BlogDefender 2014

BlogDefender 2014 Total WordPress Security – Simple, Strong, Smart & Proven Protection from Hackers & Bad Traffic

Zero WordPress sites hacked with this product…

So far this year hackers have broken every record to date… in 2012 there were an estimated 192,000 hacked WordPress sites – in March 2014 alone a hacker used 162,000 hacked WordPress sites in just 1 attack.

Hacking is predicted to double again this year & what’s worse is that hackers have found new ways amplifying the attacks to make them even more destructive.

CNN, Forbes, Obamacare, Daft Punk, ECC, Angry Birds, EA Games have all been hacked in the 1st quarter of 2014 & that’s with security experts at hand…

So the question is – How secure is your WordPress site today & can it survive the ongoing barrage of bad traffic?

Matt Garrett’s says… "BlogDefender WordPress Security has a "0" hacked site record since it was released in 2012", but admits this record will be hard to keep. "This year we had to rewrite BlogDefender from scratch just to keep up with hackers"

"That being said we believe BlogDefender 2014 is toughest WordPress Security released to date" – it’s simple to deploy & it runs WordPress in stealth mode so it’s hidden from general hacking attacks.

The product now covers low volume botnet attacks, spammers, bad spiders, content scrapers & other known bandwidth killers. Matt says no other product or service has gone to these lengths to keep your site secure & bad traffic out.

Check it out whist it’s on offer…

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