100 Day Challange

How to Create Radical Results..FAST

I am often asked for a simple, effective,
no-nonsense approach to goal setting
that can be used by anyone, anywhere,

What follows is what I affectionately
call the Six Step Makeover.

It's a simple process that's easy to
learn, easy to apply, and easy to get
results from.

Follow it to the letter and you will be
quite pleased with the outcome.

1. WHAT specific goal do you want to achieve?

Be precise or don't bother moving to the
next step.

2. WHY must this goal be achieved now?

Be clear on the key drivers and motivation
or the first obstacle will be your undoing.

3. WHO will help you to achieve this goal?

Be sure that these are the right people,
with the right talents, attitudes and

4. WHERE do you currently stand in relation
to this goal?

Deal with the facts and identify the size of
the performance gap.

5. HOW do you plan on accomplishing this

Be deliberate. Identify the exact steps,
tasks, deadlines and assign responsibility.

6. WHEN will victory be claimed?

Be committed, enforce your deadline, and
focus on the goal until achieved.

Would you like to learn a number of other
simple, yet highly effective strategies for
starting the SECOND QUARTER fast, focused
and fired up?

Click here for a a special program that
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The Cure for Procrastination

Once upon a time...

Not too many years ago...

There was a young woman...

Who dreamed great dreams...

Who imagined a wonderful life...

But instead of taking action...

She choose to say someday...

She promised herself that...


She was going to write a book...

She was going to get in great shape...

She was going to travel the world...

She was going to make her mark...

She was going to live an extraordinary

Then one day, with regret and a saddened

That young woman, now much older, realized...

That those things won't happen, not now - not ever!

Unless she stopped making excuses...

Unless she stopped being afraid...

Unless she started taking action...

It was at that moment that...

She embraced the idea that...

Someday has arrived...

That it's not too late...

To turn her dreams into reality...

Just a little bit later than it was.

THE SECOND QUARTER has arrived, and if
you have have been using the "SOMEDAY"
philosophy for running your life, I've
got a great program for you to quickly
turn your dreams into reality.


You're absolutely going to love what's
on the other side of that link!

P.S. There are seven days in the week
and SOMEDAY isn't one of them.

To become the kind of person who does
things today - and not “someday”, go
here right now.


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