again.

Why You’re Still Not Making a Profit Online [Reason Enclosed]

Did you ever wonder why everyone else seems to be making money online… Except for you?

I bet you or have done in the past, I know I had that same thought over and over again some years ago. And I can tell you right now why you aren’t making any real money online (that’s assuming you are still in the same boat) and why some do.

It’s because making money online has become more and more complicated over the last few years, or that’s what many would have you believe. You see those that are making money today either follow the trends, made giant leaps some years ago or they just happened to stumble onto one of the very few uncomplicated and profitable methods left

Believe it or not there are still a few ridiculously easy ways in which an ordinary Guy or Gal can actually make money, without needing a PHD in social media or stalking Matt Cutts (Google).

Which is probably why Instant Profit Silos (that’s the name of the product if you didn’t already know) has become a huge best seller over the last 3 days.

Ever wished you could implement something really easy to understand and replicate which you could realistically expect to see a profit from in 24 hours

A simple formula which requires No SEO, No Content Production, Very little Time & very Little Investment

Then this is your lucky day. Now before you rush to click that link and see what all the fuss is about let me make one thing clear: Instant Profit Silos (IPS) is not one of those silly push button riches things, it’s actually a simple way of setting up lots of little passive income streams.

It takes just 2 hours to build each project and requires little to NO maintenance – This has to be one of the easiest and replicable formulas I have seen over the last few years.

You owe it to yourself to at least take a look at this before the price hits the roof

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Traffic and Leads Training Academy

Traffic and Leads Training Academy

50 proven ways to optimize your youtube videos for free traffic and leads

Jeff just posted the third video in his absolutely amazing traffic-
getting and list building training series to his blog, and it's free.

Plus the all-new PDF Cheat Sheet and Checklist that goes along with

He finally reveals his "Circle Of Traffic" strategy for creating
traffic on demand, and he walks you through the entire thing… step-by-
step… so you can apply it to your own business starting today and see
almost immediate results.

Highly recommended!

Grab your free training videos and PDF Cheat Sheets here:


Robert Rich John


You'll also learn

-    How To Turn Your Traffic Into Leads, And Your Leads Into Customers.

-    50 Proven Ways To Optimize Your YouTube Videos For More Free
Traffic, Free Leads, And Engagement.

-    How A Crappy Little Affiliate Marketing Video That Only Took About
5 Minutes To Create Converts Viewers Into Leads With A 35.2% Opt-in
Rate… And Made 21 Sales In The Process.

-    A Simple Little Facebook Trick That Only Takes About 5 Minutes To
Set Up Yet Could Easily Triple Your Results.

-    The Email Opt-In Page Design That Increased His Conversion Rate by
26.68%... And Lead To A Winner That Converts At 61.19% Overall… So
You Can "Borrow" It To Build Your Own List.

Jeff is famous for over-delivering in his free training videos and
this one is no exception.

It's absolutely insane how much valuable content he's able to pack
into such a short presentation… It almost made my head spin!

Well worth checking out:

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