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Whiteboard Video Packs

The Largest Whiteboard Video Pack is Here
Have you noticed a huge trend in whiteboard videos in the recent
year? Even big online companies like Google, Facebook and
Amazon are using 
Whiteboard Videos.
You know why?
Because they work. They can express your business in a fun
and persuasive way, where your viewers get to be relaxed and
entertained. It is a super engagement where your prospects
are not threatened by too many boring texts, graphs and numbers.
Instead, they are brought into the friendly world of cartoons
and animation.
And the end result? People will like and buy from you. And that
means growing your business faster and selling easier than ever
But here’s the problem…
If you’ve tried crafting your own story before, from doodling
the visuals, to finding the right animation effects and music
files, then you already know the problems. Gathering all these
tools can be complex and become too much of a time hassle…
and not to mention, cost a lot of money!
Don’t let this happen to you. Now you can finally craft a
highly engaging story from start to finish with all the
video tools you need!
Whiteboard Video Packs is a big bundle of 527 ready made
video and graphics that will give you pretty much all the
tools you need to create an impactful whiteboard video story.
You get a massive library of:
1. Multi-Colored Whiteboard SVGs (to stand out from the crowd!)
2. Vector Animated Video Backgrounds
3. Vector Animated Elements
4. Vector Animated Transition Effects
5. HD Background Images
6. Royalty Free Music
And the best part is… you get all these ready-made whiteboard tools
for under twenty bucks (during early bird)
More reasons why it’s a great deal:
– You no longer need to pay expensive outsource fees to
unreliable vendors
– Compatible all the top video and graphics editors
– Good for all kinds of videos like: Video Sales Letters,
Explainer videos, Self Promos, etc
– Can also be used on websites and print projects.
– Created by Kayte-Lee and Ashley who are known for their
premium quality graphics and videos assets
AND I’ve put together a HUGE bonus package that will get you
even more graphics, video assets and tools. The bonus pack
alone is worth several hundred bucks in REAL value.
Go grab the early bird and my bonuses at:

P.S. Heads up – The super early bird price is locked for the first two hours only, so be sure to grab it at the lowest price possible right now with

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100 Day Challange

How to Create Radical Results..FAST

I am often asked for a simple, effective,
no-nonsense approach to goal setting
that can be used by anyone, anywhere,

What follows is what I affectionately
call the Six Step Makeover.

It's a simple process that's easy to
learn, easy to apply, and easy to get
results from.

Follow it to the letter and you will be
quite pleased with the outcome.

1. WHAT specific goal do you want to achieve?

Be precise or don't bother moving to the
next step.

2. WHY must this goal be achieved now?

Be clear on the key drivers and motivation
or the first obstacle will be your undoing.

3. WHO will help you to achieve this goal?

Be sure that these are the right people,
with the right talents, attitudes and

4. WHERE do you currently stand in relation
to this goal?

Deal with the facts and identify the size of
the performance gap.

5. HOW do you plan on accomplishing this

Be deliberate. Identify the exact steps,
tasks, deadlines and assign responsibility.

6. WHEN will victory be claimed?

Be committed, enforce your deadline, and
focus on the goal until achieved.

Would you like to learn a number of other
simple, yet highly effective strategies for
starting the SECOND QUARTER fast, focused
and fired up?

Click here for a a special program that
over delivers in a big way.

The Cure for Procrastination

Once upon a time...

Not too many years ago...

There was a young woman...

Who dreamed great dreams...

Who imagined a wonderful life...

But instead of taking action...

She choose to say someday...

She promised herself that...


She was going to write a book...

She was going to get in great shape...

She was going to travel the world...

She was going to make her mark...

She was going to live an extraordinary

Then one day, with regret and a saddened

That young woman, now much older, realized...

That those things won't happen, not now - not ever!

Unless she stopped making excuses...

Unless she stopped being afraid...

Unless she started taking action...

It was at that moment that...

She embraced the idea that...

Someday has arrived...

That it's not too late...

To turn her dreams into reality...

Just a little bit later than it was.

THE SECOND QUARTER has arrived, and if
you have have been using the "SOMEDAY"
philosophy for running your life, I've
got a great program for you to quickly
turn your dreams into reality.

You're absolutely going to love what's
on the other side of that link!

P.S. There are seven days in the week
and SOMEDAY isn't one of them.

To become the kind of person who does
things today - and not “someday”, go
here right now.

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What To Do If Your Potential Isn't Being Realized

If you're not consistently setting
and achieving goals in 2015...

Nothing else matters.

Because your life, career or business
will never bring you the joy and the
rewards you want...

You will simply wander in the weeds,
and never live the life you want and

You will merely survive, but not thrive.

If you are NOT okay with this...

And you are willing to take "the road
less traveled" and do what most people
are NOT willing to do...


Inside, you will uncover the reasons why
your life, career or business will never
really work like you want it to, as it
is now.

Along with how you can solve this "life
or death" problem for good...

Before 2015 quickly becomes just another
disappointing memory.

In 99 did what?

If I were you...

I'd take this message very seriously.


Because you are now into the second
quarter, and on the 99th day of 2015.

Are your goals set?

Are your plans in place?

Are you on pace for a record year?

If not, what are you waiting for?


It's irresponsible to start the day, week,
month or quarter unfocused, unprepared,
and uncommitted.

Yet, that is the sad reality for far too many.

If you have BIG PLANS for 2015 but are off to
a slow start, then check out this program for
the kick in the behind you need, in order to
create the life you want.

Matthew Farrell

P.S. The program is truly world-class, but
it's also time sensitive, so check it out
right away.

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100 Day Challenge

Why Goal Setting Don't Work

If you like your lesson plans short,
tight and muscular, then you're going
to love what follows.

The #1 Worst Thing for Setting Goals

...attempting to achieve TOO many.

It's the quickest way to guarantee
failure and the worst thing you can
do if you're trying to transform your


Check this out for the answer.

Has this ever happened to you?

You set a goal…

You visualize yourself achieving it in
perfect detail…

You PROMISE yourself that you'll stick
with it…

And then…

A few weeks later, you find yourself in
the exact same position and you let your
goal slip away, once again?

If you've struggled to make any LASTING
change in your life and want 2015 to be
different, then don't miss out on this
small window of opportunity.

If you've ever wondered why some people
seem to effortlessly succeed while others
struggle just to get by…

I encourage you to check out this special
program as it fills in the missing parts,
and launches you to PEAK PERFORMANCE.


Robert R.John

P.S. It's no coincidence that you're
reading this email...

If you want to knock it out of the park
this year, you owe it to yourself to see
what's on the other side of this link.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to
see what happens next…

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